3 moving day stories that will make you feel better

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Moving is a stressful process for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of move it is, how many times you’ve moved so far. Every moving process is a story of its own. When you start feeling anxious about your upcoming move, remember that you are not the only one going through this. You certainly can’t help but feel nervous about everything, but you can read a few funny moving stories to make your day.  So here are 3 moving day stories that will make you feel better and relaxed about your move with Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas.

Funny moving day stories that will make you feel better

Caring neighbors 

“I had just received the contracts and got the keys to my new home after moving with the help of residential movers Austin TX. My dad was supposed to help me with the painting and we were about to start. There were no neighbors in sight but I heard they were nice people who made no problems and are okay as neighbors. While my dad was in the middle of painting the room for my daughter we heard something that sounded exactly like someone being shot. A bang followed by terrifying screaming. We immediately stopped everything we were doing and ran down the stairs to call the police“.

“They came fully armed and prepared for whatever was happening inside that house. Police told us to stay still until everything was safe. After about fifteen minutes, the officer on the phone told us that we could go in so we did as she said. To be honest, we felt pretty scared because we had no idea what we were about to see. Then we saw the granny living next to us unharmed laughing with the officers. The whole police crew had already left and these two policemen were the only ones who were still there”.

A policeman wearing a uniform
“Then we saw the granny living next to us unharmed laughing with the officers”

“So what actually happened was that an engineer was changing the meter in this old lady’s house and put the previous one on a shelf above but did not secure it. It ended up falling right onto his foot, which was where the screaming and that loud bang were coming from! It was a partly scary experience, but looking back on it it was all pretty funny in the end”. – Lauren Pilkington 

Are you sure you want me to drive?

“We were moving from state to state and had to stay at my parents’ house for a while until we were able to move to our new home. We also had to put most of our things in storage so we had full service storage Austin TX help us out”.

“My husband’s job was about three hours away from where we were staying at the moment. He had to show up there early. I didn’t want to bother him with the whole moving process and said me and my family can do everything by ourselves. I wasn’t sure if I was capable of driving a moving truck by myself, so Jack (my brother-in-law) said there was no problem and that he could drive. Therefore, I gave him the keys”.

Hitting a concrete pole

“Everything was going pretty smoothly and we were sure everything was alright. Until the accident happened… when he was supposed to turn left to go through the gate to get into the storage facility. The truck was too tall to smoothly go through so it ended up hitting a concrete pole. He tried moving the truck but there was absolutely no use! We were completely stuck at the top of that pole”.

an empty hand truck
Make sure to call someone you can rely on when you are in a pinch when moving and need help

“Something that made us feel especially bad was the fact that we were completely blocking the entrance. Which means nobody else could go in or out.  The attendant came up to us and examined the situation we were in while trying to find the right solution for it. He tried his best with lifting the back of the truck so we would be able to move, but there was no use. The truck was loaded with our stuff and was too heavy”.

Asking for help

“We were thinking so hard trying to find something that would get us out of this situation. Nothing came to mind. So we had no other choice but to call his father, although we didn’t want to disturb anyone. His father came with a few of his friends and they all agreed that we should take everything out of the truck in order to get it moving. Since there were a lot of us, we quickly finished the job and managed to move the truck. Everything ended pretty well and we were able to move without any more accidents. Bear in mind that accidents like this can happen while moving and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, there is a solution to everything!” – Alison J.

A great first impression

” I have moved fourteen times in total with my husband over the past eighteen years of living together. We have never really hired professional movers which kind of got us into a small trouble this time. After that we considered hiring one of the local moving companies Austin TX.

“We were desperately attempting to get a pretty large sofa we got from IKEA into the house. No matter how much we tried and what method we would use, the sofa just would not get in! It was the middle of winter, freezing cold. We were obviously already nervous because of the bad weather which made everything only worse”.

man carrying in a green sofa
“No matter how much we tried and what method we would use, the sofa just would not get in!”

“We started uncontrollably swearing at each other like we were two random strangers arguing on the street. The two of us were standing there with that sofa for over half an hour trying to get it into the house. Pretty nerve-wracking don’t you think? That’s when our new neighbor came up to us. While trying to hold in his laugh, he asked if we need some help with that sofa. He told us he was sorry for laughing and that he was impressed with how persistent we were. After that, we invited him inside for a cup of coffee and now we are pretty good friends!” – Suzie M.

Reading moving day stories that will make you feel better is certainly a good way to see moving is tough for everyone. So try not to stress about it too much!


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