Austin has been named the millennial magnet – why is that?

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You have decided on moving to Austin, Texas. This is far better than you even realize because Austin has been named the millennial magnet recently and there is a big reason for that. There are several quality-of-life features Austin has that you can’t neglect and not know about before moving. And we are here today to shed some light on this subject, help you organize, and find one of the proper moving companies Austin TX to get you there. So, let’s dive right in.

Austin has been named the millennial magnet because of heavy millennial migrations

Before you start taking notes and begin your search for long distance movers Austin, you must confirm that moving to Austin is a great choice. We can tell you right from the start that it is. But we must provide a few answers to major questions so this statement can be confirmed. So, let us begin with the one where Austin has been named the millennial magnet and how that happened. The answer is quite simple as a matter of fact. The affordable cost of living, great job opportunities, and safe neighborhoods launched Austin to the top of all charts. Millennials saw this as an opportunity to migrate from other parts of Texas and even from other parts of the continent.

People smiling because they know Austin has been named the millennial magnet and became extremely popular
Millennials migrated in large numbers to Austin because it is a place that has a lot to offer.

This kind of setup is attracting more than 20k people per year. Most of them are moving in with the idea of staying for a longer period of time. And we have around 10k people leaving which leaves us with the same number of people that are staying. This group of people is building homes, and careers, raising families and blending into society nicely. While we have the economy thriving, the need for affordable housing is even greater. And this might be the only problem in this story. Everything is cheap while properties are extremely expensive due to the high demand. Although, renting has solved this problem for a while and when we look at current statistics, we do not see people mind it that much. It is still more affordable than other cities in Texas and it is why Millennials have chosen Austin.

The cost of living

Austin has been named the millennial magnet because for quite some time Austin was considered one of the more affordable cities in Texas. And it is still to this day. Even though prices might seem a bit higher compared to other cities in the state, it is still affordable when you compare what you get for your money and how much you earn per month. The median income is around $6k per month which is enough to cover 3 months of living in Austin. Now, in the worst-case scenario when you are living alone and renting the apartment, you can expect to pay around $2.200 for rent, groceries, and bills.

A woman holding money
Millennials are interested in Austin’s cost of living

Now, this is all without buying a property. Without the real estate in this story, Austin is 15% cheaper than other similarly sized cities in the US. But if you want to buy a property, then it becomes much more expensive. Although, most millennials rent at first unless they have a steady job and some savings to invest in a property. But we will explain how real estate in Austin works, further down the line. It is not something you should be concerned about if this is the only expensive thing on your list. Simply start with renting and enjoy all the amenities that are much cheaper than in other cities in Texas. Moreover, with this in mind, you can prepare an adequate moving budget and hire reputable furniture movers Austin. Relocate affordably and safely now when you know that your budget is not endangered at all.

The housing market

The current real estate market is not so good and almost nowhere in the entire US, you can buy a home for lower than the asking price. And yes, we said almost nowhere. In the past couple of years, the housing market in Texas was at an all-time high and despite people thinking it will rise even more and burst eventually, it did not. In the previous year and now in 2022, prices are stabilizing, and you can start thinking about purchasing properties again. Especially in Austin. This place has opened its doors to millennials and other people alike. Prices are declining, sellers are eager to negotiate and offer better deals.

family home with a yard
The housing market is currently unstable, but it is slowly normalizing.

If you find a local realtor or a real estate agent, they can help you out immensely. They can guide you through the current trends, prices, locations, and more. And they will help you eventually settle down and become an Austin resident. Although, if you can’t invest much, find a smaller apartment and work your way up over time. You can also rent local storage space Austin and leave your items there until you swap houses. With a steady job and affordable living, this can happen within a couple of years.

Job opportunities

Of course, you must have a steady job in any city in Texas. The quality of life is right there but if you are qualified for something bigger, you will enjoy it even more. Luckily, the city of Austin offers great jobs and has a promising job market. And before you move there, you should browse a bit and find the best ones for you. And we will make it a bit easier and list a few markets where you can apply for jobs that are high in demand. Check out the following:

  • Construction and manufacturing.
  • Retailing and hospitality.
  • IT technologies.
  • Professional and business services.
  • Schooling system.

And again, if you are qualified, nothing can stop you from landing a perfect job. All you must do is prepare your CV and start hunting way before relocating. Give yourself enough time to create a perfect setup before setting things in motion. And of course, you must land that job first. So, start hunting for jobs today. At least this part is easy in Austin.

Austin has quite a few safe neighborhoods

Obviously, with such a great environment and a promising economy, you can expect only the best neighborhoods in Texas. Most of them are family-friendly, quiet, and safe. Which is what you need to hear when moving in. So, you won’t make a mistake if you move to Brentwood, Downtown, South Lamar, Crestview, Gateway, or Allandale. All these neighborhoods are safe and within the walking distance of great schools, grocery shops, and local parks.

Austin Texas neighborhood
There are quite a few safe and family-friendly neighborhoods in Austin.

There is always something going on in Austin

The state of Texas is famous for its great food, music, and entertainment. Austin is no different and we are sure you will never get bored. There are certain areas with 24/7 activities so you can live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood while still being able to go out any night of the week. Now, we highly recommend exploring the food scene as there are out-of-this-world dishes you must sample. Especially Mexican cuisine which is a part of the Texan culture for decades. And this is another reason why Austin has been named the millennial magnet and you should definitely begin with this topic.

A person who knows that Austin has been named the millennial magnet standing next to home rug
People make Austin their home because they know Austin has been named the millennial magnet

The next thing to check out is all the nature Austin has. There are quite a few parks, playgrounds, and lakes you can enjoy with your family. And we are sure you will quickly find a few cool spots to hang out, have a picnic, hike, and bike. Exercising surrounded by nature is possible in Austin. Lastly, book one of the city tours and check out the architecture and notable sights. It is a great way to get the know the city you are about to live in. There are bus, boat, and walking tours so you choose the one that suits you the most. Or start exploring by yourself. Soon you’ll realize how many great shopping places, restaurants, museums, and other amenities Austin has.

Austin has been named the millennial magnet for a few more reasons

Now, aside from affordability and quality of life, we have a promising future for you here in Austin. As you may know, Austin is an ever-growing tech hub of Texas. And this is proven by the number of private firms as well as corporations that have their headquarters or campuses here in Austin. Those are Apple, AT&T, Amazon, Dell, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, HP, IBM, Samsung, and Tesla. The list goes on and on. And when we combine these companies with forever famous the University of Texas, you will realize that all the research and funding will bring better jobs, a steadier economy, and innovations. The future is here so all you have to do is call your movers, obtain moving quotes Austin, and start heading there. You will have a promising future, as well as your children.

Tesla building
Some of the greatest names in the tech industry have their hubs here. Use it to your advantage.

Now you know why Austin has been named the millennial magnet. It is time to pack your bags and organize your relocation. Call your interstate movers Texas a month in advance and let them help you prepare for a journey of a lifetime. We are glad you have chosen Austin as your next destination. And you’ll be glad soon you have done so as well. Good luck.

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