Why Austin’s Music Scene Is Unbeatable

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Every person like music, and it is part of many people’s lives. Some like to just listen to it, while others like to make music. Those deeply involved in the world of music, likely have different preferences when moving. Aside from affordable costs of living and a good community, these people also look for cities with a vibrant music scene. Austin is one of these cities that Heavenly Moving and Storage TX can take you to. Today, we will talk about Austin’s music scene and why it is so special.

Many music genres were part of Austin’s music scene

Through the years, music scene in Austin underwent many changes:

  • Austin has a history with music, technically since its beginnings. It first started with the early Mexican and German settlers, who brought pieces of their culture with them. Music was a part of this, and by 1880 present-day 6th Street was full of German music venues.
  • In the ’20s, jazz took over the music scene, and Austin was no exception. The locally famous Grey Ghost was the most famous blues pianist, he was quickly replaced by the classic big band music in the 30s and 40’s. Some of these Hispanic bands continued their tradition to the next millennium, so you can still find their decedents in Austin after moving with our long distance movers Austin.
  • During the ’60s and ’70s, Austin music scene was transformed by rock and roll. During this time, the show Austin City Limits aired – which is still going strong today after more than 30 years!
Picture of a man playing the Saxophone
Austin went through many musical genres during the years

Austin’s music scene today

Austin is not called “The Live Music Capital of the World” without a reason. After such a turbulent history, it can only be expected that it to be home to a large variety of music genres. Whatever you want to listen to, this city likely has a venue for it. There are hundreds of live music venues in the city, and most of them are located around 6th Street – where it all began. If you want to visit some venue after moving with the help of our moving services Austin Texas providers, this is the street that you will likely go to.


This is without a doubt one of the most beloved music venues among locals. It offers a combination that very few can refuse. Music and food! The original venue started in 1933 and it quickly became a favorite hangout spot. Many famous people performed here, and Janis Joplin even began her career at Threadgills. During the years, business went so well that the venue expanded to a different location, after being sold to a new owner.

Spring music festivals are a hit in Austin

Austin locals love music no matter if it is indoors or outdoors. Spring is the season when Austin hosts two major festivals – The Old Settler’s Music Festival and The Austin Reggae Festival. The first one features bluegrass acoustic jazz, the ad highlights young talented people. The second festival draws in reggae artists from around the world, and the funds collected from the festivals are used for a good cause. So, if you happen to move with our local movers Austin, try to book a moving date during spring!

Picture of a crowd in a music festival enjoying Austin's music scene
Austin’s music scene today is as vibrant as always

Final thoughts

As you can see, Austin’s music scene is as vibrant as it has always been. It is a hotspot for artists and music fans alike since they can all enjoy the city’s numerous music venues. The community is also close-knit and friendly, making it an overall enjoyable place. Daly no more, pack your instruments and essentials bag, and make Austin your new home!

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