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When you are moving, you will naturally check several moving companies. And, in case you have a piano, you will need a reliable mover offering that service too. Checking the quotes, you may realize that they differ. So, what you should pay attention to. And, how to compare piano moving quotes? To start with, you have to be aware that the price of moving your piano will depend on several factors. Such is the moving distance, as well as the type, size, and weight of your piano. Also, there are some other factors that will influence the cost. For example, moving the piano downstairs will increase the price. So, you should supply all those info if you expect realistic moving quotes. And you can ask moving companies Austin TX to help you to calculate the final cost.

The challenges of moving a piano

Some people think they can move pianos on their own. Well, that is possible. But, you will need knowledge of how to disassemble the piano. How to pack each of its parts properly. And finally, you will need appropriate tools to accomplish this task. And, since you usually do not have such kind of specific tools, you will have to rent them.

Also, you will need a number of skilled movers to carry some of the piano-heavy parts. Moving such parts downstairs, or navigating them around the corner, is not the easiest thing to do. Additionally, you will need a truck rental. Sum up all expected costs of such a DIY move. And, while you are comparing the piano moving quotes in Austin, keep that cost in mind. You will notice that it will not defer much from the moving companies quotes.

Green potted plants near a piano, on brown wooden floor - How to compare piano moving quotes.
The price of moving your piano will depend on several factors.

To compare piano moving quotes, you’ll have first to learn how to calculate the costs

So, the thing is that you can’t compare moving quotes without knowing what the price consists of. There are usually four factors that can influence the final cost. Most of the companies will give you the moving quotes based on two rates:

  • hourly rate (based on the cost of labor and equipment used)
  • fixed-rate (based mostly on the previous experience of piano moving)

Well, if you discuss this with piano movers Austin, they will come up with other factors that you have to take into account. And all those factors will affect your piano moving cost. 

Factors to consider when calculating the moving cost of your piano

When you are hiring a moving company for piano moving, they will usually like to know:

  • how far are you moving (are you planning a local or a long distance move)
  • type of your piano (grand piano, or upright one)
  • piano placement (is it on the ground floor, or do they have to move it downstairs)
  • possible storage needs

So, be sure that companies asking those questions will come up with more realistic moving quotes. Try to collect at least three quotes from such companies. Besides, ask them to supply their quotes in writing, with a well-defined cost breakdown. Only such quotes will you be able to compare.

How to compare piano moving quotes based on moving distance

When you have well-defined piano moving costs supplied by moving service Austin, you will be able to compare them with other quotes. So, you will start by checking the first item in the cost breakdown. And that is the moving distance. Distance of the move is one of the important factors for every moving company. And it is for them one of the basic factors used to calculate the cost of the move.

Brown upright piano in front of a white wall.
Upright pianos are easier to move.

In general, long distance moves of an upright piano will be more costly. For example, most companies will charge you $3 per mile, adding $50, which is the base rate. Moving your piano locally, the price can range from $100 to $200. Moving the grand piano is generally more expensive.  And, what to do in case you are moving the entire household? Well, ask your mover to provide you with a separate quote for piano moving.

How does the type of piano influence the moving quotes

The type of your pano will influence the moving cost as well. The thing is that the grand piano is larger and heavier. It is also oddly shaped. And, due to such shape, the weight of the piano is not equally distributed. Therefore, it will demand a specific way of packing and moving. Therefore, the larger your piano is, the more costly its relocation will be.

Moving an upright piano, which is generally much lighter, will cost you less. Still, there could be some price difference too. And it will depend on the type of your upright piano. You may have the following:

  • spinet
  • console
  • studio upright piano

And, the difference in price will result from their shape, size, and weight distribution. 

Where the piano is placed is one of the factors that will influence the quote

The spot where your piano is placed is a factor that can increase the estimated moving cost. Namely, you may have your piano on the ground floor of your house. In that case, it will be much easier to carry it outside. However, having the piano in one of the upstairs premises will present a challenge to the moving company. Typically, the moving companies will charge you additionally from $40 to $100 per each flight of stairs.

Designer choosing photo on a paper sheet in-house.
To compare piano moving costs, they must have the same breakdown.

The other things that can increase the moving quote are:

  • Width of your corridors
  • Width of your doors
  • Curves that will force movers to navigate heavy pieces in order to pass them (such as staircase landings)
  • Possible use of an elevator

In some cases, the movers will not be able to move the larger pieces through the corridors. If so, they will have to use special equipment to move parts through a wide window or balcony. And, that will not be beneficial for your final moving quote.

Need to use the storage

During the long-distance move, you might need to use the storage facilities to secure your piano during the overnight break. Or, you may need to keep it stored in your new city for a while, for various reasons. While the second cost will be just your expenditure, the first one has to be included in the moving cost. As it is a part of the moving process. So, depending on how far you are moving, and how many overnight stops are needed, will affect the moving quotes Austin.

Other factors that will influence the piano moving cost

We can give several more hints if you would like to learn more about how to compare piano moving quotes. Moving a piano is demanding and can be a rather complicated task to fulfill. That is why you will need to inform yourself as much as possible. That will give you the possibility to compare various moving quotes. And to spot some hidden costs too. Also, the moving costs will include moving insurance, humidity control, and special packing. Also, in case of a short notice move, your piano moving costs will be higher.

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