How to decorate your Austin apartment on a budget

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Living in an apartment is great – living in a community, a carefree lifestyle, proximity to stores and public transport. With the help of reliable movers in Texas your relocation must have been a piece of cake. Now comes the hard part – making your new apartment feel like home. Moving can be quite an expensive venture, and decorating may feel like an unwanted financial burden. Don’t panic – it’s possible to make your apartment feel homey without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your Austin apartment on a budget.

Declutter and make use of storage facilities before learning how to decorate your Austin apartment

Most apartments are close to public transport, which alleviates the need for car usage. Additionally, it’s common for apartment condos to lack sufficient parking garages, which leaves you without a place for your car. But fear not, as car storage Austin can be a new home for your precious vehicle. You can rest assured that your car will be protected from theft and harsh weather conditions.

Saying goodbye to your old home was probably hard enough – now you have to bid farewell to your stuff as well. Getting rid of the old means making space for the new. With the newfound space, you will be able to decorate your Austin apartment with a range of different possibilities. Here are a few suggestions for decluttering:

  • Donate – By ensuring that your items are not wasted or discarded, you are helping yourself and others.
  • Sell your items – This is an easy way to make some extra cash, which will definitely come in handy when decorating your apartment in Austin on a budget
  • Throw out unusable items – Although it may seem hard to do at first, sometimes it’s necessary
  • Gift to friends and family – Your precious belongings will find a new home with your loved ones, who will surely cherish your stuff
a garage sale before decorating your Austin apartment
Garage sales are a great way of earning money and freeing up space

Ask for help on how to decorate your Austin apartment on a budget

Even though it’s satisfying to finish a job on your own, sometimes we need help. Asking for help in the right places will make your job of decorating your apartment in Austin a lot smoother. The most convenient option is to look for advice online. There are many experts on the internet and especially on social media nowadays. It may be a burden on your budget at first. However, certain experts are trained in saving money, so it does pay off in the long run.

Furthermore, asking your friends for advice may be your saving grace. It’s easy to get caught up when shopping and blow your budget on something you don’t actually need. That’s why bringing a friend – a voice of reason – can be quite helpful. They will keep you in check regarding your spending habits and give you constructive criticism and advice on your decorating choices.

Make use of the space available 

Most apartments are tiny and cozy, which can be useful, especially when it’s time to clean. Unfortunately, less space means fewer possibilities. That is why it’s important to use the space in the smartest way possible. If you have furniture from your old home you don’t want to get rid of and have nowhere to store it, storage pickup and delivery is a service designed for you.

On top of that, remember that less is more. Choose furniture that is appropriate for the size of your apartment. If you want to create the illusion your apartment is larger than it is, there are some tricks that can help you:

  • Paint the walls white – It opens up the space
  • Buy glass tables – The clear surface gives an illusion of more space
  • Shorten the legs of your bed – Tall beds cut the room in half, making it feel smaller
  • Invest in furniture with decorative legs – The legs will draw attention beyond the furniture’s body
couch in front on a white wall
Having white walls gives off the illusion of a spacious room

Decide on a statement piece 

After a smooth relocation with apartment movers Austin, it’s time to make your apartment truly feel like home. What do you want your friends and family to see first when they walk into your apartment? Is it an antique vase, stunning artwork, or perhaps a flamboyant piece of furniture?

Your statement piece might as well be an accent wall – a brightly colored wall. On the other hand, you can put more thought into it and make a miniature gallery containing photographs of your family and friends. Another fun idea for the focal point of your apartment would be a unique rug in your common area. Most experts say a statement piece is worth saving up for, as it characterizes your whole apartment and ties it together.

Opt for smart storage

You should avoid intriguing but pointless furniture, as it both takes up space and serves no real purpose. Rather, go for furniture that has a lot of built-in storage. Shelves, racks, and draws will surely become your best friends. Such furniture will get rid of your clutter and make more room for your new apartment décor. Additionally, having these means being able to decorate them to your liking.

Bookshelves can let people take a peek through the curtain of your soul by displaying your favorite novels. Candles, figurines, and other decorations can be placed on top of your drawers to add character to your apartment for almost no cost.

bookshelf with interesting decor
Decorating bookshelves is a great way of personalizing your apartment

Don’t neglect the power of lighting when deciding how to decorate your Austin apartment 

Never underestimate the power of adequate lighting on the look of your apartment. When thinking about how to decorate your Austin apartment on a budget, lighting should be one of your top priorities. Finding the right lights can completely alter the vibe of your apartment. Many options will fit into your tight budget, whether you are looking for a bright and spacious look or a mystique and dusky atmosphere. If you want to make a statement with your choice of center lighting, a chandelier will be your best friend. Contrary to popular belief, affordable chandeliers are not hard to come by. However, if you prefer dim lighting, candles and dimmers are your safest options. We hope you have fun decorating your apartment in the capital of the Lone Star State!


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