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Every person that is a wine collection understands the value of their collection. Now, with wine, it is not all about the value of the collection you possess. Granted, the value plays a role. However, there is a sentimental value that is maybe higher than the monetary one. Therefore, every wine collection will do its best to protect its valued possession while transporting it. On the other hand, moving a wine collection is not an easy task. It requires good preparation and careful packing. So, before you contact movers TX to relocate your collection, we are going to help you properly protect it. Now, because this process is much more than simply placing bottles in a cardboard box, we are going to talk about several things that you need to pay attention to. Furthermore, we will help you find the right approach to ensure the bottles your transport remain intact.

A guide to moving a wine collection properly

Regardless if you are moving your entire household or just your collection, you need to pay special attention to how you pack it. The safety of the bottles is of high priority during this process. To be able to fully protect your collection, you will need to devote time and attention to the process of packing, as well as obtaining adequate packing supplies.

a collection of wine handing in the cellar before moving a wine collection to another location
The wine collection is a prized possession to anyone collecting it

Packing supplies are the main thing that will determine the safety of your collection. That and the way you pack it, of course. Now, because wine bottles are quite fragile and have a high value, you need to take careful steps into making them as safe as possible. From hiring safe movers Austin to finding an adequate storage unit, we are going to help you do this the right way. So, how should you move your collection safely?

First and foremost, assess the situation

We understand that you are probably very aware of the bottles you have in your collection. However, it does not hurt to go through it one more time. Namely, by going through the items you are getting ready to move, you will have a better grasp of the process. So, for example, if you find that you have ten bottles of very expensive and old wine, you would want to shift your focus to adequately protecting those bottles. Assessing your wine collection actually means prioritizing the more expensive and old wines, while also learning about those of lower value. That way, you can prepare adequate protection for the expensive ones, as well as the ones with a lower value. So, assess the value of your wine collection before contracting moving services Austin Texas can provide. Whether monetary or sentimental, your wine collection has a high value to you.

Create an inventory list

To have more control over the whole process, write down all the types of wines you have in your collection. This is especially important if you have a lot of wine bottles to go through. The importance of inventory management is very high, whether you are selling the wine or have it for your own collection.

a couple coming up with an inventory list while packing
Write down all the bottles you have to have more control over the entire process

There are several advantages to creating such a list, and some of the most important ones when moving a wine collection are:

  • It allows you to have an insight into the items you plan on moving
  • Inventory lists allow you to easily segment your collection
  • Once you have all the items on a list, you will prioritize much better
  • Adds a layer of protection when moving by knowing the exact amount of bottles you have to move
  • Allow you to utilize storage space much better in the future

Relying on professionals when it comes to moving a wine collection

Just because you collect wine does not mean you are an expert in their safety. Especially when the time comes to move the collection somewhere else. So, why not leave the moving part to the professionals? To save you more money, you can finish preparing your collection and just let hourly movers Austin pack and relocate them. Hourly movers are a great solution for this relocation because you, logically, pay them by the hour. Of course, you can pack the items yourself if you feel like it and this will lower the costs even more. However, the bottom line is, you should not engage in such a process, like applying protection and handling the items, if you have no experience in such a field.

Renting a storage unit for the collection might be the best solution

It does not matter whether you want to store the collection for a short or long period of time. If you get in touch with storage solutions Austin, you will be able to find proper accommodation for your collection. Namely, storage units provide the ideal solution when it comes to finding the right place to store such a collection.

a man in-between shelves inside a storage unit
Rent a unit that will provide all the conditions you require for moving a wine collection

Firstly, because you can choose between different conditions. Secondly, because the majority of storage facilities offer security options. Thirdly, because renting storage means renting additional space you otherwise might not have at your home. This is also a great option if you need a place with good conditions for your collection while you renovate your wine cellar, for example.

There are wine moving companies to rely on

Many companies have special crews that specialize in certain items or groups of items. For example, piano movers Austin, offer great solutions for when you need to move your piano. Therefore, you need to do research and find a good wine relocation company. That is if that is what you think will be better for your collection. Go online and find the right movers to help you relocate your collection with ease.

Be careful with your collection

If you were to store a car in storage, for example, you would usually search for car storage Austin to do it. That is because you will be assured that the storage unit provides adequate conditions for your vehicle to remain intact. Well, in the same sense, you should be careful when choosing your wine storage solution. Wine usually requires cold rooms with, no temperature fluctuation, little light, no vibrations, and humidity. So, when moving a wine collection in a storage unit, make sure it checks all of the condition boxes.


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