How to avoid cluttering a small Austin home: a room-by-room guide

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We all want our homes to be nice and tidy. In most cases, we have only about a day per week to declutter and clean. But a spring cleaning or a massive decluttering comes once or twice a year. This is a unique opportunity to downsize and make your apartment a clutter-free place. Now, this usually happens when people relocate to a new home. And if you are moving into a smaller one, then the decluttering process is even more important. So, before you start packing and call your movers in Texas let us teach you how to avoid cluttering a small Austin home. Whether it is a current one or a new one. Let’s take a look.

Take a tour of the house to realize what clutters your space

The first step of the decluttering process is to go through all the rooms in your home and figure out what steps you must take to avoid cluttering a small Austin home. If you locate the problem, you will solve it quicker and more effectively. Therefore, start by checking all the following areas:

  • Kitchen.
  • Bathroom.
  • Living room.
  • Bedroom.
  • Kid’s room and other areas of your home.
cluttered room
Inspect your home inside and out and locate the places with the most clutter.

We suggest starting with the kitchen because it is probably the hardest part of this story. Or depending on your home layout, start wherever you feel most comfortable. Once we cover all rooms, you’ll be ready to start packing and you and your hourly movers Austin will have a much easier relocation.

Let’s figure out how to avoid cluttering a small Austin home – Starting with the kitchen

Your kitchen is a unique place. It is similar to your garage, but it is used much more frequently. Unless you are a mechanic, and you spend a lot of time there. But the kitchen is more delicate, and it can hold hundreds of various items. And the problem with the kitchen is that we are not getting rid of old pottery, glassware, or utensils. Whatever dented plate you have, you probably have it stashed somewhere to use it at some point. But we are sorry to break it to you but 90% of the time those plates sit in your cupboard for decades.

Therefore, it is time to review what you have and either get rid of it or replace it with new ones. All your sets of glassware, plates, and even skillets should go through the inspection. Now that you are moving, you do not need unnecessary junk. This is the perfect time to cleanse your kitchen of all broken and unused items. Your cupboards and kitchen counters will be more than grateful. The easiest way to do this is to gather everything in a few cardboard boxes and donate to the local church or a charity organization. They’ll have much better use of it than you do.

Renting a storage unit can solve all your problems

As you can see, the kitchen is only the beginning. And now when you have a smaller place than before, you must find more space to store all your excess items. If you are having problems with excess furniture, the best solution is to seek help from one of the storage facilities Austin TX. Having a storage unit can help in more ways than just storing items inside. Some people have them as an extension to their garage, workspace, workshop, or even gym. So, find a reputable storage unit provider and see what they have to offer. According to your budget and your needs, you will rent an appropriately sized unit and solve all your problems in a couple of days.

renting a storage unit can help you to avoid cluttering a small Austin home
Renting a storage unit can solve all your decluttering problems.

Now, keep in mind that some units are better than others. If you have more money to invest, the best thing to do is rent climate controlled storage Austin TX. As the name says, this unit will protect your items from all environmental influences. Your items will stay intact and in the same state you left them there. This is probably the best way to avoid cluttering a small Austin home. Find a good unit, take all excess items to storage, and occasionally visit to tidy up a bit and bring new items in. An amazing service indeed.

Now onto your bathroom

The bathroom is similar to the kitchen but on a smaller scale. You still have a bunch of cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and miscellanies items in there. Luckily, you can cover the bathroom decluttering in less than an hour. As you are living in a smaller apartment, you probably have a fairly small bathroom as well. So, take all the towels and find them in a place outside of the bathroom. Maybe a wardrobe inside the storage room or in your bedroom can do the trick. This way you’ll instantly free your bathroom cabinets and you can fill them with all your rarely used cosmetics, toiletries, and shampoos. As for the empty bottles and rarely used items, simply toss them away.

Keeping a living room clutter free is the hardest job out there

If you want to avoid cluttering a small Austin home, you must keep your living room under control. The living room can be quite a mess and you are not the only one who has this problem. Most homes have their lives focused on the living room and they spend at least several hours per day in that area. And when we multiply this by the number of family members, you’ll realize that someone is in this room all the time. Now, it is essentially a hub for all items to go through and find their way to the rest of your home. This becomes much easier if you have a smaller home. So, the idea is to clean a bit each day to keep it nice and tidy.

A couple wrapping a chair to avoid cluttering a small Austin home
Avoid cluttering a small Austin home by keeping the living room neat.

If you have a bookshelf, a TV stand, and other pieces of furniture in your living room, make sure they are free of clutter. All the paper magazines, miscellaneous items, pocket changes, keys, and other items we move around constantly, should have their designated place. This is easily fixable by having a small table with a bowl where you can keep most of the items. Bellow the stand you can keep your newspapers and books. The table in the middle of the room which is usually in front of the TV should be free of clutter as well. And try not to eat or have snacks in there unless you have people over. It is a nasty habit that can generate a lot of clutter.

The bedroom is easy to handle

At least your bedroom is easy to keep clutter-free. Presumably, you have there a wardrobe, a king-sized bed, a nightstand, and maybe a chair. And it should stay that way unless you are using your bedroom for more than to take your beauty sleep. Some people in small apartments have it as a study room as well. If you have a study corner or a place where you do your makeup, keep it in check. Do not let random items roam around your bedroom. As long as you keep it this way, your bedroom will stay in a good shape.

tidy wardrobe
Keep your bedroom clutter free by having all your clothing, sheets, and pillowcases hidden in wardrobes.

Are you moving to Austin or simply maintaining a tidy home?

In all scenario,s you should tend to keep your home clean and clutter-freee. And now when you are moving into a new home, it is a perfect time to organize and turn a new leaf. If you have let your old home clutter unnecessarily, you won’t do it again. So, the city of Austin is your next destination. We are glad you have chosen this city as it is one of the most promising ones in Texas. As a matter of fact, Austin constantly tops the charts as one of the best cities in the entire US. This is a place for BBQ lovers and for those who appreciate live gigs and festivals. It has an astonishing food scene, architecture, and a lot of untouched nature.

With favorable weather and a lot of greenery, you are bound to live a healthy life. Communities are welcoming, diverse, and open-minded while neighborhoods are safe and with great infrastructure. Arguably, it is one of the cities with the happiest populace out there. And above all, it is affordable. So, it is time for you to choose the proper moving service Austin, get free of all the clutter, pack, and relocate. Austin awaits!

Focus on other areas of your home to avoid cluttering a small Austin home

Lastly, we must cover other areas of your home. Those that are rarely decluttered. So, if you have kids, you have their room to cover as well. Simply have the clothing and toys they outgrew taken out and you’ll keep their room in check. You can again use a storage room for the items you are emotionally attached to or donate everything. In both cases, you can solve this problem by organizing storage pickup and delivery. As for the other areas, we have the attic, garage, and basement. And again, if you are using your garage for frequent car repairs or other projects then it is probably cluttered. An attic is usually a place where we toss items to wait for better days or to store something rarely used. And the same goes for the basement with an addition that is sometimes used for laundry.

extreme clutter in a garage
Your garage is probably the hardest place to keep clutter-free. Clean it at least once a week.

All those areas must be de-cluttered properly. Remove all broken furniture, leftover packaging from used products, old clothing, and more. Or at least have a shelving system installed where you can store items vertically instead of having them lying around on the floor and in cardboard boxes.

Hopefully, we have covered it all and now you know how to avoid cluttering a small Austin home. The key is in frequent cleaning and downsizing. If you do not need an item, decide there on the spot what to do with it. It either goes out or to the storage. A storage unit or designated storage space inside your home. As long as it is stored with a plan, you’ll be just fine. Good luck.

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