How to store your boat in the off-season

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Summer is over, and now you need to store your boat in the off-season. Just pulling your boat from the water won’t prevent damage. A boat has a lot of parts that can corrode over time if they are not stored properly. But don’t worry you can always learn how to properly prepare your boat and how to find proper storage rental Austin where your boat will be safe. And when the summer comes again, your boat will be well preserved and ready for new adventures!

Should store your boat in the off-season inside or outside?

One of the first things that you need to decide is where you wills tore your boat. You should know that there are :

  • In-water storage
  • Dry outdoor boat storage
  • Dry indoor boat storage

All of these types of storage have their pros and cons, you just need to decide what is the best option depending on the type of your boat. Some people prefer to leave their boat in the water, and although this might seem like the easiest option – it is not good in the long run. Your boat will be exposed to all weather circumstances, and you are risking a lot of potential issues.

boats in the water
Some people choose to store their boat in-water

Storing your boat in the dry storage

This is one of the most popular options. If you ask Austin area movers they will tell you that most people decide to store their boat off-season in dry storage. It is safe and provides good protection for the boat. And if you compare prices – this is the most affordable one. You can easily find this type of storage, but make sure to book your place in advance.

Storing your boat in an indoor storage

With this type of storage, you are making sure that your boat is very well protected. It might be challenging to find this type of storage facility, but it is not impossible. You can always contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. Keep in mind that this type of storage might be a little more expensive than dry storage. But before you can store your boat, there are a few things that you need to do.

What to do before you store your boat in the off-season?

The first step in storing your boat during the winter is to, believe it or not, take it for another ride. This will give you a unique opportunity to check are there any issues that you should solve before storing your boat off-season. Also, make sure to look for cracks in the hull. If you leave them unattended during the winter, they will only get worse. If you keep your boat well maintained you can use it worry-free for years, sometimes even decades.

woman thinking how to store a boat in the off-season
Take it out for a ride to check if everything is okay before you store your boat in the off-season

The next step – drain your boat!

The next step when you want to store your boat off-season properly is to remove the boat from the water. After that, you should drain the bilge, head, pipes, water tanks, and seacocks. Make sure that you do this part properly since it can make a big difference when you store your boat. If you have an electronic waste theater, you should isolate it. Also, you should spray the bilge with a lubricant. Also, add antifreeze into the bilge and water tanks. This is an important step since it will prevent them from freezing.

Cleaning is the next step before you store your boat

Cleaning your boat will take time, so make sure that you set aside enough time. You should clean the whole boat with soap and water. Also, since your boat is out of the water, make sure to remove any plant life that might have attached to the hull. Also, clean the inside of your boat. If you have a lot of belongings there it might be wise to search for a storage pick up service so they can store all of this for you. Clean your drawers, freezer, etc. After you are done, leave the boat to completely dry. Ideally, after cleaning you should apply a coat of wax on the hull and polish it.

Remove the furniture from your boat if necessary

Storing your boat off-season means that you need to take care of the furniture in your boat as well. A lot of people choose to call furniture movers Austin and either store their furniture or move it to their garage. It is wise to store it separately to avoid any potential damage to your boat. And while you are busy preparing your boat for storage, professional movers can take care of this for you.

Winterize your engine

The next step when you are preparing your boat for storage during the winter is to winterize the engine. One of the ways to do it is to flush the engine with fresh water. This includes the coolant system as well. By doing this, you are removing salt, corrosion, dirt. After this, add antifreeze to the coolant system. Warm up your engine very briefly. Just enough to loosen any impurities. The next step is to replace the oil and all the filter. While you are doing this, you should look for any milky aspect of the old oil. If you see this, it means that there was water intrusion. Next comes carburetor – apply fogging oil into it.

You should also remove any drive belts to avoid snapping. And the last step is to fill your tank with gas that is mixed with a stabilizer. You should also turn on your engine for 10 to 15 minutes. And after this – your engine is ready for storage!

man working on a boat
Your boat will be safe in a indoor storage if it is prepared correctly

Don’t forget to cover your boat before storing it off-season

Make sure that you removed the battery before doing this. Also, seal all the exhaust ports. Take one last good look at your boat before covering it, to make sure that everything is okay. Depending on where you plan to store your boat, use the appropriate cover. And if you plan use the indoors to store your boat in the off-season, make sure to use a dehumidifier. Ideally, you should check your boat every few weeks, just to make sure that everything is perfect!


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