How to help the elderly move into a new place

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Helping seniors relocate to a new place as advised by Austin movers

The process of moving house is never an easy one, but it can be made much harder if you’re an elderly and do not have the strength to do everything that needs to be done. Moving into a new place is difficult for elderly people who have been living in the same house for many years and are now being forced into an unfamiliar environment. If nobody around you is strong enough to give a hand with the heavy lifting, you can hire an Austin moving company to take care of the job instead. This is particularly important if you don’t have the time and energy to do the move yourself. But moving to a new home is especially difficult if you are not physically fit enough for this job. That’s why it’s important to know how to help the elderly move into a new place.

Physical strength isn’t the only thing that you need if you want to organize a move with the elderly. You will also need to do a lot of organizational work and think carefully about how to pack their possessions so that they don’t get damaged. If you are not confident about doing the packing yourself, it may be advisable to hire some outside help such as a moving company in Austin. Many professional movers offer packing services even for all the furniture you have at reasonable prices.

How to help the elderly move into a new place
Moving into a new place is difficult for elderly people. That’s why it pays to have a reliable moving company to make the moving process stress-free.

Why it’s difficult to move with the elderly

Moving into a retirement home or old folks home can be difficult for elderly people because they need physical assistance with packing boxes while also needing emotional assistance. If somebody does not help them carefully plan their move beforehand, it can lead to many problems along the way.

Losing connections with friends and the community is another issue. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways in which you can keep in touch with people even if you are not living near them for the first time such as calling them regularly.

On the other hand, they need physical assistance with packing boxes aside from needing emotional assistance. Even a local move in the Austin area can be stressful. That’s why hiring professional movers can make a lot of difference whether these are quick apartment moves or a planned long-distance move.

How to help the elderly move into a new place

Earn their trust before suggesting changes in living arrangements.

Moving to another place will likely result in negative reactions from your loved one. The best way around this is simply to wait until you earn enough of their trust that they’re willing to live somewhere else.

Then start searching for Austin moving companies that will handle all your needs from moving furniture to offering even storage solutions. The best experienced movers are similar to a personal move concierge that does an amazing job from providing you with moving supplies to packing bulky items so that the elderly would have stress-free experiences.

How to help the elderly move into a new place

Seniors have a lot of moving needs that local moving services providers can provide. It’s more than just hiring a moving truck that these Austin movers can provide. Moving services these days range from providing customers with packing supplies to furniture assembly.

Keep a list of questions and concerns that need attention.

Along with addresses and phone numbers for insurance companies and utility companies, make sure to record everything that the elderly need. When something comes up that needs consideration or follow-up, you have a source of information on hand.

Keep track of all the small details.

In addition to keeping a list of relevant phone numbers and addresses, assemble an information pack for your elderly parent. Include contact information for your attorney, banker, insurance agent, family/friends nearby and any other people who can provide support or assistance if needed. Then label each separate piece of paper with a number that corresponds to the order in which you plan to talk about it.

Keep their things with sentimental value.

Another problem that elderly people encounter when they move to a new place is being unable to let go of their favorite things. You should be considerate of what they want to take with them since these have sentimental value in the first place.

Many of these personal belongings are also fragile items. Be sure to instruct the moving company to separate these when loading into the moving truck.

Take photographs of each room in the old house.

One of the biggest problems that elderly people encounter when they move to a new place is finding their favorite items in the packing boxes. To make this process easier, it can be helpful if you take photographs of each room in your old house. Take not only a wide shot of the rooms but also any shelves, drawers and cupboards where you tend to store objects such as ornaments and souvenirs. This will make the elderly at ease during moving day.

You should then keep these photos on your phone so that they are easily accessible while moving into a new home. This way, you will know which photo relates to which room to help remind you where everything is located.

Declutter before the moving day. 

A smaller apartment means less storage space. Get rid of things that seniors do not need on a regular basis. This also helps make room for what your relative does want to bring with him or her. Consider asking friends and family members if they’d like to inherit items that you’d like to dispose of.

For items that they don’t regularly need but would have to be kept, try contacting a storage solutions provider. Other Austin moving companies bundle their services with storage units, so you don’t have to search for a separate provider.

For other items that do not have value to the elderly, try organizing a garage sale before the big move to their new house. This will keep them from taking a lot of unnecessary items and still earn a few bucks from the sale.

How to help the elderly move into a new place
A smaller apartment means less storage space. Get rid of things that the seniors do not need on a regular basis by organizing a garage sale or renting a storage unit.

Hire someone to do the heavy lifting.

Moving becomes much harder for seniors whether it’s for long-distance moves to places such as Fort Worth, San Marcos or San Antonio, or a nearby relocation to North Austin, Bee Cave, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, or the Greater Austin area.

In addition, if the new apartment is on a different floor from the old one, then your loved one may need help moving larger pieces of furniture from local movers. It’s all about getting a helping hand for a better moving experience.

Plan out a transportation route that minimizes travel time and effort. 

This is especially important if your loved one will be commuting to work or going to appointments after the move. Map out the easiest route from his or her old house to his or her new home. You may include other potential routes for traveling elsewhere in the city where he or she plans to live.

Take advantage of technology during this process. 

Mobile apps can make it much easier for seniors to look at listings of available homes. They can also find real estate agents who are most appropriate for needs  and purchase a 90-day supply of medications.

Do not forget to take care of yourself too.

When helping your beloved seniors settle into a new place, you should also think about your well-being. If you feel overwhelmed prior to moving day, then it can make the process even harder for everyone involved.

That being said, you should also trust your Austin mover to do its job of providing great service. Having a great moving experience for you and your elderly folks requires trust and assurance that the local movers you hire are cut out for the task.

Hire professional Austin movers to do the job.

Hiring movers can take a lot of stress out of the move itself. It allows seniors to focus on the more important aspects of settling into their new home. You must ensure that the moving company has insurance. In case anything ever goes wrong with any part of the move, your stuff are assured of coverage.

After all, only an efficient moving company that’s insured for liability purposes is your best bet. You are assured of coverage just in case something happens during transport.

Frequently Asked Questions about helping the elderly move into a new place with the help of an Austin moving company

  1. What’s the primary concern when helping senior citizens move?

    Ensuring that the senior citizen is safe and won’t fall when moving into a new place is imperative. The senior adult should also have access to assistive devices if they require them for mobility.

  2. How can I ensure that they would have an easier time when moving?

    Hire a moving company that will help them pack, transport and unload all their belongings.

  3. What if there are items that they can’t let go of but won’t fit in their new home?

    A storage services company can offer storage spaces for safekeeping of these items.

  4. What’s the first thing that they should do upon arriving at their new home?

    Let them take a rest. Then, encourage your parents to go outside more often and make new friends . This will take their mind off of things and help them adjust to their new home.

  5. How can movers in Austin ensure seniors are satisfied with the mov

    A full service moving company provides not just transport services but a host of other services. These include offering moving supplies, loading and unloading boxes, and even putting the seniors’ stuff in designated rooms. Moving experts take care of everything to keep the move as comfortable as possible.

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