How much time does it take to move?

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    Is it possible to move in one day?

    Some people think that because they can carry all of their belongings in one trip, everything will be over in a day. However, the actual moving process and paperwork typically take much longer than that. Usually, five or six hours of work is needed for packing and transportation (or longer if you have more stuff). 

    How much time does it take to move
    The moving process typically takes much longer than what you expect – hire professionals. 

    How much time does it take to move to your new home

    Planning Stage
    Estimated time: 2-4 days

    The moving process begins with creating a moving plan. Decide how each room should be emptied out when it’s time to start packing boxes. This includes getting rid of any trash or things that are not needed anymore before unpacking the boxes with items necessary in your daily activities.

    You should also plan the day of your move-out. Moving during peak season would not help you save money. On the contrary, such timing could add costs by making transportation more expensive due to peak demand times. You will also have trouble finding available trucks and movers at such times. A typical moving season in the United States is May to September, so consider this before choosing a time to leave your old place for your new one.

    How much time does it take to move
    A typical moving season in the United States is May to September.

    In addition, you can’t leave your old place without telling any utilities that you’re moving out. It might sound a bit awkward, but don’t do things like this because it can cause a lot of inconvenience for people working at these places. You’ll have to call them and let them know when you’re moving out so they can mark down your leaving on their end.

    Packing and Disassembling Stage
    Estimated time: 1-2 days

    Unfortunately, most people tend to put off packing until the last minute because so many other things need to be taken care of during this time. Large couches and furniture may need to be disassembled before they can fit in a truck, depending on the size of your new residence. This takes much of your time, to say the least. If you have an expensive piece of furniture, such as one with sentimental value or made out of rare wood, they will also require special attention during this stage. 

    It is also important to sort through your belongings ahead of time, creating piles throughout your home for what will go into new boxes on moving day, what can be donated or thrown away, and what needs to be left behind for the movers. 

    Moving Day Stage
    Estimated time: 4 hours

    Moving Out usually only takes an hour to four hours, depending on:

    • how quickly you can box everything up 
    • how fast movers load them into the moving company’s vehicle
    • the number of boxes needed to load

    Transport time depends, of course, on the distance of your new home from your current place. 

    Unpacking Stage
    Estimated time: 1-2 days

    This estimated time is, of course, a bit conservative considering the hassles of unpacking and organizing one’s stuff when you finally move into a new home. Some even take four months to finish unpacking!

    Tips on how to save time when moving

    1. Assess how much stuff you have.

    Doing this will prevent you from over-packing boxes or bringing along items that you don’t need. This can also help with your budget because once you have an idea of how many boxes you should use packing, then you know what size of a truck you’ll need.

    2. Consider how you want to use your time during the move.

    Moving can be very time-consuming, so it’s important that you set up an hourly plan that lists each step in more detail than just saying “pack” or “unpack.” If there are some tasks that you find less compelling to do on your own, then it may be a good idea to hire a moving company. 

    For example, you might not want to spend all day packing and labeling boxes, but if you have friends or family members who will help you move the next day, then they could also pack for you at the same time. The key benefit of hiring movers is that they can do the tasks you find less compelling for an hourly fee, and since multiple people will be doing this task, then it should go by faster as well. If you can’t find any help, then let the moving company do it for you.

    3. Prepare a moving checklist.

    This list should run down exactly what needs to be done and when it has to be finished before the moving date. It’s also important to note any deadlines like: “all belongings must leave the old place by September 30th.” This checklist should include all steps from gathering boxes and packing supplies to getting rid of unwanted items and cleaning up after your move is complete.

    4. Go through each room and decide what to keep, toss or donate.

    This helps you eliminate unwanted items that may take up space in your home or make it more difficult to pack boxes fast enough before moving day arrives. Once you’re finished going through each room, you’ll probably only want to keep items that are either useful (like tools, for instance) or sentimental (pictures), but this also depends on how much stuff you have leftover after purging everything that’s not needed anymore.

    How much time does it take to move
    Go through each room and decide what to keep, toss or donate.

    5. Hire a professional moving company in Austin.

    Think of what you could do with eight hours of your life back every day plus the time it would take to do these things instead! You can catch up on watching Netflix or cook a hearty meal for your family. It might not sound like much but time is valuable, especially if you’re stressed out and cranky during the move.

    Moving companies get really busy during peak seasons, and they get less business during off-peak seasons due to people being more likely to move when it’s sunny outside. If you have friends who have recently moved, you can ask them about their experience with movers or if they even used one in general. You could also try getting quotes from different companies over the phone or online.

    Frequently Asked Questions about how much time it takes to move to your new home

    1. What’s one reason why it takes time to pack when moving?

    Homeowners often commit the mistake of packing multiple rooms at the same time. You should start in one room and then move on to the next to get you more organized.

    2. How do I get to pack in stages?

    Allot a time each day for packing until the professional mover’s truck arrives. This will keep your schedule manageable without draining so much of your energy.

    3. How can I save time packing clothes?

    If you don’t have time to fold or roll each, you can store them inside a garbage bag straight out of the dresser.

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