How to make your North Austin apartment look more expensive

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You have completed the moving part, and now the time has come to upgrade your home. If you are thinking about how to make your North Austin apartment look more expensive, we will give you some ideas. Even if your budget is not too big, you still have plenty of options. With some simple moves, your apartment is going to look much more luxurious. As a matter of fact, you may even make it look like a hotel. So, take some time to think about these ideas, and you are going to find great solutions for your home.

Books on shelves certainly have a great impact

If you are into fashion, you can perceive books like belts and bags. They are accessories that make a great difference. So, in order for your new apartment to look luxurious, make sure you have books in large format. If it happens that you already have books of this kind, feel free to use them.

Books on a wooden bookshelf
This trick is going to make your home look more luxurious

However, if this is not the case, you can always buy some cheaper books but re-decorate the binding. Even though this is just a detail, you will see how different the room is. If it happens that some moving-related tasks remain to be completed, let North Austin movers deal with this.

Fresh flowers will make your North Austin apartment look more expensive

If there is something that makes your home look fresh, it is certainly fresh flowers. A bouquet of fresh flowers you can find anywhere. Whether you go to a grocery store or a flower shop nearby, this is something you can get at all times. However, buying flowers constantly is quite expensive. To make this expense lower, feel free to get flowers whenever you go a bit outside of the city. They tend to be less expensive there. In addition to this, it is always advisable to buy white flowers because white gives the room that aura of sophistication. Your place will look elegant with no great effort. Just make sure your vases remain in good condition. In order for this to happen, put your trust in some of the finest apartment movers Austin offers.

Having proper curtains changes a lot

Even if you consult an interior designer, they will surely mention this part first. If you do not have them, you need to get long and wide curtains. It is important that your curtains are raised as close to the ceiling as possible. This opens up the room, and it makes people feel more comfortable. In addition to this, it is advisable that you buy two packs of curtains. These should be on the wall, not on the window.

Living room with long curtains
Getting long curtains is something that will make your North Austin apartment look more expensive

Get a rod that is wide enough for this. Also, it is preferable that you get curtains that reach the floor. It will look much prettier, that is for sure. If you have blinds, make sure you remove them – the atmosphere in your room will be much better. So, feel free to deal with details of this kind and do not worry about your moving process. One of the best moving company Austin can offer will take care of it.

Lighting is highly important in your home

If you do not like your current lighting or are OK with it, you are still not satisfied. This is not something that makes your room look the way it should, and it does not make you feel ecstatic. This means just one thing – you should definitely change your lighting. It is going to change the entire room and the entire atmosphere will be much better. Feel free to use different types of lighting. Combine ceiling lighting with floor and table lamps. Once you start exploring, you will see how many options you actually have, and you will start putting new lighting in many different places. Feel free to be creative and do not worry about your favorite lamps. Some of the most professional local movers Austin offers will relocate them without damage.

Add a scent that you like

Remember the feeling you have when you enter a hotel, for example? One of their ways to achieve this goal is using a signature scent. This is something you can easily recreate in your apartment. There are many different options that are at your disposal. You can use wall plug-ins, scent candles, room sprays, diffusers with essential oils, etc. When your guests come in, they are going to have the same feeling they get when they enter a luxury hotel.

Essential oil
Use your favorite essential oils and your home will instantly become a more elegant place

You will surely be more than happy when you see their faces and you will surely make your own days better. If it happens that some items make your home cluttered, feel free to store them. In fact, you can use your storage for different purposes. For example, if you want to go somewhere and you will not need your car, you can always count on one of the safest car storage Austin can offer.

With these simple upgrades, you will make your North Austin apartment look more expensive. Some of them are quite budget-friendly, while others require a bit larger sums of money. So, what you should do is think about what is going to look great in your home. After that, shop around and you will have a chance to see what is at your disposal. If you see some items that you really like and that will make your home look more luxurious, get them. Of course, you also have an option to hire an interior designer. This can be somewhat expensive, but the result is going to be more than great.


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