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Renting a storage unit is a handy solution for anyone that’s in the process of relocation. There are always some things that take up so much space and make your move difficult. Especially when it comes to unpacking and organizing your new place. But, before you call the best movers in Austin and ask for these services, it’s important to decide how much storage you need. And that’s why we are going to help you solve this problem.

Make a list of items you’re about to store to know exactly how much storage do you need

This maybe goes without saying, but without knowing how many things you want to store, you won’t be able to choose the right storage Austin TX. Therefore, make an inventory list, and only then you will be able to plan further. Also, remember that something new can always come up. That’s why it’s good to plan just a little more space than you think you’ll need.

a person writing down an inventory list, which helps you figure out how much storage do you need
By making an inventory list, it will be much easier to figure out how much storage you need.

Storage units can be as small as a locker

It’s not likely that you’re here if you only need a locker. Still, if that’s the case, the good news is that you can actually rent just one locker-sized container. This option is, for example, perfect for students coming home for holidays. You can leave some of your belongings that you don’t want to carry back and forth.

Small containers (25-50 sq. ft.)

This type of storage unit has enough space for some accessories and appliances, and even seasonal gear. You won’t be able to put any bigger items here, but for storing kitchen or garden equipment, tools, and similar stuff, it will definitely be enough. For these kinds of items though, keep in mind that there are some things you should never store, so it would be good to do some research on that.

Medium storage units (75-150 sq. ft.)

The difference between 75 and 150 sq. is significant, but containers that belong in this range are perfect and most popular among the people who are in the process of relocation. By renting this kind of storage South Austin, you’ll be able to place wardrobes, larger equipment, and even some furniture.

a closet with clothes in it
You can easily put a wardrobe in a medium-sized storage unit.

Large and extra-large units (from 150 sq. ft. and up)

Here you have plenty to choose from. But think carefully, do you really need this much storage? If you have some large items to store that are also expensive and need to be handled carefully, like piano, this is probably the best solution. You don’t want to damage such a valuable thing, so it would definitely be better if piano movers Austin took care of it. The same goes for large bed sets, several pieces of furniture, etc. Large storage units are the ones you need

There you go, we introduced you to different types of storage unit spaces. By now you should at least have an idea of how much storage you need during the relocation. Don’t forget to make a detailed inventory list and double-check everything. With good preparation, surely you’ll choose wisely.


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