Ways to add Christmas curb appeal

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With Christmas just around the corner, it is high time to start decorating your home. Some people will just put around the same decorations as they did a year before. However, for many, the Christmas spirit and joy are inspiring. So, they are already considering ways to add Christmas curb appeal. If you have just moved with the help of Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas, this task is probably even more exciting. Decorating a house is a part of celebrating Christmas with your family. So, let’s see how to make your Christmas party even more interesting, and your home more cheerful.

Adding Christmas curb appeal doesn’t need to be hard, or too expensive

The good news is that you don’t need to spend too much money to make your home nicer than the last year. The first thing will be to bring your decorations from the storage. So, you just need to drive up to the storage space Austin and pick up boxes with Christmas decorations.

Family adding to Christmas curb appeal by decorating the tree and preparing dinner
There are many easy ways to add Christmas curb appeal.

However, once back home, the whole family can help. You will need to open all boxes and inspect your decorations. Being stored in such good storage, most of your decorations will be in good condition. But, you may notice that some decorations are too old, or that you have wrongly placed them during the packing time. If so, you will just throw them away.

What to do if too many decorations are damaged?

Christmas decorations are very sensitive. So, they need special packing material. Also, you have to know how to properly pack them. In case you were packing them on your own, you probably didn’t pay much attention and now you will have to replace them with new ones. To avoid such a mistake again, opt for packing services Austin has to offer after Christmas. That will be a much cheaper solution than buying new decorations again.

Indoor and outdoor decorations for your home

To make your home glitter during Christmas, you will have to nicely decorate it inside and outside. The traditional indoor decoration is a Christmas tree. And, somehow, that it is central decoration. Underneath it, you will leave presents for the family. At some point, the whole family will gather around it. In case you have a problem transporting your Christmas trees, moving service Austin will help you.

In addition to the Christmas tree, you can add many other decorations. For example, you can put decorative candles with Christmas motifs on the table. Blankets with Christmas motifs will fit nicely on sofas in the living room. You can place decorative lanterns or string lights on the windows. Add Christmas garlands with red flowers on chests and fireplaces.

Some cool ideas to add Christmas curb appeal

The outdoor decorations are as important as those inside the house. And, we will present here some of those that will make your home look welcoming.

Decorating your porch

There are numerous ways to decorate your porch. It doesn’t matter if you will just hang the string light around, or install glowing blow-up figures, it will make your home look more Christmassy. Apart from the lights, you can add a new distinctive mat in front of the entrance door. Hang a decorative wreath which will complete the atmosphere on the door.

Women making hanging wreaths together.
Some outdoor decorations you can make on your own.

In case you need to move the porch furniture and make a place for decorations, furniture movers Austin will show as a real help to you.

Potted Poinsettia

Fresh or artificial potted poinsettia is traditionally associated with Christmas. Place a few of them on either side of the front door. Combine them with a few lanterns or shining stars. And this way, you will get a real charm.

Potted Christmas trees

You can get several smaller and potted Christmas trees and decorate them. Such pots you can also put these on both sides of the entrance door. Alone or combined with other elements, they will add to Christmas magic

Decorating your front yard

In case you don’t have evergreen trees in your front yard, no problem. That shouldn’t stop you from decorating trees. Actually, in the last several years it become fashionable to decorate leafless trees. You just need to wrap it with string lights and hang several large bubbles on it. The effect you will get will be surprising.

The traditional decoration of your yard fence

Garland is another easy way to add some holiday flair. In addition to hanging them on the front door and porch, they were usually used to decorate the yard fence. To make this decoration a bit different, change the size. So, use large luminous garlands, with huge bows. They will give a stunning look to your entire yard. Such decorations can’t be squeezed inside the small car. The thing is that they may get damaged easily. So, instead, use the services of local movers Austin. That way, your fairy fence garlands will survive the trip from the shop to your home. 

Kids giving Christmas presents to their mother
Everything is ready for Christmas.

Light the way to Santa and your guests

For this, you can use luminaries and lanterns. And just line them up aside the pathway, all the way up to your porch. Regardless of the light you use, the effect will be the same. A beautiful flickering light will bring guests to your door.

Turn your mailbox into a cheerful decoration

You might need some artificial or fresh small branches to decorate your mailbox. The best is to use the remaining branches from the Christmas tree. Add some fancy bells, ribbons, and red bows. By using this easy and inexpensive decoration, you will transform your mailbox entirely.  

Christmas can come

Since you are done with the decorations, Christmas can come. We’ve seen ways in which you can add Christmas curb appeal. It will only strengthen the cheerful atmosphere that you have already achieved inside and outside of your house. However, in case you want to add some additional little decorations, you can always find some DIY ideas. These are usually inexpensive and extremely fun. Enjoy your Christmas!

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