Guide for preparing instruments for storage

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When it comes to storing instruments, it’s crucial to make a thorough preparation. Nothing can harm your piece more than bad storing conditions. This can result in serious damage to your instrument. To avoid such a scenario you need to learn about preparing instruments for storage. The unit has to be in a dry and dark place, firmly sealed. Temperature variations and draught can damage your pieces. Ideally, renting a proper storage unit can preserve and notably extend the life of the instrument. For more info about storage units ask for advice from the best moving company Austin, and browse their services.

Cleaning before preparing instruments for storage

Upkeep of your instrument should be on regular basis. However, clean it once more before you put it away. No matter if it’s for a longer time or just for a few days. The instrument has to be clean and protected before you store it. For this purpose, you should get an adequate cleaning product. Check the manual to be sure you don’t damage your piece with the wrong product. Follow these simple steps for preparing your instruments for storage. Moving services Austin Texas can help you with transporting your instrument to the storage.

polished your red electric guitar before preparing instruments for storage
Always consult the manual before applying cleaning products to your instruments.

How to properly clean and prepare your instrument for storage?

Different instruments require different care and upkeep. This depends on the material of the instrument. Hopefully, you kept the original case and manual. If that is not the case, here is what you can do to clean and protect your instruments. Then, you can store them in short term storage Austin, for as long as you need.

  • Don’t use alcohol or oil products to polish wooden instruments. Wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. Separate all parts and clean each piece. 
  • As for the brass instruments, buy one of the kits for brass instrument maintenance. Take it apart and polish it with a cloth soaked in the product for brass cleaning. 
  • String instruments should be wiped to remove rosin. Also, you should relax the strings and clean them with soft cloth and alcohol. Make sure there’s no contact with varnished wood.
  • Loosen drum skins and disassemble all parts. You can polish it with a homemade solution made of vinegar and water.
  • In the end, place your instrument in its original case and cover it with cotton linen or acid-free tissue paper. Extra padding is always welcome, as well as polythene bags. This will protect it from humidity and physical damage. 
two men in the storage
Preparing instruments for storage is necessary before storing.

Always choose a climate-controlled storage

Climate-controlled storage is a perfect choice for fragile or valuable items. This unit has optimal conditions for keeping instruments, an air temperature of about 72 F, and no direct sunlight. Preparing instruments for storage is important. Make sure nothing comes on top of it. Also, don’t put it on the floor, use pallets instead. Still, climate controlled storage Austin guarantees protection for your instruments. We advise you to consider insurance for your instruments.

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