7 Smart places to hide a safe in your home

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Keeping your items safe is one of the most important things you can do. Not just when moving, but in general. Hence, opting to place your most valuable items inside a safe should come as no surprise. A safe is there to protect the items within. However, that does not mean that you should place it on an obvious or visible spot inside your home. Therefore, today, we share 7 places to hide a safe inside your home. Whether you were using movers TX services to relocate, or you are in the home for a while, finding a good place to nestle your safe in is a must. So, why is this important? Well, firstly, keeping items inside a safe is not enough protection. Secondly, experienced burglars will most likely be able to open the safe, IF they find it. Let us ensure they do not.

7 places to hide a safe inside your home

“Safety first” – is a sentence we hear often, in various situations in our lives. In this case, this sentence is the basis of our entire project. Honestly, there is really no reason to explain why you should have a safe because it is self-explanatory. However, having a safe inside your home is not the same as making sure that the items within the safe are protected.

a picture of an interior of a home with potential places to hide a safe inside it
A house, regardless of its size, can present some unique and safe locations to hide your valuables

Because of that, we are going to help you find good places inside your home in which you can nestle your safe safely. These places that we are going to talk about will provide the items within the safe with additional protection. After all, you can never be too safe. Especially if you are living in a place that has a high crime rate. Because you want to ensure the safety of these items, you bought a safe in the first place, right?

1. Inside the wall

Now, this one is probably the most familiar place for hiding a safe. However, placing your safe inside a wall is actually a relatively reliable option. However, the way you install it will matter, as well. Namely, you want to try and make the cavity large enough so you can easily place the safe inside it. After that, you can, for example, utilize the piano that piano movers Austin, brought to your home and place it in front of the safe. That way, you will have another layer of protection – a heavy and bulky item in front of the safe.

2. Hiding inside the floor

Again, one of the classics. However, the floor safe idea might be a much safer version of the wall one. One of the main reasons for this is that detecting cavities inside a floor is much harder than inside a wall. Hence, the chances of potential burglars finding the safe will be smaller. Once more, make sure that the cavity is big enough. Later, simply place a rug and some furniture on top of it to ensure that it is safe down there. Just like when opting for storage solutions Austin, for example, you would want to ensure that the items are safe, even though they are safe by default.

3. Staircases are another one of the good places to hide a safe inside your home

The fun thing about staircases is that they can easily accommodate a couple of smaller safes instead of one larger one. For example, you can place a safe, smaller in size, behind each step on the staircase. Ideally, these smaller safes will provide much better protection than one, larger safe.

a big staircase inside a home with a high celling
From ensuring that you can pull out a stair and store items, to making cavities on the side of them, staircases are one of the places to hide a safe

The main reason for this is that, in case of a burglary, the burglars will less likely have time to search or to open every safe individually. In addition, if storing smaller items, is a great solution. So, before you leave your vehicle at car storage Austin, drive the safe to your new home and see if it will fit beneath the stair.

4. A fake air-vent

What are the chances that people are going to know what is inside the air-vent inside your home? Honestly, these chances are slim to none. Well, why not utilize this and ensure that your items are safe? After safe movers Austin arrive with your safe simply dig a cavity, preferably a little higher, in the wall and place your safe inside it. Next, purchase the air-vent lid and place it on top of the cavity. This should be more than enough to ensure the safety of the safe and the items within.

5. Unexpected, yet, common places

A burglar will usually have a general idea of where your safe or valuables might be before breaking into your home. However, a burglar will almost never expect to find a safe in a common location in your home. For instance, a burglar might check the walls, your bedroom, or even the floor, but they will most likely not check:

  • Old computers inside your home
  • A potted plant
  • Below the sink
  • Any other unassuming object inside your home

6. Places to hide a safe: Under the mattress

Here is an idea. A burglar will most likely enter your home and spend time searching for the safe in obvious places. However, rarely will anyone of them remember to look below the mattress in your bedroom.

a bedroom with a large bed in it, to represent a place in which you can locate a safe
If you own a heavier bed, this can only come off as a bonus to a nice hiding place

So, before hourly movers Austin, finish delivering your items, you should spend time thinking about the way you can do this. For example, you should probably do this way before you move in, so you can make it even more unrecognizable.

7. Inside a mantelpiece

Finally, as moving services Austin Texas deliver your belongings, try to see if you could fit the safe inside the mantelpiece. A bit unorthodox, we must agree. However, finding the uncommon and unexpected places to hide a safe inside your home is the whole idea of this article. In addition, it is the point of storing a safe somewhere. Yes, the safe will protect your belongings, but a good hiding spot will protect your safe. This process will generally require a lot of creativity and “thinking outside of the box” from your side.

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