Benefits of buying a quick move-in home in Austin

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So you’ve decided to move to Austin TX, but you can’t decide whether to buy a brand new house or a quick move-in home. We at Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin Texas would like to help you. There are many differences but in this text, we’ll mainly focus on the benefits of buying a quick move-in home in Austin. As you know, as the recession is about to start and the prices are rising, the prices of quick move-in homes will rise too. The whole fossil fuel market going up, which will further increase the prices of everything from moving, to rent, food, etc. So let’s dive in and see these benefits!

Time is the first benefit of buying a quick move-in home

So let’s explain what ‘QMI’ stands for; it stands for a quick move-in home, which is a finished or almost finished home. If you want to build your own house from the beginning till the end, it’ll take about nine to twelve months. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait for that long, you should simply move into a house which is already built or is almost finished.  As safe movers Austin, we can tell that our customers like this, especially if they’re in a hurry. The only disadvantage is that it may not be like you imagine it, as people like to be creative and build everything from the scratch. Trust us, getting a quick move-in home is a lot easier and it’s usually movable within ninety days.  You can also find these types of homes under different names, such as:

  • Spec homes
  • Inventory homes
  • Quick move-in homes
  • Move-in ready homes
  • Quick delivery homes
Brand new house is one of the benefits of buying a quick move-in home in Austin;
If you need a house that’s brand new but you don’t have time to build one? Then a quick move-in home is your best choice.

So if time isn’t a good reason, or if you have plenty of time, hire an architect and a designer to help you build your dream house. Also, these quick move-in homes are almost always cheaper than building a new one. In some cases, it can only take up to 30 days to move into a quick move-in home. Now the average price of a new quick move-in home in Austin is $583,952. Where the average price per square foot is $243.

Interest rates and monthly payments

We as hourly movers Austin can help you with anything about the move, plus we’ll reveal a secret to you. The current 30-year mortgage rate is 5.28%, and the 20-year mortgage rate is 5.29%. The 15-year mortgage re is 4.61%, while the 10-year fixed mortgage rate is 4.51%. Now the 5/1 adjustable mortgage sits at 4.09%. As you can see, mortgage rates are still the same, and they’re historically low so it’s a good time to buy a house or an apartment. Now, on the other hand, the price of gas, oil, etc. will continue to rise, which may cause a disturbance. This can create higher mortgage rates and interests which won’t be favorable as they are now.

A woman wearing a VR goggles in front of the laptop;
New technologies like VR enable us to experience things from the comfort of our homes.

Some companies nowadays even have VR options. So you’re wondering what is that? You put a VR headset in one of their offices, and they can let you see your apartment and walk in it. It’s a new technology being implemented into the housing market. You can walk around, move things, open cabinets, everything. It’s good if you’re from far away or if you want to see the house so you don’t have to fly over or drive. Also, a lot of people prefer this method they say it’s more realistic and natural compared to watching photos. Short term storage Austin can offer your permanent and temporary storage solutions as well. So, if you’re moving all of your things but don’t have enough space, you can count on us.

Another benefit of buying a quick move-in home is modern features

Well, this one is quite obvious – if you visit the websites of these companies you’ll see it for yourself. They’ve all got dedicated teams of interior designers, carpenters, ceramists, etc., so the building is always modern. Different companies build in different styles, and it depends on where they are building it. But one thing is for sure: all quick move-in homes are standardized. Also, you can contact the building company so even if it’s done you can change some things, or if it isn’t still finished you can contact the company and the designer can help you. So if you’re moving in moving in a hurry, we have some tricks up our sleeves for you. Also, remember that you’ll be buying a new house to save money in the long run.

Modern kitchen and dinning table;
The biggest advantage to these homes is that they’re contemporary and brand new.

That would be it for this blog. We hope that you liked our benefits of buying a quick move-in home in Austin. We know that it may not be the ideal time for a move, but mortgage rates are okay, and the interests aren’t increasing that much. In the future, it may be different, so better get yourself a modern, quick move-in home right away. If you need any more tips and tricks about moving or a free quote, you can visit our blog. We hope that you found this article useful and if you need anything you can contact us. Also, don’t forget that time is their most precious resource, so if you need a quick quality home with a fast, reliable move, count on us, at least when it comes to moving. We hope that you’ll have a beautiful and stress-free move.




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