Guide to hosting a housewarming party after moving to North Austin

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One of the best things about relocation is that you get to throw your own housewarming party! You can simply invite a couple of friends and neighbors over, buy some drinks and food, and you will have yourself a party. However, you can get a much better experience if you but invest some of your own time and effort into making the party the best it can be. You will not want to start organizing it as soon as your full service movers Austin arrive with your belongings, but you don’t want to tarry too much either. In this article, we are going to provide you with some food for thought, and guide you on hosting a housewarming party that will be remembered!

Hosting a housewarming party in North Austin – How to make it memorable?

Here are some of the things that you will want to do:

  • Create a plan
  • Be mindful of seating
  • Observe COVID-19 precautions
  • Create a warm ambiance
  • Party games!
  • Consider ordering some local food

Before you can start doing any of these things, you might want to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood first. This will allow you to be more efficient when it comes to procuring supplies for the party. And it will serve you well in the days to come, too. To start with, you can ask your North Austin movers for some directions. They know the area by heart and will be able to give you a few pointers. With their advice and directions, you might be able to save some money on buying the necessary items, as they know all the best stores.

a group of people drinking wine
Organize a housewarming party and invite your new neighbors.

The first thing is to create a plan

A plan is essential for any arrangement that includes over two people. While you and your family members can certainly “wing it”, when you add other people to the mix, a plan is absolutely necessary. You need to figure out who to invite, the date and time of the party, and about a million other small things. Similar to finding local moving companies Austin TX, the internet is your best friend in this endeavor. Before you head out to gather what you need, make sure that you know where to go. Since you are new in North Austin, this is a smarter way of doing things. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot more time than necessary. Or you might get inadequate supplies.

Seating arrangements are important when hosting a housewarming party

The next thing is to consider seating arrangements for the party. While you may not think that this is an important part, seating is crucial for any kind of social gathering. You need to make sure that there is enough room for everyone to sit down if they need to. While this may be impossible to do in one room, consider that people will divide into smaller groups at some point of the party. Depending on what your goals for the party are, you might want to take some time thinking about the proper layout of your furniture.

Rearranging furniture can be a difficult process, however. It may require considerable time and energy investment. But there is a way to make it a lot easier. You can hire one of the furniture movers Austin has to help you create the ideal layout. The services for in-home moving are quite affordable and extremely useful.

Make sure that you are not taking any unnecessary risks

With COVID-19 being a part of everyone’s lives, unfortunately, you will do well to observe proper precautions. While making everyone wear a mask and gloves is ideal, it is not really practical. What you can do is to either only invite people that have been vaccinated for at least two weeks or to create an environment where people can be spread apart. Needless to say, outdoor activities are the best for this purpose.

woman wearing a mask
Make sure to protect yourself and the people around you when hosting a housewarming party

But if you have to hold the party inside your apartment, you can at least remove some of the bulkier furniture to make more space. The best way to do this is to consider storage North Austin for the purpose. Find a storage unit that is close to your home and you will have an easy time moving your belongings back and forth.

Create an ambiance that will make people welcome

Party’s atmosphere is much dependent on the ambiance. What you want to do is create one that will make people feel like they are welcome. You don’t want everything to be completely spotless as people may feel “on edge” from fear of making a mess. We’re not saying don’t clean your apartment, but make it so it looks lived-in. If you need to remove some items from the place, consider calling the storage pick up service for the greatest convenience. You can continue working on the party while letting professionals handle the items.

Party games are a great way to keep everyone entertained when hosting a housewarming party

If you want to ensure that everyone has a great time, consider some party games to enliven the mood. There are literally thousands of amazing party games, every gathering will find one that they like. You may, however, want to research a few of them ahead of time and choose the ones that you find fun, and that your friends and neighbors might find fun.

bunch of people playing guessing game at home
Enlighten the mood with some party games.

Try to have a sizeable selection, so you can easily go from one game to another if people did not enjoy it. But don’t think that you “have” to play the games. Sometimes, if the atmosphere is amazing on its own, there’s no need for games. But most of the time, every party is better with a select game or two!

Local food is “cherry on the top”

Lastly, you may want to consider getting some food that the City of Austin loves. If you are up for some pizza, there’s Austin’s Pizza Braker, as well as i Fratelli Pizza North Austin. And if you want Chinese, there’s the Rice Bowl Cafe. If you are inviting the local crowd when hosting a housewarming party, serving some of the famous local food is always a good option. It is bound to spark a conversation or two, at the very least!


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