Moving a safe by yourself – can it be done?

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Moving an entire home sometimes just isn’t complicated at all. You move your bed, your sofa and table, your electronics and your clothes. There are other furniture pieces that might be large and heavy, such as safes, closets, etc. But, you can always hire a moving company such as Heavenly Moving and Storage. You can even store your belongings in full service storage Austin TX without issues. But, what happens if you need to relocate a safe without the help of a professional moving company? Moving a safe by yourself- does this seems possible to you? We have advice on how you can do it, but we also have some reasons on why you might want to leave this part of your relocation to professionals.

Is it possible to relocate a safe by yourself?

Yes, it is possible. Absolutely possible, at least if we talk about small-scale safes. If we talk about the safes the size of a room, then this operation is probably going to fail. Still, if you have a safe the size of a room, you are probably not looking for advice on how to move it by yourself, so we will definitely focus on smaller safes, the ones that are not incredibly large.

Moving a safe by yourself is possible, but it’s not easy

So, how much can a safe weight?

If you have a large safe, and if it’s really secure, those things can weigh a lot. They can be as heavy as 1,000 to 1,600 pounds! A bit smaller safes can be between 600 and 1,000 pounds. the largest ones are 2,000 up to 5,000 pounds! So if you own one of these larger safes, it’s obvious why you should hire safe movers Austin. They will handle it in no time.

Still, most home safes will weigh about 100-200 pounds, and as you can guess, these safes can be moved without professional help. But, you also have to remember that these safes are this heavy when empty. A safe of this size can still fit lots of things inside, and they can be pretty heavy as well. That is why you need to be aware that if you want to avoid getting professional help to relocate a safe, you will most likely have to get the items out of it, and then move them separately. And it’s obvious why this is not the best of ideas. There is a reason why you keep those items inside of your safe, and you might be best off not getting them out of it, just to be moved to another location.

How can you move your safe?

First of all, if your safe is attached to something, you will have to detach it. So, you will need the tools for it. Most safes can be unscrewed from the wall with standard screwdrivers, but some have specially made ones. That is why you need to ensure that you have the right tools, first of all. Once you have that, you can get your safe ready while apartment movers Austin relocate the rest of your belongings.

Now, unless you are keeping something really light inside of your safe, you need to ensure to remove it from the inside. And, even if items inside are not heavy, but are fragile, you should get them out for this relocation. Once you are done, your safe is ready to be relocated.

a safe
Make sure to empty your safe before relocating it

If you like how your safe looks and don’t want it to get damaged and scratched, or damage something else, you simply need to pack it. Using a blanket to cover the safe will surely do the trick. Once this part is done, you can relax and move on to relocating the safe. Moving a safe by yourself is not going to be as hard as you think. Make sure that you don’t injure yourself while picking the safe up, and learn how to lift from your knees. It can be really dangerous so be extra careful at this part.

You will need some help

Deciding not to hire professional movers doesn’t have to mean that you will literally be moving a safe by yourself. Sure, if it’s a small safe, you will obviously pick it up and carry it to your car. But, if it’s a bigger one, you need to get a helping hand. You can decide to get a couple of friends to come over and carry the safe with you, but they will also have to give you a helping hand while unloading the safe from your car or any other form of transportation you decided to use.

Why should you consider hiring professionals and not moving your safe by yourself?

Yes. You should consider hiring movers to move your safe, or storage pick up service if you plan to store it. So, the first thing that you need to do is understand just how heavy the safes are. And, moving heavy things without the proper training can be really dangerous. You can end up hurting yourself, or even worst, your friends or family members could end up injured. Hurting your back, dropping the safe and injuring yourself that way, and so on, is not as improbable as you might think. 

a man under a pile of boxes
Avoid getting injured while moving a safe by hiring movers to do it for you

Professionals can handle it

It really is that simple. Unlike you and your friends (probably), furniture movers Austin have all the needed training to relocate anything without getting hurt. They also have all the needed equipment to do it, so simply contact your moving company and get all the needed help in the best way possible.

If you are ready to do this, make sure that it’s completely safe to do so, and you will be just fine. If you are not sure if you can do it, hire moving professionals and leave it to them. Moving a safe by yourself is possible, but not easy, so make sure you know what to expect.

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