How to pack fragile items with ease

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There are many ways you can approach the packing process but only the proper one will help you protect your items completely. While packing, you will use different materials and supplies to protect different items. A lamp is not the same as glassware and clothes require much less protection than an antique. It all comes down to the fact that you will have to pack fragile items with much more dedication than some other, not so fragile, items. With a few tips, tricks, and professional advice from packing services, we will help you make sure that each and every fragile item you own is ready to be safely transferred.

Is there more than one proper way to pack fragile items?

Generally speaking, any way that will ensure the complete safety of your items is the proper way. Yet, we must decide what to do and which packing materials to use. If we want to pack our belongings properly that is. Part of the responsibility will go to your professional Austin area movers. They will do their best to handle every box with care and will surely look at the labels you put on the boxes. Yet, even before they get a chance to handle anything, you must do some work yourself. Let us begin.

Clean glassware arranged upside down on a glass shelf.
You must dedicate your time to this task in order to handle your fragile items the right way.

What should you do and what should you use?

Depending on what you are packing, you will choose the appropriate packing supplies. Packing glass and wood does not include the same things and even though you might think that wood is anything but fragile, trust us that it is fragile every last bit as any glassware you may possess. It only seems sturdy and hard but you can damage it easier than you think. Still, no need to worry, we will make sure that does not happen. First of all, before you start doing your part, make sure that you have chosen quality movers and the right moving services for your relocation. That should be your first step. We may continue.

The item you are packing will decide which supplies you should be using

As previously emphasized, glass and wood do not require the same supplies. Wood, for example, should not be protected by unbreathable materials but it should be protected from moisture or anything wet. Therefore, cotton is a great material you can put directly on your fragile wooden item but it should also be placed in a box that contains foam padding that will protect it from any further damages during the road itself. Glassware is different. It should be protected in any possible way and, therefore, you should use bubble wrap, old newspaper, foam padding, and everything else that people mostly use.

An antique hourglass surrounded by other antique items.
Some items may seem as sturdy and strong enough but they are, in fact, more fragile than you think.

Do not save money on high-quality packing supplies if you want to pack fragile items properly

This is a common mistake and we must admit that it is an honest one. Sure, you will cut down on expenses wherever you can. We completely and wholeheartedly support that decision but when it comes to packing fragile items, we absolutely must disagree with it. When you deal with such fragile items that are obviously important to you, you must use new and high-quality packing supplies. That means new boxes, new bubble wrap, new everything. Only the newspaper can be old but that is logical. If it is new and high-quality, that means it will bring more protection to your items. Old supplies are already worn down and are not as reliable as new ones.

Dismantling is great when it is an option

If you can dismantle your fragile items into smaller pieces, we suggest that you do. This will give the items much better protection because a smaller item is easier to protect and pack in every way. For example, it would be wise to disassemble your PC because that is a very fragile item.

Things that do not have the option to be dismantled will have to be handled as is. Everything else, dismantle it. Wrap up the pieces with the packing supplies that we have mentioned, and then put everything in boxes that are filled with foam padding. It would be wise to get boxes of the appropriate size because a box too big leaves room for damage and a box too small can damage itself, thus, losing its purpose.

Labeling is not something you can skip and hope for the best

People cannot seem to grasp the importance of labeling. Some are afraid that if they label their boxes properly, they are risking the movers opening the boxes and taking something. First of all, if you read reviews and hire a good moving company, that will never happen. Second of all, you are not going to write down the exact item that is located in the box.

What you should do is take a permanent marker, preferably black, and write down, in big letters and on all sides, the word fragile. This will alarm your movers that they should be extra careful with that box. As well as other similar boxes that are labeled the same way. You can also put smaller labels such as ”kitchen” and similar that will help you with the unpacking process later on.

A blank label people should use when they pack fragile items.
There are many ways to label your boxes. You can use small pieces of paper or write directly on the box, for example.

That is how you properly pack fragile items

Now that we have gone through all the most important steps, we can leave you to it. Just remember that if you really want to pack fragile items properly and ensure their safety, you must spend a good amount of time doing it. Follow our instructions and be careful. We believe that your local or long-distance movers will help you with everything else. We wish you good luck! 

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