How to add value to your home before moving from South Austin

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Moving requires a lot of resources. Whether you’re moving across long distances, or you have a lot of stuff, you’ll have your fair share of troubles until you reach your end goal. The smart thing to do is to take advantage of every opportunity you can. Furthermore, you need time. A lot of it if you can afford it. The smart thing to do is to plan well ahead. If you’re selling your old home, you want to get as much as you can from it. Furthermore, by setting aside time and energy to invest and make your old home more presentable, you’re ensuring you have enough resources to pull your move off. It’s not an easy thing to do. But we at Heavenly Moving and Storage can help you find the best way to add value to your home before moving from South Austin completely stress-free.

add value to your home before moving from South Austin
You need to add value to your home before moving from South Austin. After all, you want to attract as many buyers as you can.

In order to add value to your home before moving from South Austin, you need to see the potential there

Before you’re able to calculate how much you should invest in your old home, you need to know what your goal is. It’s hard to make an old home look like new. There are a lot of factors to think about. Before you hire moving service Austin to get you out of there, you need to leave something behind. You want to get the best price. Therefore, you should estimate your home first. You have to consider the following factors:

  • the location of your old home
  • how long were you living there
  • the structural damage
  • what does it look like without any furniture
  • does the place have the potential for improvement

The best way to view your old home objectively is to do a clean-up. Ask around for services regarding storage South Austin and put your belongings away. You need to see it as a buyer would. Of course, you should furnish the place once you’ve repaired it. That way, the buyer will be able to see the best of it. However, if your home requires some remodeling, it’s better to leave your furniture out of it. For now, at least.

Look for places that could benefit from some light remodeling

Fix all the issues that you find eye-catching. If your home has roof damage, damp or rotten joists, chances are not many buyers will be interested. You need to hire professionals to take care of these issues. Such things can seriously influence the price you get for your home. Furthermore, they are not even that hard to take care of. It will take a couple of days at most, and you can even do it yourself. However, if a buyer sees a moldy ceiling, they’re not going to like it. It will for sure knock off a significant amount of money. Why would you risk it? Therefore, it’s definitely smart to hire home repair services. No doubt you know exactly what needs to be done. Just put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Look for spots in your house that could do with some remodeling. Pay special attention to the ceilings!

add value to your home before moving from South Austin
Add value to your home before moving from South Austin by putting on fresh paint and fixing the roof. It will take you a long way.

When you do the basics, look for small things that may need improvement

Now that you have a general idea of what your home needs, it’s time to get to work. Make sure to be thorough. Once you take care of the more pressing issues concerning the structural issues, it’s time to move on. Hold on to those storage rentals Austin numbers. You might still be needing it before this is over. In the meantime, you should try to find a way to improve the look of your home as much as you can. Cosmetic improvements can be as significant as structural ones. You don’t need to change the color of your walls. That would be going a step too far. Besides, the taste is an individual thing. New owners can take care of that.

You should find a way to add value to your home before moving from South Austin without spending too much

What you should do is think of small changes to the house’s interior and exterior that could make it look as nice as possible. Adding extra layers to the window paint and tending to the garden is an example of things you should pay attention to. Look for things to polish, you shouldn’t change anything fundamentally. Hiring professional movers South Austin alone may prove more expensive than you think. The goal is to economize, not overspend.

Be attentive when the time comes for the showings

Finally, you should rearrange the furniture. That’s why storage pick up service is such a good idea. You can have your furniture delivered right away when the home is ready for showing. Chances are that you know what your home needs to look its best. Once you have people interested to view the residence, you should make sure you put that knowledge to good use. Decorate and add some plants. You want the place to look homey and cozy. Make sure that all the surfaces are clean. You want to show the house in all its glory.

living room
You want to show the house in its full glory. When you have people over for the showing, make sure everything looks perfect.

The first impressions are very important

Now that you know how to add value to your home before moving from South Austin, get to work. Make good use of your time. You have to be efficient in everything that you do. Plan for everything when it comes to your move. Furthermore, you should always have a plan B. Concerning your old home, there is one other important thing you should always be aware of. The first impression is crucial. You want the buyers to be interested the minute they see the house.

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