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The plants we have in our homes help us bring more life into the said home. More importantly, many of them help purify the air, make the room comfortable and lively. People that take care of plants, usually as a hobby, put a lot of faith in their plants. Moreover, they view these plants as, somewhat, members of the family. Understandably, when you view your plants in such a way, you want to ensure they are safe when you are moving. Because of that, today we help you move plants to a new home in a way that will be the most efficient and safe. When it comes to relocation, in general, hiring professional movers, like relocation company Austin TX, is the best way to go. Professional movers offer services that will help you tackle the process much easier. There is one flaw tho, not all movers transport plants.

What should you know before you move plants to a new home?

As we were saying, if you already have plants in your home, you probably cherish their well-being. However, moving these plants is not an easy task. These items are often quite fragile and susceptible to different conditions. Therefore, plants are really hard to handle, especially if you are moving on a longer distance.

two different potted plants standing on the counter after a person finished to move plants to a new home
Your indoor plants depend on special conditions and you need to make sure that you provide them with it during the transportation process

If you think that relying on the Westlake moving company Austin, for example, is an option, you are wrong. One of the biggest problems you will face during this period is finding the appropriate way to relocate these plants. Mostly because professional movers rarely accept to transport any plants. This is something we will talk about more later. Because of this, we have to think of alternative ways to transport plants with maximum care. Before we do that, we have to find a way to safely pack them and prepare them for this journey.

Why you cannot rely on professional movers?

Now, we are not saying that ALL of the professional moving companies will not transport your plants. We are just saying that, generally, most moving companies refuse to transport these items due to their fragile nature. Which is, somewhat logical. However, there are moving companies that do offer such services. Some of them will have specialized movers for the job, others will not. Nonetheless, the best way for you to learn whether or not a certain moving company can transport your plants is to contact them. So, get in touch with moving services Austin, to learn whether or not they can help you. In addition, you should always consult with moving companies first, before you decide to agree on an offer. More importantly, if the moving company cannot help you, you will have to find a way to transport them in your own vehicle.

The distance in which you move also matters

If you are moving within the borders of the same city, you can simply place the plants in an open box and relocate them. However, if you are to move on a longer distance, this process gets much harder. Plants need their conditions to thrive, bloom and survive, for that matter. Any shortage of these conditions will certainly result in wilt. Unfortunately, renting full service storage Austin TX will also, not be an option.

a picture of a person driving the car on the highway
The longer the distance you have to move is, the bigger the risk it is to move plants to a new home

If you want to safely transfer plants to a new home, you will need to take all of these things into consideration. Furthermore, the longer the journey is, the more attention you need to devote to your plants. So, when moving plants with your car make sure that you:

  • Create a flow of fresh air
  • Make sure they are neither hot nor cold
  • Water them regularly
  • Keep the plants that do not like it, from direct sunlight

How to move plants to a new home?

Moving your plants will be a lot easier if you have sphagnum moss by your side. Namely, this type of moss is usually placed on top of the soil of the plant. Due to its neutral PH value, the moss is great for retaining moisture. This will help your plants remain watered just right and prevent them from overdrying, while on the road. This moss is a great way to protect the soil of the plants. However, how do we protect the rest?

Placing pots in cardboard boxes and ensuring they do not move

The best way to ensure your pots do not flip over is to place them tightly in cardboard boxes. Furthermore, you can use any type of container you want. However, the cardboard will come in various sizes, which is convenient.

different types of plants in wooden baskets
The more you can fixate your plants, the safer they will be during the journey

Namely, once you get your cardboard box, place as many pots as they can fit inside it. Next, utilize cushioning materials you have in your home to fill in the empty spots between the pots. This will prevent the pots from hitting or scratching one another. More importantly, it will fixate the pots, making them hard to move around as you drive. Furthermore, you can always opt for a deeper cardboard box, that will help your higher plants remain fixated as well.

If you cannot use your own vehicle, you can ship them via sea or air

Professional moving companies do not move your plants. However, shipping companies do. Although renting climate controlled storage Austin TX, is not really an option, although it will help, there is a solution. Namely, if you are to transport your plants via air or sea, you can rest assured that there will be a unit in which they will be that provides them what they need. Therefore, shipping your plants might end up a little more expensive, but it is the best way to ensure their safety and longevity. Of course, that is only if you, yourself, cannot transport them. There are many ways you can move plants to a new home, unfortunately, professional movers are not one of them. However, if you organize and plan this on time, you will be able to come up with a good solution for the process.

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