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So, moving day is over! Finally, you are in your new home, you have unpacked everything, and you said goodbye to the Heavenly Moving and Storage team that just finished your relocation. But, you have a lot of moving boxes, and you are not quite sure what to do with them. How can you reuse leftover moving boxes? Should you throw them away? Can you donate them? These are all common questions that people have. There are a lot of things that you can do with your moving boxes. We got some great ideas!

If you are not sure what to do with leftover moving boxes, you can simply keep them

One of the easiest things that you can do is to keep your moving boxes. So, next time when you call residential movers in Austin Texas, you will have moving boxes ready! And you won’t have to pay additionally for them. You will only need tapes and maybe some markers for labeling. You can simply break down the moving boxes and use them for your next move. Make sure to keep only the moving boxes that are not damaged. Flatten them out and put them somewhere where it is dry and cool. That way, the next time you are moving, moving boxes will be ready to use!

girl with moving boxes
You can use moving boxes to organize your home

You can use boxes for storage

Boxes that are leftovers after your relocation you can reuse in your storage. If you rented a storage unit and you plan to move some of your belongings their leftover moving boxes are your ideal solution! You can put your belongings into the moving boxes, and store them safely. Make sure that the moving boxes you plan to reuse are clean and without damage. Moving boxes are a great way to sort your belongings in a storage unit and at the same time to keep them safe. You just need to create an inventory and label your boxes clearly.

You can use leftover moving boxes for DIY projects

A lot of people repurpose moving boxes as a material for different DIY projects. There are a lot of ways to repurpose them and have fun. You can find some additional great ideas on Pinterest, or you can simply search for them online. You can make different art projects, or you can simply give them to your kids to draw on them. Also, one of the most common things is to reuse them for gift wrapping. Or, if they are damaged, you can use them to protect your floors next time when you are moving. Simply throwing your leftover moving supplies is not a practical idea.

You can create great things for your kids

We all wanted to build a fort or a castle when we were kids. And if you hired professional packers there is a great chance that most of your boxes are intact. That means that you can use them to have fun with your kids, it is almost an endless source of fun.

kid in a moving box
There are a lot of ways to use leftover moving boxes and have fun with your kids

First of all, you can create their castle, and give them the opportunity to decorate it. If you have some really large moving boxes, you can use them to build a dollhouse or maybe a robot. Talk with your kids, and ask them what they would like for you to make. It is a great way to reuse leftover moving boxes and to have fun with your kids at the same time.

You can always donate or sell leftover moving boxes

You always have an option to donate or sell moving boxes that you have. If you do not need the moving boxes it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t find them useful. A lot of people are moving, and you can sell them for a reasonable price. You will get some of the money that you invested, while on the other hand, you helped someone to move easier and have more money in their moving budget. If you moved long-distance and hired professional long distance movers Austin offers, you probably know how expensive they can be. So, donating your moving boxes is always an option. You can find a lot of online places where you can put your ad for moving boxes. 

You can offer moving boxes to your neighbors, friends, or family

If you do not want to keep your moving boxes, or you simply do not have enough room for them – you can always ask people around you do they need them. You can ask your neighbors, and that can be a great way to learn more about them. You can make friends, and you can do something nice for them. If you have friends or family members who move often, you can be sure that they will be happy to have some of your undamaged leftover boxes. They probably need boxes always, and it can add up.

man holding a box
You can offer your moving boxes to family and friends

Recycle boxes

If you do not want to keep the moving boxes, and you do not want to give them to anyone – you can always recycle them. You can contact your moving company and ask them are a part of any recycling program. if they are, you can return the boxes to them. You can check local recycling centers, and you can always put the boxes on the curbside.

Recycling is important, and it is something that all of us should do. Especially big companies that use a lot of different materials. So, if you just finished your commercial relocation to Texas, you should recycle the moving boxes, and save the environment. Keep the undamaged and clan boxes for storage, but recycle the rest. 

recycle written in a notebook
Recycling is important, not just with the moving boxes

Bottom line is that the leftover moving boxes are useful

There are a lot of different ways to reuse and repurpose leftover moving boxes. From using them for different DIY projects to using them for practical things like organizing your storage unit. There are a lot of ways, you just need to find the right for you. Of course, it is okay to simply throw them away, donate them, or recycle them. It is important that you use them in the best possible way!  

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