Moving in together: tips to combine two households

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Moving in with a partner is a significant and exciting milestone for your relationship, but it doesn’t come without challenges. After all, when you plan to combine two households, there are many big decisions to make beforehand! It’s easier if you don’t have many possessions, but merging two fully furnished apartments can easily turn messy. Love and compromise can solve most issues regarding moving in together, while movers TX can handle the rest. To make things easier, here’s the ultimate guide to moving in with your significant other without conflict. 

When you are moving in together with a partner, having a good plan and communication is necessary

Leaving an old home and setting up a house together is an important chapter in the life of every person. When two households become one, you may need to manage things a little differently in order to get along. That’s why it is very important to have an honest talk with your partner before looking for hourly movers Austin

A couple making plans before moving in together
Good planning and honesty are the keys to a successful life together.

Draw the spaces in each room, including measurements and existing color schemes, and plan where to put each item. It can be a good idea to dedicate areas for personal use, and for spending time as a couple. The same goes whether you are moving into a new space together or only one of you is moving out. Of course, make sure both of you are on the same page when it comes to dividing household chores! 

Identify which household items you don’t need two of

While you were living alone, it was necessary to have certain possessions, like a fridge or a stove. However, after moving in together, you won’t need to duplicate most household appliances. When merging households with your significant other, you’ll see some items won’t serve a purpose anymore. 

After you figure out which furniture is redundant, it’s time to look for moving services Austin Texas! However, remember that, in the end, both of you are still individuals with distinct tastes. So, downsize where you can, but feel free to keep some items with sentimental value, even if they’re extra. 

Moving in together also means you have to decide which items to keep

f you’ve planned to declutter your home for a while but never put the plan into practice, now’s the time. It may seem daunting to accomplish this all at once, so go through room by room. When deciding which items to keep, remember the old adage: get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy

Couple holding items they plan to pack later
When moving in together, make sure to only keep things you need and that make you happy

Save time and energy on moving day by keeping the nicest or newest items, and selling or donating the rest. While sorting through items, place them in piles “to keep”, “to discard”, or “to think about later”. To avoid regretting your choices later, you can use storage solutions Austin to hold items you’re not sure about. If you change your mind later or move to a bigger apartment with your partner, it will come in handy! 

Agree on financial matters in advance

Have an honest conversation about what you expect from each other, especially when it comes to money. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how frequently finances can cause conflict in a household. Discuss money openly: who will pay what, and how much is a reasonable split? If you have valuable possessions, like old jewelry or a lot of cash, think about where to store them. Perhaps it’s even wise to invest in a safe and hire safe movers Austin to bring it to you! 

A couple talking about financial matters
Make sure to discuss financial matters with your partner before moving in together

Make a list of items you’re not willing to give up on

Some items have strong sentimental significance, and you absolutely must keep them around, no matter how inconvenient it is. To solve this issue, make a list of all of your “must-haves” with your partner, and discuss priorities. If you’re a professional musician, for example, keeping that heirloom piano is a logical solution. It’s hard to find a new space that’s spacious enough for a piano, so perhaps you could stay in your old apartment. If you do have to move, hire reliable piano movers Austin to help you out! 

Compromise is the key to moving in together successfully

You must decide together whether it makes sense to keep some items if they take up a lot of space. For example, after you combine households, perhaps your new driveway won’t be big enough for both of your cars. Maybe you won’t need a car anyway if public transportation in your new area or city is good enough. Luckily, car storage Austin can make that decision easier for you! 

Plan activities with your significant other, but don’t forget to save some quality time for yourself

When you live together, it’s all too easy for “date night” to turn into “watch TV and fall asleep.” That’s why you’ll have to be more deliberate about going out, especially once you have children. At least once a week, get out of the house – and no, these don’t have to be pricey dinner dates. Do something that will allow the two of you to reconnect after a long week, and keep the spark!

At the same time, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the novelty of moving in together. Enjoy the romantic moment, but remember to take some time for yourself and your own group of friends. Do what feels natural, and continue to develop into the absolutely amazing person that you are!

For couples moving in together, combining two sets of belongings and decorating styles can be a challenge. However, with just a little bit of patience and good communication, everything will fall into place eventually. Hopefully, this guide can help you make some decisions about uniting your two households into one lovely space!


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