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Storage units are a perfect solution for people looking to put things in a safe place. They are used for a variety of different reasons. However, one of the most popular ones is to free up some space at home. Therefore if you are decluttering but do not want to throw away excess stuff, it is best to put them into storage. But not all storage spaces are the same.  You can find them in different sizes and with or without climate control. And the cost to rent a storage unit depends on these things. To help you find the most affordable one, Heavenly Moving and Storage would like to share with you different factors that influence the prices in Austin TX. It might look complicated, but in no time, you will find the right one for you.

The cost to rent a storage unit depends on the size

To rent a storage unit, you have to take into account the size. Logically the price will go down for smaller ones and up for larger ones. However, the cost of a self-storage unit is different. The bigger ones are cheaper. So a 5×5 storage facilities Austin TX will cost you around 44 dollars. While the biggest one, 10×30, will go for about 183 dollars. But these prices are not fixed. Depending on the demand for a certain type of unit, the prices can go up or down. There is also an increase in units being built across the city. And with numbers rising to meet the demands of customers, the fees slowly go down. So if you are looking for an affordable unit, now is a perfect time to do it.

coins next to the calculator
The renting fee for a storage unit is cheaper for smaller ones

The fee to rent a storage unit depends on the season

Certain parts of the year are cheaper than the others. For example, from May to September, the prices usually skyrocket. It is when apartment movers Austin are busiest. During these months a lot of people choose to move. Because the weather changes for the better, it is easier to organize a move. And with relocations, the need for storage units goes up. Consequently, it dictates the prices. So it is better to rent a unit off-season. It might be a problem for you to move your belongings while rain or snow is falling. However, if you have a limited budget, you will have more luck finding an affordable unit.

The price of a climate-controlled storage unit is higher

Climate controlled storage Austin based is perfect if you want to store things for a long time. Unlike regular ones, here there are no temperature fluctuations. Which means your belongings are safe from the outside temperature.

Also, one of the benefits is that there is humidity control. Because some items are extremely sensitive to moisture in the air, this environment is perfect for them. Local movers Austin always tell their customers to use climate controlled storage if they have sensitive valuables. The average cost to rent a storage unit of 5×10 size is 52$. And the biggest one, 10×10, is around 160 dollars. It is a cheap bargain, especially if you are storing antiques, art, or instrument. Also, paper items, like books and magazines, can remain in these units indefinitely.

a climate control on the wall
The cost to rent a storage unit is higher if you want one with climate control

Take advantage of special offers when renting a storage unit

One of the ways the storage industry attracts customers is with various special offers. Some of them will offer one month for free. While others would benefit more from you renting storage for a long time. Thus they might propose a couple of months free. So once you decide to go shopping for a unit, these benefits should be included in the final price. That is why movers south Austin often have to advise their customers to check the fine print. Also, there might be a discount if you are a member of a certain professional organization or a club member. For example, you can get a 20 dollars gift card and one month free if you are a member of AAA. So before you make a choice, make sure to do thorough research.

Do not forget to include the price of insurance when looking for a storage unit

People often overlook the fact that insurance is not included in the price of a storage unit. And, most of them will not allow you to store your belongings without one. Before you sign the agreement, they will ask for proof. It is a good thing because if something happens and your stuff gets damaged, it is better to be insured. With it, you can be compensated full or partial value of the item depending on the insurance policy you chose. The good news is that usually rental facilities will offer you their own policy. Roughly speaking, a coverage of 2000$ will cost you around 10 dollars a month.

man signing documents
With insurance, your belongings will be covered if anything happens

The cost to rent a storage unit varies so make sure to compare the prices

Many factors influence the price. It is why you should always take some time and do a bit of research. The City of Austin has plenty of units, and if you compare the prices, you will be able to find an affordable one. However, it will also depend on what you are looking for. The ones located closer to the city center are more expansive. Also, the cost to rent a storage unit that has climate control is higher than self-storage. Likewise, the size will also dictate the price. Therefore do not forget to ask if there are any special offers before you agree on the fee. And most importantly always have proper insurance coverage.

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