When is the cheapest time to move to Texas?

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Relocations are costly endeavors, there is no way around that. Even a local relocation will put a dent into your budget. But when faced with a long-distance one, you will want to try and minimize the associated cost. There are numerous ways in which you can do so, but choosing the right time for your move might be the most influential one. However, the cheapest time to move from Texas is usually quite inconvenient, due to various reasons. Your search for full service movers Austin that are able to provide you with the best prices means that you will need to look at when is their least busy period. This is usually winter but can vary from mover to mover. In this article, we are going to provide you with some considerations and some tips to make your move cheaper.

When is the cheapest time to move?

To start with, you will want to avoid the prime moving season, which is summer. Most people decide to relocate in this period, as this is when it is most convenient. The kids are on summer break, and the weather allows for a more enjoyable moving experience. But that means that the movers South Austin have a lot on their proverbial plates. They will not be as inclined to strike a deal, since they will have their hands full. Therefore, you will want to plan your move for the off-season, when there are fewer people relocating. Now, this can vary from year to year, but winter is usually a safe bet.

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A savvy customer waits for the right time!

When you want to hire movers and they know that their schedule is free, you have a lot more negotiating power. You might be able to considerably lower the cost of their services if you book your move at a time when their crews are sitting idly. However, this is not guaranteed and will depend on the number of people that are doing the same thing. But there are a lot of moving companies out there, you are bound to find one that will want to lower their prices just to get your business.

Things to consider before the move

There are a few more things that you might want to consider if you want to lower the cost of your relocation. Here is what you might want to think about:

  • Hire movers a few months in advance
  • Cheapest time to move – Off-peak season
  • Try to avoid the beginning and end of the month
  • Avoid weekends when choosing the cheapest time to move

As you can see, it is not only the season that matters, the date is quite important as well. But we will get to that shortly.

Hire movers a few months in advance

It is usually best if you announce your relocation to your movers well ahead of time. This gives them time to prepare, and plan the relocation properly. It also enables them to count on the income at a predictable point in time, which might make them more open to negotiations. This is true whether you are moving in the season, or in the off-season. Of course, your negotiating power depends on their other clients. But booking early is something that all local moving companies Austin TX look at in favorable light, so it is your best option. A few months of advance notice is usually enough. You can book your move even earlier than that, but the effect will largely be the same.

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Moving at the peak of the season is always more costly.

Cheapest time to move – Off-peak season

We mentioned this before, the off-peak season is the time to move if you are looking to reduce moving costs. However, there are several variables that can influence the price, even if you choose this period for your relocation. Also, you need to consider that your furniture movers Austin might need to employ additional security measures if you choose a date with heavy precipitation or snow. That is the danger of moving off-season, unfortunately. However, if luck is on your side, you will be able to avoid these issues.

Try to avoid the beginning and end of the month

Most people decide to move either at the start of the month or at its end. That is why you need to make sure that you schedule your relocation in a way to avoid those periods. If you can manage your relocation for the middle of the month, for example, you might find it quite a bit cheaper. Of course, this can be highly inconvenient but that is the price you will have to pay. Basically, relocations are all about convenience. The more convenient your move is, the greater the cost. There are some outliers, but they are few and far between.

Avoid weekends when choosing the cheapest time to move

The last tip that we can give you, that concerns the time of your relocation, is to avoid moving on the weekends. You’ve guessed it, that is when most people schedule their relocations. The weekend is by far the most convenient time to relocate, but if you can arrange your move for another day you will be able to save quite a bit of money. Moving crews earn nothing by sitting idly, and that is what they do on most off-season weekdays. You want to exploit this and schedule your move in that very period.

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Moving in the middle of the week has great savings potential.

Boost your moving budget – Declutter and organize a yard sale

Lastly, if you want to create additional funding for your relocation, you can always sell off some of your unwanted items. Every home has plenty of “clutter” which can be quite valuable in someone else’s eyes. What you want to do is declutter first, identifying the items that you are not keeping, and organize a garage sale. This is a great way to secure more money for your move, and might enable you to schedule the relocation at a more convenient time! 

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