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Do you know how to go about rating your movers after moving from South Austin? Probably not. That is why we are here to show you how to do it in the best possible way. So, when long distance movers Austin do a great job of moving you to your desired location, the least you can do is to give them a good review. Reviews are not important just for their online scores but for the credibility they give. For instance, if you are browsing for a moving company, chances are that you will look for the one that has the best reviews. And that is natural. After all, you want the best possible service. That is why spending a few minutes on writing a review will greatly benefit not only your movers but people who are in need of relocation services. So, let’s see how to do it.

Rating movers via a review

As we said, movers South Austin will be very thankful for a good review. The fact of the matter is that most of us are going to head right to the review and comment sections to look for the experiences other people had with a moving company. So, rating movers is a pretty important thing to do. If there are no personal recommendations available, reviews are your only trusted source of information. They are also the best way of learning what people think of a particular moving company.

Moving professional
Rating your movers has benefits on so many levels.

The same is true when you are searching for storage rental Austin because the basic principle is the same. There is no chance of knowing where your belongings are safe and secure if you don’t know how the storage provider is operating. Again, as in the case of the moving companies, the only way to learn that is by reading comments and reviews if you don’t have a personal recommendation. Having said that, it’s time to clue you in on the different things you should mention when rating movers as well as storage providers.

Include the date, time, and location of your move

While this is usually not applicable when it comes to short term storage Austin, you can use this to describe these services. But, let’s get back to rating your movers. So, once you start writing the review, it’s essential to provide the date, time, and location of your move. You don’t have to be to the minute exact with this. However, it has to be there. This is because it will give a certain sense of authenticity to readers.

Furthermore, if you include these markers, people who are moving within a similar time frame to a similar location, will generally know what to expect. For instance, parameters like summer or winter, long-distance and local moves, are important in deciding which movers to choose. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the next thing.

When rating moving companies, provide some insight about the experience with customer service

Believe it or not, many people choose movers in Texas according to their experience with customer service. So, anything that you picked up on when it comes to contact with customer service should be in your review. Whether they were courteous and helpful, or effective but harsh, or even totally rude, you should mention it.

Customer service operators that can help rating your movers
Remember to describe your experience with customer service.

Also, if they followed through on special requests and provided thorough answers. That said, you should be very detailed when describing this experience. This is because, as we said, many people tend to make a decision based on their experience with customer service. So, anything negative and anything positive should be reported on.

Remember to mention punctuality and note anything you didn’t expect

Punctuality is quite an important trait for movers to have. So, when rating moving companies you should always mention that. If they were on time for all appointments, you should say that. This goes for estimates, the moving day, and the delivery. If there was something off, you should definitely say it in the review. Aside from that, some interesting things to point out when writing include the way in which delays beyond their control were handled.

Moving professional carrying sofa
If the movers did anything positive that you didn’t expect, make sure to mention it.

To follow on the previous thing, we have to point out that you should also note anything that you didn’t expect. For instance, if there were any surprise charges, or maybe some unusual operating procedures, or really anything that threw you off guard. All of that should be stated when rating movers. However, if there were some positive things that happened, but you haven’t expected them, make sure to note them too. It’s always good to paint the whole picture!

Last but not least – when rating your movers make sure to write a general assessment of the completed job

Despite the fact that the DoT database of moving companies holds an astonishing number of legitimate moving companies, all of them weren’t created equal. There are companies that will do a better job than the others. And that is something that should motivate you to write a review which will motivate them to become even better. So, it’s basically a never-ending cycle of improvement. With that in mind, when rating movers it’s important that you give a general assessment of the completed job. All of the aforementioned things are basically just piling different bits of data. However, providing a general assessment is what breathes life into your review.

This, however, doesn’t have to be anything long and fancy. Just try and summarize your thoughts in a few sentences to recap the whole experience. So, the key elements should include the level of satisfaction with the provided service, would you again use or recommend their services, what are your thoughts about the cost of the move, etc. Lastly, try and include some details that you think are important and relevant to the situation you found yourself in. This will also add another layer of comprehensiveness when rating your movers. And remember that by writing a review you are helping others while simultaneously helping your movers! It’s a contribution to a smoother relocating process.


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