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Moving into a new apartment is magical. Even more so when you are doing it with your significant other. But before you can start enjoying your new place and a life in two, you must cover a few relocation-related tasks. One is to pack and search for movers in Texas and the other is to gather all apartment essentials for couples. You will surely need a few essentials to start a new life before even unpacking. So, let us cover this topic and make sure you have everything you need. Let’s take a look.

Start with the kitchen

Ok, we all know that you can sleep in a bag or on a sofa while you make your new bedroom. But where you take a shower and eat, matters a lot. So, let us begin with the kitchen. There are a few thousand bits and pieces that make a kitchen. Luckily, you need only a few to be able to make your breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, and dinner. Hence, consider bringing the following:

  • Pots, pans, and a kettle.
  • A few plates and bowls.
  • Bottle and a can opener along with the cutlery for two.
  • Your favorite mugs.
  • Kitchen appliances you can’t live without. A toaster, a coffee maker, and a waffle maker.
well equipped kitchen
The kitchen is important. Bring all necessary items to prepare basic everyday meals.

We advise you to purchase a new garbage can and a few garbage bags. If you have a new can, you can place items inside and transport them with your personal vehicle. This way you will know exactly where these items are and establish your kitchen as soon as you move in. And apartment movers Austin will take care of the rest.

Bathroom is next

The next set of apartment essentials for couples you must gather is related to your new bathroom. These may vary significantly from person to person. But we all need toiletries, towels, a toothbrush, and toothpaste of course. Just make sure to deep clean your bathroom before you move in and place all items on disinfected surfaces. Optional items to bring are a shower curtain, bathroom rug, slippers, bathrobe, etc.

Cleaning products are among the apartment essentials for couples as well

But you are not cleaning your bathroom only. You must clean the entire home thoroughly before you move in. This means that the cleaning products fall into the apartment essentials for couples category. So, gather all home cleaning supplies and put them inside a box. Bring this box with you a few days before moving and clean it away. Moreover, if you are visiting your new home, make sure your personal vehicle is not empty. This is a unique opportunity to bring some of the fragile items with you. Although, if you are renting car storage Austin, then do not bother. Bring cleaning supplies only and complete the task at hand.

cleaning products are among the apartment essentials for couples
Bring all cleaning products and chemicals required to clean your new home inside and out.

Cover bedroom apartment essentials for couples

Obviously, you’ll need a place to sleep. And it will be your bedroom you’ll want to equip next. There are quite a few important pieces of furniture you’ll need but at the moment, we shall ignore them. All you really need is a mattress, a few pillows, and a blanket. This will sustain you until you start unpacking and get your furniture in. And keep in mind to equip your bedroom gradually and with purpose. Do not clutter and overcrowd it. Especially if your new bedroom is smaller than the previous one. You can maybe use storage pickup and delivery service and let your movers store some of the excess items inside your unit. Later once you move things around, you can pull them out and find them a nice spot. Or keep them there indefinitely. Your choice entirely.

Now you know enough about apartment essentials for couples. Both of you need a max of two medium-sized carton boxes filled with the items we have mentioned above. And remember, this is only temporary. You will bring in many essentials as unpacking progresses. Good luck.


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