Halloween events in Austin for spooky fun

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It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is soon upon us! If you are considering a relocation to Austin at this time, know that there are some amazing events that are taking place this year. You might want to hasten your efforts and find a good moving company, or you will miss the show! Heavenly Moving and Storage stands ready to help you relocate in time to enjoy the festivities! We will have your belongings moved in record time, allowing you to partake in some of the top Halloween events in Austin. But which events to choose, there are so many of them? Well, that is what we are going to be talking about in this article.

The best Halloween events in Austin

Austin has no shortage of Halloween events, tailored for each age group. Compiling a list of the best ones was hard but we made it. Here’s which events made the “cut”:

  • The House of Torment
  • Trick or Drink Bar Crawl
  • Monster Mayhem Pumpkin Painting Class
  • Trick ‘O’ Treat Trail
  • Pumpkin Nights at Pioneer Farms
  • Halloween Children’s Concert

But that is definitely not a comprehensive list. Austin is full of wonders on Halloween, and you might discover even more amazing happenings. You might even want to consider storage Austin solutions, so you have more time to enjoy! But before you start exploring for more, let’s see what the top events have to offer.

a sign that says "Happy Halloween"
Halloween is a ton of fun, especially in Austin.

The House of Torment

Austin’s famous local haunted house, The House of Torment is a favorite spot for young and old alike. It has opened its spooky doors more than 12 years ago and features amazingly talented horror artists, elaborately designed sets, as well as some of the scariest animatronic monsters in the state. Piano movers Austin helped relocate some of the intricate instruments, allowing you to bask in their sounds. The newest attractions, The Boogeyman, The Forsaken, and Operation: Laughing Palace are sure to both spook you and amaze you at the same time.

Of course, aside from these additions, The House of Torment has plenty of surprises for new and old visitors alike. It is never quite the same, no matter how many times you visit. And if this is your first time, be prepared for a good time!

One of the most fun Halloween events in Austin – Trick or Drink Bar Crawl

If you simply want an “excuse” to party hard, the ideal event for you is the Trick of Drink Bar Crawl. Hosted by Barcrawlers, this three-day Halloween event features some of the best bars in Austin, with their amazing Halloween-themed drink specials. The names of the participating bars include The Cat’s Pajamas, SOHO Lounge, The Dogwood, and BBG’s. But there are more to be yet announced for this event of “Three days of frightful fun!”.

The ticketing options are quite varied, and you can get tickets for groups and individuals alike. If you are a student, using some of the student moving Austin services, you may even get a discount! You might want to be fast on these, however, as there were times when they were sold out faster than you can say “Trick or Treat!”.

Monster Mayhem Pumpkin Painting Class

If you want to enjoy Halloween with your kids, and cut back on the “horror” part, all the while enjoying the amazing set pieces and pumpkin art, Monster Mayhem Pumpkin Painting Class is the best event for you. Hosted by Flower Studio, a full-service florist in Austin, this painting event will have everything you need to create some amazing Halloween decorations.  Costumes are extremely encouraged and every child leaves with a special goody bag. Just make sure that you have emptied your student storage Austin, and have enough room for all the amazing art pieces you will create! Once you start painting, you will have so much fun, the hours will simply fly by!

one of the best Halloween events in Austin - pumpkin painting class
Painting a pumpkin has never been so much fun!

While this might not be the scariest event of the lot, it will provide great fun for the whole family. You will be able to create memories and Halloween decorations both! Just make sure to let your long distance movers Austin know that you wish to attend, so they can make the necessary arrangements to allow you to make it in time. They know very well that this event might be really important for you and they will do their best to facilitate the timely arrival of your belongings.

Trick ‘O’ Treat Trail

Another family favorite, Trick ‘O’ Treat Trail is a place where you get to hang out with horses and engage in various de-stressing activities. It is an event that is perfectly suited for both adults and kids, and the horses will make your day, guaranteed!

Trick ‘O’ Treat Trail is a perfect event to take your kids to, as they will be able to learn about horses and create memories that will last them a lifetime. It is a great way to relieve the stress of reading so many moving quotes Austin while preparing for your relocation. This therapeutic riding center is going to make you forget all about them!

Pumpkin Nights at Pioneer Farms

We come to an event that is shaping out to be “Out of this world!”. Pioneer Farms are certainly hyping it up, in a show that might be their finest work yet. This amazing carnival will feature gigantic Jack-0-Lanterns, a flying 40-foot dragon, as well as a life-size pumpkin pirate ship!

As you may already have noticed, the production for this event is through the roof! And those are just the lynchpins of this year’s show, there are many more attractions that will leave you spooked and laughing at the same time!

If you want to attend an event that is “out of this world”, give Pumpkin Nights a go!

Halloween Children’s Concert is one of the Halloween events in Austin that you don’t want to miss

The last entry on our list is for all you music lovers out there. The Austin Symphony’s annual Halloween Children’s Concert is shaping up to be the best one so far! Imagine a spooky Halloween décor, coupled with an orchestral performance that really brings the set to life. It is an experience that is sure to produce goosebumps! This is definitely one of the “must-visit” Halloween events in Austin.


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