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Whether you’re moving an office chair, computer chair, or any chair, it can be challenging. We as a reliable relocation company Austin TX are here to help you. We want to explain to you how to pack and move office chairs easily and conveniently. Since there’s a whole industry and millions of types of chairs, they have different shapes, which can be hard to pack. Like in every other situation when it comes to moving, if you know what you’re doing you’ll be fine. Some people want to disassemble and then assemble chairs laters, which can be quite frustrating and you can lose a lot of time doing this. Either way, if you’re not careful enough you may even damage the chair or any other furniture. So let’s see what you can do about those pesky chairs. Let’s dive in!

To pack and move office chairs, prepare the packing materials first

We as one of the most reliable furniture movers Austin will provide you with the list. This is a list of all the items that you’ll need to successfully pack a chair for your relocation. The place where you can buy this is a local DIY store. Before hitting the store make a list of all the office items or at least the number of chairs and make a plan of how’ll you pack them. So here’s what you’re gonna need:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Moving blanket
A man in an office packing a phone, while thinking how to pack and move office chair;
Preparing to pack will require a lot of planning and skills. Also, labeling is important because once you’ve started unpacking, if you hadn’t labeled everything properly, it’ll be messy.

Now you’re gonna need to secure chairs and flexible parts with bubble wrap. You can use packing tape (like ducktape) to secure moving boxes or to wrap around things. If you choose to disassemble, you’ll probably need more boxes or one big (which is more common, so you don’t lose the parts). If you’re in a hurry and have any tips for booking movers, don’t worry we’ve got that covered for you. One extra tip is to use moving blankets (buy them or rent them) because they’re great protection. This is the easiest because you’ll just wrap the whole item into a big blanket without disassembling anything.  Just put the chair in the middle and cover it, if it’s too small take a bigger one.

Disassembling your office chairs before moving

If you are not sure how to do this, try Googling it, or even better find a YouTube video. If even that isn’t enough try to find a manual online. Prepare the tools like a screwdriver, hey keys, etc. – something really basic. Put the chair on the higher ground like a desk. Take a photo of the chair or take a video so you can capture more details, nowadays it’s easy to film the entire process, so you can share it with your employees. Mostly all chairs have armrests so there are probably levers, the bottom of the chair also is usually in one piece. You can usually pull out the headrest, but it all depends on the model and size of the chair. If it’s ergonomic, computer, mesh, armless, conference, leather, etc. nowadays there are so many types of chairs and producers.

Camera recoding a video in an office;
Taking pictures or making a video is the easiest way if you want to DIY.

After you’ve done all of this, you should bubble wrap all of the individual parts and wrap them in the packing paper for extra safety. You should also properly label the boxes to know what chair is from which office. After that, pack tiny things like screws and label these plastic bags. We as reliable commercial movers Austin TX advise you to put one disassembled chair in one box if it’s big enough and put all the things that go with it. Because if you don’t it can be a catastrophe when it comes to unpacking and searching, who took who screws or nuts. So make an inventory, record everything or take photos, be careful not to break or damage anything, properly wrap, put everything into moving boxes, and label everything.

Hire professionals to pack and move office chairs for you

This is the safest option, it’s also less stressful for you and your employees. It can also be cheaper if you chose the right moving company since if you choose a bad one it can be even more expensive. So ask your friends or other companies if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth is the oldest recommendation. Also, ask them to see if they were satisfied and if they had any negative experiences so you can judge for yourself. If you don’t have anyone who was moving recently you can check the online reviews. Just be careful since there are a lot of fake reviews so be careful and try to spot them. We as a well-known company provide this and many other moving services Austin Texas. Real pros have organized, well-trained, focus-driven workers.

Also if you’re hiring professional movers you can insure all of your things so you don’t have to worry about the damage. Even if the chances of chairs being damaged are minimal many moving companies will advise you to buy insurance, at least basic.

A proffesional mover leaned on a van;
If you want professional movers then you’ve got yourself a stress-free moving process. Proffesionals will plack, pack, wrap, move and do everything for you, while you’re just doing your minding your own business.

That would be it for this post and we hope that you liked it. We have many other interesting moving topics covered in our blog section. This was our opinion on how to pack and move office chairs. So remember that moving is a complex, stressful process and it requires focus, planning, making an inventory, etc. We hope that this was useful for you and have a great day and a great move!



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