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If your home is full of stuff and you find yourself unable to move, it is time to find a storage unit. They are perfect for storing items for some time or for however long you need. Also, when we are planning a move, and we need to downsize our home, they are a lifesaver. But how to find one that is not too expensive? If you need to move on a budget or just trying to save money, you can not spend a lot of money on storage. No wonder, that almost every relocation company Austin TX has a lot of customers struggling with the same question. It is why they have decided to help. Here is a list of few tips that will assist you in finding an affordable storage unit in Austin.

You can find a cheap storage unit in Austin if you carefully choose a location

The price of a storage unit is dictated by the location. You will have more chances of finding a cheap climate controlled storage Austin TX if you go further away from the city center. Unfortunately, this means you might have to have a long drive there. Those ones are usually located in suburbs and rural areas. However, they most definitely will not have the same price as the ones downtown. Also, if you choose to rent a unit located inside a building, avoid the first floor. They are more expensive because it is so easy to get to them. Therefore you should always choose the ones on the third floor and above.

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The best way to find an affordable storage unit in Austin is to avoid the ones in the downtown area

If you are looking for an affordable storage unit in Austin you need to know what size you need

The mistake people often make is miscounting how many things they need to store. So they end up renting one that is too big and pricier. So before you start looking for full service storage Austin TX, pack all your belongings and try to evaluate how many boxes you have. The same goes for furniture and larger appliances. There are many different sizes, and by knowing which one is perfect for you will be able to find an affordable storage unit in Austin. Firstly there are 5×5 units. They are the smallest ones and inside you can fit a couple of boxes and few pieces of furniture. 10×10 units are large enough for people living in one bedroom flats. 10×25 is for the owners of larger houses. Lastly, 10×30 is the largest one available. Here you can fit a large home with several bedrooms.

The key to locating inexpensive storage in Austin is by buying insurance yourself

Once you have found an affordable storage unit, the only way to use it is to have rental insurance. It is good to have it because if anything happens and your belongings get damaged, you will receive compensation. However, the ones you can get from storage owners can be too expensive. And this is something you need to avoid. So the best thing to do is ask Westlake moving company Austin for advice. Moving companies have the most affordable insurances. So this is a perfect solution if you are trying to save money. Or if you have decided to move your home by yourself, then visit a local insurance provider. Do not settle for the first offer you receive. Instead, ask several for their rates and compare them.

a hand signing documents
Get your own insurance for storing item if you wish to lower the price of storage unit in Austin

Rent a storage unit with fixed rates

Some storage companies have a habit of periodically increasing rates. Therefore before you sign the contract, make sure you ask them about this. Also, before moving service Austin, transports your belongings, double check what is written on the document. Avoid all that have these kinds of changes. And the ones that say one thing but give you a contract that says another. Another way to avoid losing money is to check the storage unit provider online. See what other people have to say. A lot of times, you will straight away know who you are dealing with. Therefore ignore the promises that they are the best, or they are the only ones capable of keeping your things safe.

Paying upfront will lower the price of an Austin storage unit

The best way to get an affordable deal for a storage unit in Austin is to pay upfront. It is, of course, only possible if you know for how long you will need it. So before you go looking for the one that will suit you best, try to evaluate how long you will need it. Also, a lot of times you will be able to get a discount if you pay the full price all at once. But, if you are not sure for how long you will need it to rent the one where you can prolong the contract. In most cases, you will need to ask the owners if that is possible. Likewise, this is good to have because you never know if something might happen. Therefore it is always a good idea to have a backup plan.

money in hands
If you pay upfront you will get a discount

With a bit of research you can easily find an affordable storage unit in Austin

With these tips, you will have no problem finding an affordable storage unit in Austin. First of all, make sure you properly evaluate how much stuff you need to store. It will help you choose the size of the unit. Secondly, location one thing that can raise or drastically lower the price. So in the City of Austin, avoid all that are in the downtown area. Secondly, try to get your own insurance policy. And lastly, try to pay upfront the price for the entire period you will be renting. That way you will have the most chance of getting a discount. Also, before you make a choice, always check out their customer’s reviews.

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