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Moving is not something that is rare in the United States. Rather, it is a fairly common occurrence, and literary millions of Americans will relocate each year. They will cross into new neighborhoods, cities, and states and will be continuing their life with new education and carrier options. There is a lot of reasons why someone would move, of course. You might move for better pay, for college, or for a safer place that is more suitable for raising children. Whatever it may be, however, there is one truth. While still being common, moving is neither simple nor cheap. It takes a lot of money to move. Therefore, it also takes a lot of skill to figure out exactly how you should balance the moving budget. Luckily, moving estimates are a thing and we will be more than happy to help you figure them out!

Moving estimates and their use

What are moving estimations or moving quotes, and how should you use them? Well, they are something you can expect from both the worst and best movers in Austin. The only difference is that only one of those can be relied upon, but more on that later. In its essence, the moving estimate serves to provide you with the prediction of the final price of the move. As we have already established, the price of a move can be pretty high. From a few hundred dollars for local ones, all the way to thousands of dollars for long-distance relocations. All in all, that is a big range, and you have a right to know what to prepare for so you can establish a moving budget that will be sufficient for the move ahead.

Moving estimates and their use - calculator and a pen
What kind of moving estimates are there?

Moving estimate is something that you not only can but also very much should, ask from the mover. They have to oblige. Most of the time moving estimation is free as well, so that makes it a no-brainer choice. Once the mover arrives at your house, they will examine the number of things you need to move, the distance you need to relocate to, any additional difficulties they might have like access or bulky furniture, etc… After all of that is done, you will have a moving estimation ready.

Three different types

In the same way that moving companies come in all different sizes, and relocations can come in all kinds of distance and quality sets, you also have different kinds of moving estimations. There are namely three that you should know about!

  • Binding moving estimates – First among these are the binding kind of estimates. Moving quotes that take these forms are pretty much final. There will be no difference, even if the move turns out to be easier or harder than expected. What you see is what you get!
  • Non-binding moving estimates – Non-binding estimations are, however, prone to change. They recognize that the situation on the day of the move might be different than expected, inquiring more or less cost. However, they are bound by the 110% rule, meaning that the prices will not go above 110% of the original bid… well, at least if the company is registered with the FMCSA. That way you know they will stick to the industry standard.
  • Binding not to exceed moving estimates – Finally, there are those estimates that are limited to only a value they will not go above.


These estimates provided by any of the long distance or local moving companies Austin TX are those moving estimations that are pretty much concrete. There will be no change in these. If the price you get it right, there will be no later changes.

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You get what you see

Binding estimations are, therefore, something of a risk for the movers. Sure, they might have an easier move and get more money than they thought, but the other might be true as well. They might face some difficulties they couldn’t have predicted and might be forced to abide by the deal, while technically losing money. All in all, this is the best kind of estimation you can get since then you can be absolutely clear on how much the move will cost!

Binding not to exceed

You can also get a moving estimate that is bound by a maximum value. A mover can guarantee that the price will not be higher than that.

If a commercial movers Austin TX, they are doing both you and themselves a favor. You will know the worst-case scenario, so to speak, but there will also be some wiggle room! The movers will also be free to operate, knowing that only in the worst-case scenario will they be losing money.

Non-binding estimates

Finlay, there are those moving estimates that are bound by nothing. If packing services Austin offers you a non-binding estimate, that means that they are trying to figure out where the price will generally be. Since they can’t be sure, for various reasons, they opt to provide you with a rough estimationMoving quotes like these are not entirely unlimited. You will not be paying double of the estimated price, for example. You will not be paying a quarter more either. What you will be maximally paying is 110% of the price. Anything above would be a breach of industry standards on the matter. However, in order for a company to abide by this rule, they do need to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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What will be the maximum?

In summary

That is all that we were wanted you to know about moving estimates. Moving estimation is a great tool for when you are planning a move. As you now know, there are three main types of such estimates, and they are all subject to different kinds of rules and uses. In order to know exactly what kind of moving quote you are getting, be sure to communicate with your mover and establish the facts. They should be more than happy to tell you exactly what kind of moving estimation it is!

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