Tips for storing Halloween decorations

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How fast time passes! It seems like you have unpacked the decorations and decorated the house for Halloween yesterday. And already the time has come for removing all decorations. Buying decorations and decorating for any holiday can make you overdo the number of decorations. If you belong to people who enjoy their favorite October holiday, you probably have too many decorations. A lot of large decorations or many small ones can require a lot of space for storing. That is why you may want to consider renting storage units. Some of the relocation company Austin TX can offer you excellent conditions for storing your decorations until next year. You won’t have to worry about storage because you know your decorations are safely stored until next Halloween. We offer you some useful tips for storing Halloween decorations.

A dog disguised as a ghost for Halloween stands on entrance door.
Storing large and fragile decorations such as lanterns requires a lot of space.

If you stick to these tips, it will be easy:

  • Organize and pack your decoration by rooms
  • Get rid of excess Halloween decorations
  • Pack the decorations in plastic boxes
  • Mark each box with Halloween decorations
  • Choose a safe place for storing your decorations – rent a storage

Organize and pack your decoration by rooms

One of the most useful tips for storing Halloween decorations is to organize all the decorations by room and pack them in boxes. This means that you will pack all the decorations from the living room in one box (or more if necessary), all the decorations from the kitchen to another, and so on. In this way, you will make it easier for yourself to pack this year, but also to unpack next year. You don’t have to look for boxes where everything is because all the decorations for one room will be in the same box. Then you can easily hire full service storage Austin TX.  You will know that your things are well organized and kept until you need them again.

Get rid of excess Halloween decorations

After each holiday, there are many decorations left to pack. Halloween is special when it comes to decorations because a lot of decorations cannot be reused. Every year you have to spend time carving a pumpkin because they are disposable. Since they are perishable you cannot store them for next year. Also, there are decorations such as fake spider webs, which are damaged over time. So before packing decorations, pick out the ones that are damaged or that you don’t like anymore and throw them away. Because some things you don’t need to keep until next year. That way, it won’t take up unnecessary space for things you won’t use anymore. This will make it easier for you to pack and store Halloween decorations.

fake skeleton proving to be difficult for storing Halloween decorations
Protect all decorations before packing and storage.

Pack the decorations in plastic boxes

Storing Halloween decorations is not always easy. You need the right conditions because not all decorations are equally durable. If you want your decorations to survive until the next holiday, it would be good to pack them in plastic boxes. In addition to being practical, plastic boxes are also a safer choice for storing. Cardboard boxes can easily break or be damaged and damage your belongings. You can prevent potential damage by choosing good climate controlled storage Austin TX. So your decoration will be protected from moisture and mold. However, the use of plastic boxes will provide you with extra security when it comes to storing your belongings.

Choose transparent boxes or in specific colors for storing Halloween decorations

This advice may sound confusing at first glance, but it is quite useful. Namely, pack your decorations in transparent boxes to make it easier to know what is in which box. If you are not able to use transparent plastic boxes, then it is best to choose boxes in one color (eg orange). This way you will know that all your Halloween decorations are packed in boxes of the same color and it will be easier for you to find them when you need them. You can do the same with other decorations for other holidays – for Christmas, you pack in red, for Thanksgiving in green boxes, etc.

Mark each box with Halloween decorations

After packing the Halloween decoration in boxes, it would be good to mark each box by writing what is in it – for example, a decoration for the living room. You should also make a list of items in the box. This way you will easily manage if for some reason you need something out of the box, before Halloween. This will make the job a lot easier for Westlake moving company Austin, but also for you when you look for them later.

Glass ball decoration for Halloween
Take special care when packing and storing Halloween decorations.

Choose a safe place for storing your decorations

During the year there are several holidays for which you certainly have a decoration. That why choosing a place to store decorations is not always an easy task. If you have your own house, you certainly have more space to store decorations. You can put the decoration in the attic or the basement, but you will not always have space. Some decorations, such as candles should not go to places where it can be very warm (such as the attic). On the other hand, some decorations need to be kept away from moisture and are not suitable for storage in the basement. However, if you live in an apartment, you probably lack space to pack all the decorations.

Rent storage for your Halloween decoration

If you do not have a place to store decorations in your home, you need to find a safe place. The solution to all your troubles is to seek the help of one of the moving companies. You can seek moving service Austin. They will surely offer you good storage that meets all the needs for storing your decoration. They will have climate-controlled storage in which your decoration will be safe until the next use. If you rent storage units from trusted movers storing Halloween decorations becomes easy.


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