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In some situations, people must move on very short notice. We are speaking of a week or less. In such situations, you must organize like a pro and do it quickly. Along with other moving responsibilities like setting a moving budget, packing, covering legalities, and finding a good relocation company Austin TX. All those tasks require patience and time. So, let us help you assemble a last-minute moving checklist that will help you solve all the tasks ahead and relocate you safely and on time.

Last-minute moving checklist with a complete moving plan included

Ok, you realized you are moving and the first thing you want to know is how complex your move is. You got a moving date in mind, and all you need is a few basic information before you can contact your movers. So, start creating your moving checklist with a thorough home inspection. Check all rooms, loft, garage, and basement. Note down all belongings and furniture and measure hallways, staircases, and doors. This way you covered packing materials requirements and the safety of the environment. Now you can have a basic picture of the budget you’ll need for the whole deal.

a man browsing laptop
Do not panic. Sit down, focus, and create a last-minute moving checklist.

Also, add to the list all the information you gather about the moving company along with the moving insurance, budget, errands, moving responsibilities, services, legalities, packing plan, moving estimates, etc. You should have everything on paper so you can navigate yourself easily. And now when you have the basic info, you can call your movers and provide it to them. They will use it to improve your moving plan and provide moving quotes Austin. They will also offer moving services that can speed up the process and make your relocation time-efficient and safer.

Quickly search for a moving company and set a moving date

Obviously, you know the moving date already. And now when you have your list in hands, you should start looking for movers. You do not have much time so start browsing online and compare prices and services. Soon enough you’ll find a few local choices. Read a few reviews, blogs, feedbacks, and social media groups. Confirm they are legit and give them a call when ready. Ask them if they are licensed and if they have all the tools for the job.

Person looking at last-minute moving checklist on his laptop
Start searching for movers as soon as you realize you are moving.

But in this situation, it is important if they are free on your moving date. And because you have a last-minute move on your hands, it might be difficult to book the moving company you desire on such short notice. Therefore, you might be forced to settle with something less just to keep up with your moving plans. But whatever you do, ensure your movers are legit.

Order packing materials

Just with a couple of clicks, you can order all the packing materials online. Or if you have enough time you can stop by at the nearest home depot. But if you have no time at all, you should check moving service Austin and purchase all the packing materials from your moving company. They can even pack and unpack you if you like. It can be a good investment in these sad times. If you must work on other moving tasks and you have no time to pack at all, this would be a wise investment. Include these costs into your checklist for a last-minute move and think about it. Do the math and you’ll see it will pay back tenfold.

A last-minute moving checklist must have a packing guide on it

If you in any case find enough time to pack completely by yourself, then you should do it like this. Assuming you previously purchased the mandatory cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, labels, and packing tape. If you have it all with you, start by inspecting the box to see if there are any damages and if it can hold the cargo you intend on putting inside. Then, place bubble wrap inside or any other cushion you have at home. You can use blankets, old shirts, sheets, cloth, etc. Then, put items inside and put more cushions between them to create a buffer. Wrap fragile pieces individually and pack separately. Once your box is done, close it, and apply adhesive tape.

a person covered in cardboard boxes
Quickly decide if you are packing by yourself or your movers will do it instead.

The label should go on each box to raise awareness about the content inside. Also, to help you unpack quicker. But mainly to keep your fragile items safe against incompetent movers. Or from your friends who have no previous moving experience. And in the end, we must remind you of the packing services Austin, in case you want to skip the entire time-consuming and complicated packing process.

Declutter if possible

Yes, we know you are time-limited and you can barely breathe, but this task is important. You should declutter before moving if possible because downsizing and taking the trash out are essential in many ways. Firstly, your relocation will be easier. Then, it will be cheaper. Also, it will be faster. And you’ll have more space overall. Now, do the math and get right to it. While inspecting your home, set aside all unused and old items. Make a pile and once you are done get rid of them by selling, donating, recycling, or simply throwing it out. You can maybe give it to friends or relatives if they need any of it.

You shouldn’t neglect your personal documents

No matter how much time you have, as soon as you realize you are moving, you must check all your personal documents. Simply because some of the documentation takes a long time to relocate. Therefore, check the following documents and ensure they are transferred adequately to your new address:

  • Personal ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Medical records
  • Credit cards

Most of it can be used already and all you must do is notify all the parties involved. However, to set up a PO box you must visit your local post office and submit a request to reroute your mail. And you must do it as soon as you know your new address. Also, you should do the same for Wi-Fi and landline services if you intend on transferring those.

And that is it. Now you know how to create last-minute moving checklist. More importantly, you will know how to use it and reach the final goal successfully. Hopefully, you’ll have more than a week to cover everything. It will mean a lot. Good luck.

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