How to handle moving during a difficult time

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Moving is an overwhelming experience. Stress is an inevitable part of the process but to what extent is it tolerable? When you add another life crisis to it, what is the stress equation? What is the breaking point when you wake up and say that is enough?  If you don’t want to drown, you must take an action, any action will do. Movers in Texas have come up with an article on how to survive moving during a difficult time. It is really hard when you have to move as opposed to when you want to move. Not having a chance to choose and decide leaves a bitter aftertaste knowing that you are losing control over the most important things in life.  We’ve all had difficult times in our life, it’s nothing new. Running away from problems won’t help. Remember, any action to keep you occupied in difficult times is a blessing, so is moving.

Acceptance is the first step in coping with moving during a difficult time

There is nothing better to do in a difficult situation than to accept it as it is. Keep the distance from the problem, look at it objectively as if it was somebody else’s problem. Don’t let it devour you, remember, take action! Start organizing your move, get in touch with movers South Austin to get you going. After all, you are going to start a new life after the move. A lot is awaiting you, so try to prepare yourself by being kind to yourself. Relax your body and soul before the hard work and big change. Before your move treat yourself with

  • a nice spa weekend
  • let  sauna help you to relax
  • have a beauty or hair treatment
  • spend some time in the nature
  • or just have a good night’s sleep

Take it easy and take your time

Relocation after a hard life situation is an emotional, overwhelming experience. Healing will take some time. So, avoid making any impulsive decisions concerning your possessions. Practice self-control, don’t throw out everything that brings the memories back. Keep your head cool and think about what you truly need. There’s a good chance you will be sorry later.  Think about putting your belongings into a storage unit for a while. You can use full service storage Austin instead of getting rid of everything at a difficult time before the move.

moving during a difficult time
Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and take all the time you need.

Don’t rush, take your time. Sort everything out peacefully, take your time to declutter, and ease the burden you already carry.   A valuable piece of advice on relocations is to minimize. Minimizing the amount of stuff you have is always a priority. Start fresh and easy. Don’t seek sanctuary in things. Nevertheless, if you need your belongings to help you get through bring them with you. After some time when you overcome the initial shock, you will be able to let them go.

Accept help when you need it

If you need long distance movers Austin, chances are great that you need some help too. You cannot do everything on your own, especially not when you are going through a rough period. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to friends or family, they will be glad to help, people always do help when really in need. So, ring for some cleaning or packing help from your close one. If things get worse, get professional help. In case you are going through an extremely difficult time because of your move, talk to a therapist. It will undoubtedly help you to get back on your feet and compose your thoughts. Prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge.

Mother helping a teenager through a difficult time
Prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge.

Organize your life and move forward

It is hard to keep focus and be organized if distracted and preoccupied with problems. But you need to gather your pieces and stay on track. Pay close attention to self-organization. Firstly, create a list of the tasks you need to do. Secondly, write down your obligations in your schedule, so that you have everything clear. Split the tasks in weeks and start early. Commercial movers Austin advise to start eight weeks before the move. As we already mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask for help from professionals or your loved ones. They can give hand and organize your tasks in case it is too much for you. Everyone knows that moving isn’t easy especially not during a difficult time. If your move is a long-distance or commercial one, things get even more complicated.

A couple on the sofa sorting out bills
Avoid making hasty decisions when moving during a difficult time

Bid farewell

Give yourself enough time to come to terms with leaving and to say goodbye to everything and everyone you love about your old place. Visit your favorite bars, restaurants, parks, before you leave. Moving may take up all of your time, but try to spend as much time as you can with your friends and relatives before you start. Take pictures of your old neighborhood, your home, bedroom and with friends of course. This will help you emotionally go over moving should you need to look back on things and one day make a final cut with the past.

Create a plan to rebuild your life after the move

If you still don’t have many reasons to think positively about your move, one way to encourage yourself will be to think and get excited about your new life. Research the area in your new location and find out what it has to offer. Go through career opportunities, be proactive send out your resume to potential employers. Explore reviews of restaurants and bars you want to go to or look into gyms and other recreational options. Envision all the positive things that await you and you will be more excited for new life to begin.

Moving during a difficult time doesn’t necessarily have to end up as bad as it started. There are always options to get over problematic situations. We hope this article will help you to overcome all the emotional pressure of an involuntary move. Ask for help with packing, organizing, downsizing, and other daunting moving tasks, you deserve it anyway. Get help to lighten your already heavy load.


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