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Moving houses or relocating a business can sometimes last a long time. Maybe the timing on your leaving date and moving-in date doesn’t match. Or, maybe your new place has less space than your old one and you can’t put all of your things there. But it doesn’t have to always be connected to moving. Maybe you just need a space to put the things you have gathered over the years and don’t have a use in everyday life. In all of these cases, the solution is to rent a storage unit. With so many to choose from, what is the best way for choosing a secure storage facility? Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas have some advice for you when it comes to renting a unit. Knowing what to look for will help you be satisfied with your choice. And will make you feel less anxious about it.

Options when you are choosing a secure storage facility

The two most obvious types of storage are full-service storage and self-storage. Full-service storage is something that professional moving companies offer. This means that you call a company and they make you an offer. After that, your job is to pack the things you want to take into storage and you are done. The company will come to your home, pick up all of the objects you need stored and take them to a unit. Whenever you are ready and you want your stuff back, you simply call a storage company and they will bring it all back. This option is a great one, especially if you pick some of the full service storage Austin TX companies. You will save on your time, and you won’t have to deal with the hustle of moving your things around.

inside of a secure storage facility
When you are choosing a secure storage facility you have a full-service option or self-storage option

Self-storage is also a popular option when it comes to choosing a secure storage facility. This type of service is just renting a storage space. You still need to pack the items you want to bring, but you also need to load them up by yourself and drive to the unit. It is your job to unload the boxes and place them properly in the storage unit. Once you need your things back home or your boat because it’s summer, you need to pick them up. It is a bit of a time-consuming option, but some people don’t want the moving services Austin Texas companies offer. You should consider your needs and if you will have the time and recourses to do the self-storage option. After all, it’s supposed to be a good choice for you. 

Other qualities of storage units

Whether it is a full service or self-storage, a storage unit you should think about getting is a climate-controlled one. Renting a climate-controlled storage Austin TX is one of the best decisions you can make. This is so that you can protect your things in the best way possible. Different materials react differently to temperatures, so you being able to control it changes things. Especially if you are storing something extremely valuable. Think of family heirlooms, antique furniture, or collectibles you might have. Everything that is valuable but also fragile will have the most protection possible in climate-controlled storage. This will also ensure you avoid mold and other harmful things that can happen if your things are long in storage. So, ask about climate control when you call a company to rent a unit.

Size of a unit

The size of a storage unit is important for you because it will allow you to save some money. It will also allow you to store everything without having to stack the boxes if they are fragile. Or, for example, if you are looking for a boat or a car storage Austin offers, you will need the correct size. Calculate how much space you need for the things you want to store so you know in advance what to ask for. If you do get a full-service storage unit you won’t have to worry about this, as the company will do it for you.

couple choosing a secure storage facility while on laptop
Pick the storage unit that will fit your needs

How to find a secure storage facility

And the most important thing is how to pick a secure storage facility. You need to look into everything so that you can be sure your things will be safe and you won’t have to worry. No one wants to put some valuable things into storage and be at peace with that. So, look into the security of the unit. Everything is important. Search for cameras that are monitoring the spaces all the time. It is a plus if the company has a security team there because if something happens, you will want someone on the scene.

Ask the company about how well-lit their storage unit is as this can prove to be important. Also, regular maintenance of the units, the whole place, and security equipment is important. If they also have properly trained people who are securing the units this is a safe option. Even if you pick the most secured storage unit, you should still be wary about leaving something of great value in it. Plus, on the list of most companies items that you should not bring into storage are highly valuable items. Check this list of things that are not allowed to be in storage units so you don’t encounter any problems.

two white cameras
Make sure the unit is protected both by cameras and a team of professionals

Additional options

A good thing to consider when choosing a secure storage facility is getting an insurance policy. Most professional moving and storage companies will offer it to you, and it’s the basic option. You can always look into options that they have and choose something that fits you the most. Special items, like pianos, cars, and other unregular things will have an option for increased insurance, but be sure to check this with the company. This way you will have an extra layer of security in case some damage to the items happens.

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