Valentine’s Day decorating ideas to make your new South Austin home prettier

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Whenever we have a holiday coming up, there is a decoration that you can put into your apartment to boost up the atmosphere. The same goes for Valentine’s Day. Today, we help you get some Valentine’s Day decorating ideas that you can place in your new home, to make the atmosphere just right. After all, this is the day you will be spending with your dearest. Hence, it is important that you set the tone right. If you are still to move to your new South Austin home before the holiday comes, hiring movers in Texas is going to make it a lot easier. Before the holiday arrives, you would want to make sure that you relocate your entire household. After all, you cannot decorate your new household without moving into it. So, after you complete that, you can start working on ways to make your new home special.

Valentine’s Day decorating ideas you can actually use

If you could imagine a single color that would fit for this holiday, what color would it be? Red, correct? Well, the first thing you should know if you want to decorate your home accordingly, is that you need to make the colors work. Essentially, the colors of the decorations you choose will play a big role in how atmospheric the house is. Therefore, trying to incorporate red will always be a good thing.

Now, the city of Austin is known for its live music events. After all, it is nicknamed “The Live Music Capital of the World”. Therefore, you will surely not be missing out on any fun and romantic Valentine’s Day events in the city. Although those events might require the smallest effort, decorating your home is going to take a lot more effort. Do not underestimate the process and start planning it as soon as you can.

Incorporating the right colors

We were talking a little bit about this in the paragraph above. Namely, each holiday is associated with some color. For instance, Halloween is mostly known for the color orange, Christmas is a combination of green, white and red, Easter is very colorful, etc. Hence, it is only appropriate that you are aware of the coloring patterns of Valentine’s Day.

a single red heart-shaped balloon on the floor to represent one of many Valentine's Day decorating ideas
Incorporating the color red into the decorations of your home is one of our Valentine’s Day decorating ideas

For the most part, we can associate the color red with Valentine’s Day. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to incorporate this color whenever you can. Of course, you should not go too far. So, for example, you can incorporate red in:

  • The bedsheets
  • Tablecloth and napkins
  • Small plates
  • Mugs, etc.

In addition, you can buy this before movers South Austin arrive to relocate you to your new home. That way, you can start decorating right away. Red is going to set the tone of your home.

Heart-shaped items and decorations

We cannot speak about Valentine’s Day decorating without mentioning heart-shaped decorations. From small cardboard cutouts to heart-shaped balloons, incorporating hearts into the home is surely going to set the right tone for the holiday. Again, just like with anything, make sure you do not overdo it and make your home into a storage unit for heart-shaped things.

a card with a drawn man holding a big red heart
The heart shape is the most popular feature of this holiday, so make sure you incorporate it

One interesting idea is to purchase heart-shaped balloons and tie them onto the chairs you and your partner will sit in. Additionally, you can buy various cards that are in heart shape and place them all around the house. The same goes with balloons. If you hire piano movers Austin to relocate your piano, you can place small cutouts of hearts onto it to make it more romantic. Especially if you are to play something for your partner. Generally speaking, heart shapes will always be a good decorative choice for this holiday.

Valentine’s Day decorating ideas must include “Love Gnomes”

You are probably already familiar with small, yet long-bearded gnomes that we have been seeing for quite some time now. Although originally a Christmas decoration, these gnomes seem to expand their reach. Namely, you can find those same gnomes but in a Valentine’s Day mood and decoration.

four little gnome dolls as a great Valentine's Day decorating idea
These small toys are a great decorative piece for many holidays

Moreover, even if you cannot find them with Valentine’s Day decorations, you can always decorate them yourself. Purchase a couple of them, start decorating them, and place them all around your home. More importantly, they will be a great way to play a little game with your partner, especially if you have a surprise for them. So, whether proposing, or giving a gift, you can use these gnomes to create a mini prop hunt. Most importantly, if you have these gnomes in storage facilities Austin, you can get them out and decorate them without buying them.

Let your imagination run wild

Do you know what is the best part about Valentine’s Day decorating ideas? It is that you can make anything into a decorative piece with a little bit of attention and devotion. From the most basic, one-colored balloons, to differently colored flowers, the sky is the limit to what your imagination can create.

More importantly, whatever decoration you are opting for, make sure you do it from the heart. At the end of the day, your partner will not be looking at how much you spent to make this happen, but how much effort you put in. None of these decorations have to be expensive or exclusive. On the contrary, the smaller and more meaningful they are, the better it is. So, this holiday, instead of running to buy expensive decorations, let your imagination and love guide you through the process.


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