How to store wedding memorabilia

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As one of the happiest and most important moments of your life, a wedding takes careful and detailed planning. You will probably spend a year or more preparing and looking forward to it. However, your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. And then, after the wedding is over, you will be left with the photos and memories. Luckily, with some great tips from the best movers in Austin, you’ll find out how to store wedding memorabilia. Then, when you and your partner grow old together, you can both look back through these preserved wedding keepsakes. So, stay tuned and read about the most beautiful and useful ways to store wedding-day mementos.

Create a wedding time capsule to store wedding memorabilia

One of the ways to preserve your wedding memories is to get storage Austin. However, there is a more creative way to store your wedding memorabilia. And that unique way to store wedding memorabilia is a time capsule. So, you can have it at your wedding reception and ask your guests to fill it with messages that you can store. Then, you can open it on your preferred date. For instance, your tenth or twentieth anniversary. But that’s not all regarding a wedding time capsule because you can add additional mementos, such as:

  • Your favorite wedding photos
  • Copies of the speeches
  • The wedding cake topper
  • A spare wedding invitation
Cake topper of newly weds on top of the cake, ready to be stored as wedding memorabilia
One of the things you can keep and store as wedding memorabilia is the wedding cake topper.

If you choose a wedding time capsule, you shouldn’t worry about durability. Nowadays, all commercially available time capsules are durable and made to keep your memories fresh and protected for the years to come.

How to store wedding memorabilia in a wedding keepsake box?

Reliable North Austin movers will suggest storing your wedding memorabilia in a wedding keepsake box. Especially if you don’t want to throw away any wedding-related décor or accessories. These boxes look beautiful and preserve any little memory you’ve kept from your wedding day. That includes keeping spare wedding stationery, your wedding shoes, or table decorations. Also, you can store your jewelry or accessories that you wore on the wedding day, such as a hairpiece. Finally, there are special wedding boxes where the lid can hold your favorite wedding photo. So, not only you’ll be able to keep your wedding memorabilia safe, but you can tie a golden ribbon to keep it chic.

Store your wedding keepsakes such as your wedding dress

One of the highlights of your wedding day and the most important thing to keep is your dress. Therefore, it’s logical that you don’t want to leave it crumpled in your closet after the wedding. So, one of the ways to store wedding memorabilia such as a wedding dress is to go with storage North Austin. But first, don’t forget to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned. This is the first step in preserving your gown and storing it properly. Then, you can go with the services of a gown preserver, or you can keep it yourself. But if you choose to do the second, make sure to carefully wrap it in clean, acid-free, and color-free tissue paper. Do all these steps right after your wedding gown has been dry-cleaned. Finally, it is very important that you store your wedding gown in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight.

A wedding dress hanging on the hanger
When it comes to your wedding dress and How to store wedding memorabilia, make sure to keep it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Use a climate-controlled storage unit to store your wedding dress

After you prepare your dress for storage, we would suggest booking a climate controlled storage Austin TX.  This type of storage facility will be perfect, not only to store a wedding dress but for all the other wedding memorabilia. As for the dress, it’s important to keep it away from damp places with little air circulation, like the basement or attic. And that’s where a climate-controlled storage unit fits into the picture.

Keep your wedding dress through framing

Hourly movers Austin suggest framing for storing your wedding memorabilia such as a wedding gown. That means that professional services for shadow boxing will clean, press, and preserve your gown. And they will put it in a beautiful display case. But whichever method of storing your wedding dress you choose, you should know that it’s a great investment. Especially if you have plans to pass on your wedding gown to a family member.

Keep a bottle of champagne or wine

As you probably know, alcoholic drinks can be kept for many years without spoiling. And that is great, especially as almost everyone serves champagne or wine at their wedding. Therefore, these drinks make an ideal memento to keep from your wedding day. So, we suggest you choose a leftover bottle of champagne or wine from your wedding. Then, you can keep it to enjoy on your fifth, tenth, or twentieth wedding anniversary. Also, if you want to make it more special, you can have your favorite bottle signed by your guests. Or you can use a personalized wine bottle label. However, if you plan on keeping the bottles for a long time, we suggest vintage wines, as they last about 10-20 years. Also, it’s good to know that red wines last longer than whites and are preserved best when kept in a cool room.

Person pouring champagne to the newly weds
Another great memory from your wedding can be the champagne you’ve drank.

More tips on how to store wedding memorabilia

When it comes to keeping wedding memories, you should only pick the ones you consider the most special to you. So, you don’t need to keep everything, including the leftover napkins, right? Then, even though you’re artistic, some wedding items aren’t easy to handle. So, we suggest hiring a specialist with a unique approach according to the item you want to preserve.  But before committing to push through with the service, make your research about the company’s reputation and experience.

So, know that you know how to store wedding memorabilia, you can relax and enjoy the most beautiful day with your loved one.


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