Things to know before you sign a moving contract

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When you relocate, you want professional help so you can move your items in the safest way possible. And obviously, you choose the best moving company Austin. But, there are things to know before you sign a moving contract. It is perfectly fine if you don’t know what we are talking about. Let us help you out with a few tips.

Should you be worried before you sign a moving contract?

Well, no, you shouldn’t be worried before you sign a moving contract. Everything can be done in an agreement with your relocation company and you can choose safe movers Austin. Still, the cost of moving is one of the key factors that most people think of when it comes to the need to relocate. With this, renovation of the apartment and purchase of new furniture and white goods are among the important financial items for every household. When we add to that the price of the relocation company, it is clear why many are guided by pure mathematics when they think of moving.

the moment before you sign a moving contract
There are things to know before you sign a moving contract.

Things to consider

From the first thought of moving to a residential or business space, a lot of questions start to run through your head:

  • where to get boxes for moving and how much do they cost
  • how to pack and do you need professional packing services
  • how to dismantle furniture while protecting furnished and leather-covered items
  • does the price of the storage goes into the contract and do the provide car storage Austin
  • where to start when you want to relocate
  • which company to hire and of course
  • how much will it all cost?

The price depends on several factors

The easiest and best way to get answers to these questions quickly is to call your relocation company. For example, if you need piano movers Austin, ask if they can put those services into the contact. Make sure to take into account all the aspects that affect how the price of moving will be formed.

Styrofoam and packing tape inside a cardboard box
Take into account all the aspects that affect how the price of moving will be formed.

Some of these factors that can impact the price:

  • the possibility for moving vehicle to approach the entrance of your building
  • the amount of furniture and items that you move,
  • number of required workers,
  • the existence of elevators in buildings
  • material required for packaging
  • the time of day and the date of your move
  • whether disassembly or assembly of furniture is required.

Based on all the above, movers will form the price and put it in the contract. Be sure that you know the exact price of moving before you sign anything. And read your contract carefully. If you want to save money, think about labor-only services or just get moving transportation.

Keep in mind that you can pay extra for extra services

If you need moving boxes, ask your movers do they charge extra and how many will you get. Also, ask about packing services Austin – sometimes you’ll save more money by leaving this daunting task to your movers. Dismantling furniture is also a tedious job. Ask your movers about the conditions of this task too. Maybe you can find useful tutorials online on how to easily assemble and disassemble furniture.

How to save money on moving

You can pack your items and dismantle your furniture. First, remove the door from the closet, then remove the drawers and shelves. Use a rubber mallet to lightly knock out the backs of the cabinets, which are made of hardboard. Then lower the cabinet body to the floor to make it easier to disassemble the sides. When you have finished all this, wrap all the externally visible parts of the cabinet with stretch foil so that they are not damaged during transport. You can get these foils with us or in specialized shops.

After the cupboard, dismantle the double bed and then the kitchen elements. It is important that you follow this order so that you can disassemble the furniture as easy as possible. When you get to the place where you will transfer things by van or truck, first bring the furniture to be assembled into the apartment while it is empty and there is space. Then bring in boxes and small items, and finally other pieces of furniture.

You might want to keep costs to a minimum

When you do the dismantling, packing of the furniture, installation in the new space yourself, you have already greatly reduced the amount of money you will have to set aside for relocation. If you want to reduce the cost of moving to a minimum, then you need to invite colleagues, friends, relatives or acquaintances so as not to pay professionals.

A couple packing up a moving boxes
Ask friends and family to help you out with packing and to give you cardboard boxes they do not need.

Moving without furniture assembly, packaging and labor are drastically cheaper than a complete move because you pay only the price of transportation. Still, you will lose a lot of time, nerves and you may even get injured. The price of moving can also be reduced by going to hypermarkets where you will look for cardboard boxes from workers employed in warehouses. The savings on boxes depend on the number of things that you need to pack.

What about DIY move?

If you decide to do everything yourself, the price of moving can be lower. However, if you have an opportunity, it is always better to leave this job to professionals. That way, you are sure that there will be no damage to the furniture, and everything will be done faster and easier. Also, you will not lose time trying to find boxes, packing items, etc. If you have children, maybe it’s smarter to spend this time with them. This is definitely something to think about before you sign a moving contract.

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