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Being a senior has its perks. Days of rushed lifestyle and hard work are behind you, and now you are ready to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. Some seniors prefer to stay in their previous homes, while others think of changing their place of residence. If you belong to the latter, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we at Heavenly Moving and Storage are presenting you with this ultimate guide for stress-free moving for seniors. Besides pro moving tips, we also provide top-notch relocation services delivered by a committed and hard-working moving crew. We operate as one of the top-ranked moving and storage Austin companies and thus hold ourselves to the highest standards.

These hacks make moving for seniors stress-free and blissful

The first thing you must determine is the duration of your move. If moving long-distance, expect that the moving process is going to last a bit longer. On the other hand, local moves are far easier to execute. Nevertheless, both types of relocations require a well-versed moving crew that will know how to handle the entire endeavor from organization to unpacking. It would be good to research the rates hourly movers Austin have on offer. The rates vary from a company to a company and their services.

a man packing glassware
A stress-free moving for seniors is possible with the help of reliable moving crew.

The duration of your moving journey and approximate hourly rates will give you an idea of how much your move is going to cost you. However, remember this isn’t the final price of your move, as it may go up or down in price. It all depends on the services you pick for your move.

How to find the right movers?

It doesn’t take too long to find reliable residential or  apartment movers Austin by following this proven method:

  1. Opt for certified full-service movers. They usually have all kinds of moving and additional services you would need for a complete moving experience.
  2. Book a few moving quotes Austin movers offer. A moving quote is a free-of-charge estimation that gives you an insight into upcoming moving costs. Don’t let any company that doesn’t offer a free quote convince you to hire them. They are more likely to add extra fees you didn’t expect to the final price.
  3. Get in touch with the companies that seem interesting to you and ask them all the moving-related questions you would like to know.
  4. Ask family friends to help you choose the best company for you.

Decluttering your old home

Moving is an opportunity to get rid of outdated items and start a clutter-free life in a new home. This is why you should dedicate a day or two to sorting all your items. Ask family members to help you do it. See if they would make good use of spare furniture pieces, and so on. Everything else can be either donated, put up for sale, recycled, or thrown into the trash. When you have a smaller number of items to move, you don’t need as many moving boxes as at the beginning of moving preparations. Plus, the move runs smoothly and much faster since the movers will have fewer items to handle.

grandpa and grandma reading about stress-free moving for seniors on their laptop
Take time to find reliable movers.

Avoid DIY storage solutions and rent a climate-controlled units

Look for a company with excellent storage services. Schedule a short visit to be sure their storage units are clean, climate-controlled, and completely safe. This is a far better option than basements, attics, and other DIY storage varieties:

  • Your items are safe from external factors in a well-equipped storage unit.
  • Indoor storage units are ideal for long-distance journeys, or in case you need to store a great number of items for a longer period.
  • You can order storage pickup and delivery, so the company’s staff handles all your goods for you.
  • Unlike DIY storage solutions, indoor self-storage units protect your items from rodents and pests. Moving is less stressful when you know your items will remain in one piece in temperature-controlled conditions.

Ask the movers to help you organize a stress-free move

Another great thing about hiring expert movers is the best assistance that is available to you from start to finish. That’s why some of the best movers are also excellent advisors. They’ve been in the industry long enough to know what their customers need. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help in case you find it difficult to organize the move. You’ll feel much more at ease thanks to the professionals who will plan out everything according to you.

Include family members

Moving is easier and more fun with the help of your closest ones. It tends to be an emotionally-challenging endeavor, which is why extra help from your family is more than welcome. Delegate the tasks, have a coffee or tea during breaks and play some music while packing.

two people holding moving boxes
Let your family members help you pack for the move.

Give yourself enough time to get used to a new home

A move doesn’t end after your movers unload the boxes. The last stage of your moving journey is unpacking, as well as adjusting to the new environment. It’s not a big deal if you can’t call your new place home in the first week or two. Everybody’s different and everybody has different methods of dealing with the post-move period. You can prepare your favorite food, invite family members over for a dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood, and so on.

Staying patient during moving preparations and post-move period is important for stress-free moving for seniors. Moving is your chance for a fresh start, so rest assured you will feel comfortable and content sooner than you think if you don’t rush the process. All you have to do is do one moving task at a time and let the moving experts handle all the difficult work.





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