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Relocating from one home to another usually means that you take a good, hard, look at the items you have. Some of these items will not be making the trip with you, after all. But what to do with all your belongings that are still in good condition? Well, donate them, of course! As the arguably best moving company Austin has to offer, Heavenly Moving and Storage has prepared a list of places where you donate unwanted items before relocating! Let’s dive right into it!

7 places where donate unwanted items before relocating from Austin

  • Dress for Success
  • Austin Pets Alive! Thrift
  • Austin Creative Reuse
  • AGE of Austin
  • Anthropos Arts
  • Casa Marianella
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore

While there are many other places that accept donations, such as the Salvation Army Austin, for example, we believe that these institutions deserve a bit of extra attention. They are doing amazing work, after all. By donating to any one of them, you will be making someone really happy, as well as lowering the cost for moving services Austin Texas that will be required. It’s a win-win situation! Let’s take a look at what exactly these institutions stand for.

Dress for Success

This is an organization that does its best to empower women of all ages. They are doing their best to make sure that these women have meaningful careers by dressing them appropriately. While professional clothes do not make a woman, they are extremely influential.

Aside from providing free professional attire, this organization also employs career coaches and offers workforce development programs. They want to help their protegees with all the necessary tools to be successful at their workplace. So, if you happen to have any professional clothing in your short term storage Austin facility that you might want to donate, consider Dress for success. They will make sure that the clothes get utilized in the best possible way. 

The organization accepts Jewelry, Professional clothing, as well as handbags. you can find them at 701 Tillery St A-5.

group of women having fun
Donate your professional clothes and make another woman happy!

One of the best places where you can donate unwanted items before relocating – Austin Pets Alive! Thrift

Now, this is an institution that you can really get behind! Austin Pets Alive! is fighting to completely eliminate kill shelters from the city. When they began their operations, the city of Austin had an astonishing kill rate of 87%. Fast forward a few years and now the save rate is 97%!

Your donations will go to the thrift stores by the same name, which sells gently used items as well as high-quality new products. All of their net proceeds go to Austin Pets Alive! however. They accept all kinds of donations from houseware, miscellaneous items, and clothing.

Austin Creative Reuse

This organization promotes community, conservation, education, and creativity. They want to promote reuse rather than purchasing new items. They hope to create a world where reusing materials will become the norm. After all, every created object has an environmental impact. By reusing them, we get a more efficient and beneficial process than recycling.

If you want to help this noble cause, you can donate craft supplies, office supplies, as well as various other supplies used in the creative process. So, if you have some in your climate controlled storage Austin unit, and are not bringing the materials with you, consider sending them to Austin Creative Reuse. They will reuse these materials to their full effect! You can find them on 2005 Weheless Ln.

AGE of Austin

AGE is an institution that helps senior citizens in managing daily tasks. They have several locations around Central Texas, which allow members of the older population to socialize with one another. They also allow the seniors to get the care that they may need. Furthermore, AGE has a peer-based computer class, where seniors can sharpen their minds and which helps with early memory loss.

one of the best places to donate unwanted items before relocating - AGE Austin
AGE Austin takes care of seniors and is where you can donate unwanted items before relocating

The way that you can help this amazing institution is by donating medical equipment at their office on 3710 Cedar Street. This equipment will be loaned out to seniors who need them, absolutely free of charge.

Anthropos Arts

An organization that helps aspiring musicians, Anthropos arts teaches not only music but life skills as well to prospective artists. Their students get free mentorship, free instructions, and even free musical instruments. Music helps kids stay in school, get better grades, as well as keep out of trouble.

For some of the kids that Anthropos Arts is helping, music is the only thing that keeps them focused on their lives and their academic eligibility. You can help these kids by donating any musical gear that you might have, as well as musical instruments and various supplies. Anthropos Arts is located at 9038 N. IH 35, Ste. A.

Casa Marianella is a great place to donate unwanted items before relocating

This institution welcomes all immigrants that got somehow displaced and promotes self-sufficiency in them. Casa Marianella offers support services as well as shelter. The organization’s mission is to provide all such immigrants with services and safe housing that can see them prosper in Austin. This is the only homeless shelter that is dedicated to immigrants only.

If you believe this is a cause that you can get behind, get in touch with them and arrange a pick-up or a drop-off. They accept various household items, clothing, furniture, toiletries, and anything that is needed for a normal life. You can find Casa Marianella at 821 Gunter St.

person packing dishes
Every item is important.

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore

While you may not have enough time to actually build a home, you can help in creating one. If you donate to Habitat for Humanity ReStore Austin, you will be doing your part in finding a home for another. This institution accepts all manner of donations, as new homes need literally everything.

They are always in need of donations since people are always in need of homes. You can find them at 500 W Ben White Blvd and donate unwanted items before relocating, doing your part to create a better world!



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