How to pack odd shaped items for a move

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When preparing for the move, the most challenging part is packing all your items properly so they don’t get damaged. It can be easy to pack some books, clothes, or glasses but the tricky part is when you need to pack odd shaped items for a move. If you have a lot of vases, mirrors, and figurines, it can be pretty difficult to pack them all. You can skip the packing part and find the best packing services Austin movers can offer. It will save you your time and energy if you leave it to professionals. In case you prefer doing it by yourself then you definitely should continue reading to learn how to pack these odd shaped items.

How to pack odd shaped items for a move – general rules

To pack properly all your items not only oddly shaped ones but all of them, you need to have the right packing materials, tools, and techniques as well. It is important to have certain skills and be good with tools so you avoid hurting yourself or to cause damage to your belongings. On your list of supplies should be:

  • all sorts of boxes to pack odd shaped items for a move
  • packing paper and bubble bags
  • foam sheets and styrofoam peanuts
  • old blankets, sheets, and towels will be very useful
  • packing tape
  • tools, in case you need to dismantle some of the items

When packing these awkward types of items it is very important to properly plan each step and have the right supplies. As already said, you will be needing all types of sturdy boxes, and corrugated cardboard boxes are the best solution. It needs a bit of creativity to pack items in awkward shapes. Also, given the fact that objects you need to pack aren’t the regular shape, you will be needing unusually shaped boxes as well. You can find them in custom crating shops or make them yourself.

figurine in paper
If you have a lot of figurines and vases, you should cushion them well so they don’t get broken or damaged.

The most important thing when packing unusual shape items is to cushion them. That is why you will be needing all those sheets and blankets. So, before you put an item into a box you need to put cushioning materials inside the box and any hollow place. Use bubble bags to protect edges and fragile parts. After this, you should use packing paper to wrap it all. With fragile and odd shaped items you can never be cautious enough so you can add protective padding on wherever you think is good. In the end, label all the boxes with sensitive content. Then contact the safe movers Austin has to offer and let them transport all your belongings. It is better to let professionals handle the relocation.

Unusually shaped items and how to approach

The general rule for packing odd shaped items is basically the same. The point is to have a lot of boxes handmade or bought, and lots of cushions, blankets, and bubble bags to protect every part. But each item needs some special touch. To get done with packing quickly you can find reliable BBB accredited movers and let them handle everything. If not, you will find these tips useful.

If you need to pack mirrors, it can be tricky because they are fragile and easily breakable. So, to pack them safely and prevent damage, you should wrap them in bubble bags or blankets, and put them vertically in a large box. If you have bigger mirrors with large frames, you can put an extra layer of foam, just in case.

wrapping an item into bubble bag
Whatever you need to pack, use bubble bags to wrap everything and protect it from breaking.

Packing television is tricky as well. If you have a large TV with a thin monitor, it can be a challenge to pack it. First of all, you should carry it carefully. Ideally, it would be to keep the original box. So when you need to transport your tv, just put it back in the box like it was. In case you don’t have the original box it is just important to wrap the monitor with a lot of blankets or sheets. Also, load it into the moving truck safely and make sure you don’t put anything on top of it. 

One of the tricky things to pack is lampshades. Before you start packing them, wash your hands. If you have more lamps, it would be ideal to pack all the lampshades together so they protect each other. Stuff the gaps between them with paper. Then wrap them in towels and packing paper.

Packing furniture is challenging. Not only because of the shape but it is because of its size and because it often requires disassembling. To do that properly, you will be needing the right tools. Once you disassemble massive pieces, you can start packing. Use blankets to wrap all the parts in order to prevent scratches. Put all the screws and small parts into one bag. And always put a label.

Hire professionals to help you pack and relocate

The easiest way to handle packing and relocation is to hire professional movers to help you. You will not have to search for boxes, packing materials, or moving trucks, and you will not have to carry all the heavy boxes. Instead, you can leave everything to skilled professionals. Search for moving and storage Austin area offers. A skilled team will have all the equipment and will be able to provide you with storage solutions if needed.

couple packing items
Each item needs to be packed with care and extra padded for better protection.

If you are moving or renovating your home, you can search for short term storage Austin movers offer. It is a good solution to find a unit to keep your belongings until you decide what to do with them. When choosing a storage unit, you should check if it is well secure, clean, and climate-controlled as well.

In case you need some of the items from the storage you don’t need to go and take them by yourself. You can call your movers and ask for storage pick up service. They will go to your storage unit, take the items you need and deliver the to your home.

As you can see, if you need to pack odd shaped items for a move, the rule is simple – protect them well with blankets, sheets, towels, and of course – a bubble bag. It is challenging but not impossible.


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