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When looking for proper storage, it’s good to consider multiple options. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that not all storage units are of an equal quality. That’s why we at Heavenly Moving and Storage took the time to curate this helpful article about little known facts about self-storage. Once you have a better idea of what makes good storage, you’ll easily make the best decision for yourself. However, you must seek it in the right places. We count as one of the best movers in Austin offering a premium storage quality. So don’t hesitate to contact us when it’s the most convenient for you. Rest assured that, you get a complete scope of top-level moving and storage services by hiring us.

These little known facts about self-storage will help you pick the right one for you

The moving industry has evolved over the past few decades. Technology and innovative approach took the spotlight, which improved the service quality as a result. In order to keep up with the trends, many professional movers made significant changes in their services, including storage. Since storage solutions are integral parts of both local and long-distance relocations, their quality is very important. Dumping the items in a huge garage and calling it a day is a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are so many top-notch storage Austin TX units you can choose from. Also, another good news is that top-level storage doesn’t necessarily mean high price points. Therefore, be sure that it’s entirely possible to find an affordable and at the same time the most fitting unit for your move.

man standing inside a storage unit
Modern self-storage units are ideal for long-term rental periods.

It’s possible to manage the temperature in modern self-storage units

Most self-storage units are climate-controlled nowadays. That means the safety of your belongings regardless of the seasons. They will be protected both during scorching hot summers and freezing cold winters. This is another improvement that took the moving industry to another level. Furthermore, people feel more confident about moving any time of the year, knowing their items will remain in one piece the entire time.

What’s also great about self-storage solutions is that you can store almost everything for as long as you need. This is why many couples who decide to travel the world resort to self-storages and opt for a longer rental period. Bottom line – renting a self-storage unit pays off in the long run.

Accessibility to stored items depends on the company’s rules

Another reason not to jump into hasty decisions when looking for the right storage is accessibility. Simply put, not every company has the same rules. While a particular company may offer excellent storage, the accessibility might be limited. That’s why it’s important to confirm with the company whether or not you get all-day access.

happy girl in yellow turtleneck
A climate-controlled storage unit is your best solution.

Self-storage must be clean and sanitized

A good storage unit must be well-maintained at all times. Your belongings will spend some time there, which is why mold, pests, and moisture are the last you need. Such factors are damaging to your items, especially when stored for longer periods. Therefore, pay attention to reviews that speak of the hygiene inside any particular storage space. When the company’s staff takes good care of storage, it’s a sign that the storage is worth the coin. There’s no need to settle for anything less than that since there are so many storage options available on the market.

Little known facts about choosing the right self-storage

When you search for some of the best storage South Austin has on offer, you have to focus on licensed and reputable movers. The companies that hold themselves up to high standards make sure to maintain the highest quality of their storage services. Without good company, you can’t get a decent storage unit. Although there are independent storage providers, it’s best to go for full-service movers. That way, the chances to get the quality of storage you need are much bigger. Moreover, the price points are usually lower at full-service moving companies.

couple reading about Little known facts about self-storage
You’ll make a better decision when you are familiar with little known facts about self-storage solutions.

Follow these steps to find an excellent moving company that provides high-quality self-storage units

It’s important to be patient while searching for the right company. It takes time until you do a proper background check on any company to see if they are worth the investment. However, the search process doesn’t have to last for too long if you do the following:

  • Consider only licensed and verified moving companies with successful work history. Further, see if they offer a commitment-free moving estimate.
  • Don’t skip on customer reviews that refer to moving services and their storage offer. They usually contain detailed information.
  • Feel free to speak directly with the company’s representatives, and use this opportunity to fact-check all the information from their website. Confirm the price points, and make sure there aren’t extra fees that aren’t mentioned.
  • Let them know about the storage size you need and ask if they have such a unit.
  • Ask whether you can access your belongings at any time.
  • In case you have to store and move bulky items like pianos, make sure the company you consider hiring includes some of the best piano movers Austin has.

You have the right to see the storage before making a final decision

One of the little known facts about self-storage is that you may request to see it and examine yourself. This is something that many people overlook and usually regret renting the unit. Furthermore, if the company doesn’t allow the visits, take it as a red flag and proceed with the search. Such companies never disclose this important fact to their potential customers, and often come up with various excuses. Therefore, don’t forget that your rights as a customer are non-negotiable. You deserve to know what are you paying for and have enough information before you pick the storage for yourself.


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