Why is getting an accurate moving estimate so important when moving from Westlake

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When planning a relocation, there are many things that you should research and inform yourself about. Even if you have some moving experience, every relocation is a story for itself. There are some basic questions that bother every person planning a relocation. Those are regarding costs, time, and people needed for the action. You might ask yourself what is the busiest moving season and when to avoid moving. Also, what are the differences between the local, interstate, or long-distance moves? A relocation company Austin TX should provide answers to all your questions regarding the move. And not only that. They will also help you organize and put into action your relocation. For this reason, it is necessary to contact movers. Also, you should learn what questions to ask. In this article, learn about getting an accurate moving estimate and other useful information regarding moving.

Why is getting an accurate moving estimate for Westlake important

One of the most important things to find out about your move are moving expenses that you will need pay. When you know your moving costs, you will be able to plan your relocation thoroughly. There is definitely nothing better than having the move that you planed well. A Westlake moving company Austin can provide the best answers to all the questions regarding your move. There are many different ways to find out how much money your move will cost. First of all, do not stick to the first moving company add you see. There are many companies that deal with different kinds of moves. Any of them should offer a free moving estimate either directly on their site. Another option would be to send a representative to your home to inspect the items you possess and offer a moving quote.

a woman sitting and getting an accurate moving estimate on a laptop
It is important to contact several moving companies on moving costs

Additional services and their costs

When moving you will certainly come to the point that you will need to downsize your home.

closed storage unit
Getting an accurate moving estimate is crucial when renting storage

Even for a certain period of time you might need to store some items away. Any such action can be very useful for your relocation. For example, you may book a full service storage Austin TX. But it can also cost a lot if you do not know what are the average costs of using storage units. For this reason, contact several companies to get to know their prices. Full storage service movers would come to pick up and transport your goods into the storage unit. Basically, they will do the hardest part for you. But also, movers can charge some additional fees for this. For this reason, it is vital to determine in advance all the costs so you do not have to pay unnecessary extra fees.

Provide movers with clear information

Movers need to have the exact information in order to provide you with the exact cost of your move.

a woman counting dollar bills
Renting climate controlled storage will definitely pay off

Make sure to show the moving representatives everything you plan to move. Remember that anything you leave out from the estimate, your movers will have the right to charge you for that. Also, if you have some very valuable items that you need to store away, consider using climate controlled storage Austin TX. Your items will be completely safe in this kind of storage unit. Of course, this always costs more. But in the end it will pay off as you will protect your items in the best possible way. There are different kinds of climate controlled storage units. In addition, they come in different sizes that you can choose depending on the type and size of items you plan to store.

Create an inventory list

When planning the relocation to Westlake, it would be necessary to create an inventory of the items you intend to move. You do not have to do this only for your sake, but also for your movers’ sake. When having precise information about all your possessions, there should be no doubt regarding getting an accurate moving quote. Basically, when you provide them with a copy of this document, your moving service Austin must give the final price in the form of a binder. A binder is a document that should guarantee the price of your move without any hidden costs. Also, the important information when giving an estimate for your movers could be the following:

  • Inform them if you have a free parking lot in front of your house or building
  • If you have stairs or elevator
  • How many floors are there in the building

If needed, make sure to send photos of your residence so movers can have the clear image of what they will deal with.

Getting an accurate moving quote regarding insurance

Another important topic to discuss with your movers is what kind of moving insurance they will provide. Most moving companies offer basic moving guarantees for free. That means that they will guarantee the basic safety of your items from the moment the moving starts. Always check USDOT number of your moving company. It is important to know that the company has a valid operating license. Do not forget that the busiest moving season starts in early May and ends in September. This is of course, the most expensive period for move. On the other hand, check with your movers if they can offer any seasonal discount if you book more services at once. For example, if you choose packing, storage and transportation, you might get a discount accordingly.

As you can see getting an accurate moving estimate is crucial for your move. Knowing in advance how much you can expect to be charged will make things more clear. Planning moving budget, buying additional insurance, getting discounts. You definitely need all this information in order to organize a successful and on-time move. Give your movers as much information about your relocation as possible. Ask for moving estimates or even ask your friends who moved recently in order to compare the prices. When both you and your movers have the information vital for your move, it can turn out to be a fun experience.

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