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Moving to a new home was always exciting. You will have the unique opportunity to redecorate and improve everything you did not like in your previous home. Although, before you can enjoy these moments, you should prepare for the relocation, set aside an adequate budget, find hourly movers Austin, and realize how to pick the right size furniture for your new place. So, we will help a bit with all stages we have mentioned. With an emphasis on how to create a better furniture layout and decorate your home properly. Let’s dive right in.


Inspect your home and consult the floor plan

As soon as you choose your new home, you must obtain the floor plan. The previous owner usually holds those blueprints. If you are renting, this part might be tricky. Maybe your landlord wouldn’t like to share this info with you. But no matter if you are renting or purchasing, you can always inspect your entire home without a floor plan. Or create one by yourself. Sort of creating your own would be wise and smart. Nevertheless, the goal is to realize how much space you have in each room. Also, make sure to include hallways, a loft, a garage, a basement, and a yard. All those areas can serve a purpose. You must create a moving-in checklist and follow it while making a furniture layout plan.

create blueprints of your home before you learn how to pick the right size furniture
Obtain blueprints of your new home or let a professional create one for you.

Once you have all the dimensions and the info about your new home. You can start packing accordingly. Or purchase a new batch of furniture if you like. This is the right moment to do it, after all. Just make sure to bring the floor plan with you. This way, you can choose appropriately sized furniture right there on the spot.

Minding the space is a way of how to pick the right size furniture

Ok, as we have mentioned earlier, measuring is quite important. If you have ever been asking yourself how to pick the right size furniture, this is the answer. If you measure your old place properly, you’ll be able to move all the furniture out without damaging anything. The same goes for your new home. Pay special attention to the narrow hallways and corridors along with your front entrance. If there is a gate entrance, measure that one as well. This way you will be helping movers and delivery services in case you are purchasing items from the store.

Also, you will realize if some pieces can’t fit into your new home. Those must be stored in a storage unit, garage, or basement. If that is the case, organize with storage pickup and delivery companies to have your furniture and other belongings properly delivered and stored. Finally, you must choose which place is the best. No matter if you store items in a storage unit or the attic. just make sure to have all the numbers so you can prepare adequately.

Organize your relocation accordingly

With the floor plan in place and with a plan on how to place all your furniture in, you must work on a moving plan as well. Your preparations will be in vain if your delivery is late, or your belongings are damaged. Therefore, you must find a good moving company to execute this task. Right off the bat, we can recommend Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin as one of your best local choices. Although, you should always browse your options a bit before you choose a moving company. Hence, browse online and compare movers. Mind the moving services, reviews, and of course, moving price. Once you learn more about the moving industry, start calling movers one by one until you find exactly what you are looking for.

moving team packing a truck
Organize your relocation in advance and hire a professional moving team.

The moving company you choose should have licenses, equipment, and safety standards in place. Also, competitive prices, a good reputation, and enough moving experience. If you find reputable movers, they will help you with your moving plan and relocate all your belongings in record time and without damage. But to have them create such a plan, you must contribute by providing all the basic info necessary. That is the size of your furniture, and the number of items in general, and if there are any special requests, your movers must know about them. If you provide all the details, your relocation will be much safer. And more efficient as well.

How to pick the right size furniture? Start with the biggest pieces

You should always focus on the biggest items first. Usually, those are wardrobes and a king-sized bed. Of course, the kitchen tables and counters can create problems as well. But not like the robust wardrobe can. And we have several of those in our homes. You will also be sure to find them in an adequate spot and measure everything nicely. And make sure to speak with your furniture movers Austin and let them know where each piece should go. It will be much better if professional movers can position robust furniture for you. And if they do, you will avoid injuries and damage to property.

If you purchase a new wardrobe, the procedure is the same. If you do not know how to pick the right size furniture, consult with store clerks and provide them with the blueprint we have mentioned earlier. They will advise you which pieces are the best and coordinate the delivery upon purchase.

Move onto the smaller ones

Your robust furniture is not the only issue here. You must take care of the medium-sized and oddly shaped items as well. Oddly shaped items specifically can create problems and consume more space than intended. So, if you have an oddly shaped lamp, for example, you should find it in a nice place in the corner or at the center of the room. Somewhere where it won’t block the way for other items. Or block the path you are moving through. So, take care of the following items as well:

  • Potted plants.
  • Coffee tables and chairs.
  • Electronics.
  • Vases.
  • Other decorations.
a bright room with furniture
Your coffee table, lamp, and potted plants can create a lot of problems if placed in the wrong spot.

This category is vast, so you will have to adapt on the spot. All homes are uniquely designed, and we can’t know what you have in your home. But you got the idea. Take care of all those pieces that are on your furniture, in corners, or flat out on the floor.

Decorate your new home

Lastly, once you place all furniture in, you should decorate your home the way you like. Bring in area rugs and carpets. Then, put on the drapes and curtains. Hang paintings and other decorations on your walls. And, of course, bring out trinkets, figurines, and photo frames, and put a final touch on your new environment. Just make sure that everything is appropriately sized to avoid cluttering the space.

Now you know how to pick the right size furniture for sure. The key is good preparation. Take all the measurements and prepare to relocate or purchase new furniture. We are sure this project will be a successful one. Good luck.


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