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Was it your long-time dream to have a photo office at your home in Austin? So, for sure you have it now. Having a home photo office is very convenient. First, you don’t need to rent a studio. And you can work whenever the inspiration strikes. But, what to do when you have to leave Austin TX. And you also want to move your photography office along? How can you do that? And what is the procedure for relocating your home photography office? The first thing the movers Austin would like to know is how big your photo office is. They will also ask if you have professional or ordinary equipment?

Why the kind of equipment is important for relocating your home photography office?

Various types of photo equipment will require various ways of packing. Some pieces will not require special attention. But some pieces are sensitive and fragile. So, in the case of DIY, you will need to purchase various packing equipment. Also, you will need skills and knowledge about packing such demanding items. A small mistake in packing may cause enormous damage. So, besides purchasing packing material, you should also get moving insurance. The moving company will not take responsibility for damage caused by your improper packing. In case you are using services of packing services Austin, you can be sure that they have the right packing equipment, And that they know exactly how to properly pack each piece from your home photography office.

the setup for relocating your home photography office
An improvised home photography office.

What is the essential equipment that your home photography office should have?

Every home photo office should have the basic equipment. So, when relocating your home photography office, you will have to take care of them. Here is the list of what you should have in your office:

Relocating your camera and tripods from your home office

Nowadays, in the era of digital photography, you may use a good smartphone or a digital camera. Later on, you will insert the memory card into your laptop and do adjusting of your photos. 

When you are taking photos, with the time passing, your hand is getting tired. And it starts to shake. So, to avoid blurred photos, you should use a smartphone or camera tripod. Besides, once your camera is positioned on a tripod, you may go back and forth and adjust the angle of taking a photo. The best way to pack your tripods is to use the original boxes. In case you don’t have them anymore, commercial movers Austin TX can provide you with proper packing equipment.

A stock of memory cards and good quality batteries you also have to relocate with home office

When you are shooting professional photos, you will get the memory card full very soon. The usual practice is to shoot a lot of photos and choose the best ones later on. Also, such a way of working will drain your batteries fast. For this reason, it is convenient to have spare once in your office. Also, use good quality batteries. The cheap ones can easily leak and spoil your camera.

A home photo office with parasols, frames, and backdrops.
To create a home photo office, you need some basic equipment.

Moving your lightning equipment and parasols

A lot of photographers are using natural light as much as possible. However, that is not always enough. So, you will need to add extra light to your photo office equipment. You may have the LED Ring Light. Or some other kind of lightning. Or you can have variations of different bulbs and flashes of lightning. With such a combination you may achieve various effects.

They are one of the essential pieces of any photography office. Using them you can change the degree of illumination, making the light more soft or sharp. Also, they are usually mounted on a wooden, metal, or plastic pole. Also, the parasols themselves may be made of various materials.

Backdrops and frames have to be packed carefully

For the best effect, photographers are using backdrops. So, they are the usual pieces of equipment in every photo studio. And in the home photography office. As a backdrop, you can use various items. Sometimes it can be just a blank wall. Or you can use various curtains, colored bed sheets, or large cards of various shapes and colors.

Usually, in an office studio, photographers are using frames to position the backdrop sheets. Such frames are very handy. You can easily move them around and adjust the angle of the backdrop to get the different lights and shadows.

Props packing and moving

As props, you can use any kind of object. You can use frames, mirrors, furniture. Photographers are usually adding them to emphasize the object on the picture. And sometimes, they are turning into the object themselves. Especially when they are positioned against some backdrops.

Grey metal doors of a self-storage units.
Climate-controlled self-storage units are safe and affordable.

Most of those items look easy to pack

Well, at first glance they do. However, imagine using a bunch of sheets of a colored backdrop made of cardboard. How are you going to pack it? Will you roll it up? Or is it better to just fold it? What to do with a backdrop made of thin, huge pieces of semi-transparent plastic? They are temperature sensitive. So, they can easily melt and get glued to one another during transportation.

Or see the parasols. Even if you still have their original packing, it is not so easy to fold them back inside. It demands certain skills. To be on the safe side, ask for the services of local movers Austin. They will not only pack the items from your home photo office. They will also load them on the moving truck so that your equipment will not sustain any damage during transportation. And all the items packed and taken to the moving truck by professional movers are automatically insured.

After successful packing, it is time for relocating your home photography office

Once you reach your new destination, the home photography office will be the last room to unpack. So, to move those sensitive items from the path while unpacking, it would be good to use the short term storage Austin. In there, your equipment will be fully protected. And you will have peace of mind and be able to concentrate on other moving issues.

What to do if your new place is too small for a home office?

In such a case, you may look for something bigger, Or you can rent an office nearby. So, until you find a suitable place, the best is to use the storage solutions Austin. Their climate-controlled self-storage units are safe and affordable. And they will store your precious equipment under the best possible solutions.

Using the photo editing software for the best effects

Starting a photo studio is not so hard. Besides a talent for photography, you will need some basic equipment. Besides the already listed equipment which has to be taken care of when relocating your home photography office, you will need a few more things. Good photo editing software is one of them. Also, you will need good computers and printers. And, in case you decide to become a professional photographer, you will probably need some more types of equipment.


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