How to pack your glassware for storage

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You are moving again and this time you have more items you can handle. And you decided on renting a storage unit to solve this situation properly. But, you still must work on your moving logistics, pack for relocation and storage, and find safe movers Austin to assist you. Therefore, we will try to make it a bit easier by providing a guide on how to pack your glassware for storage. Usually, fragile pieces make a lot of trouble and we will explain how to do it right and avoid any damages. Let’s take a look.

Pack your glassware for storage by using only the highest-quality packing supplies

There are many packing supplies and solutions out there on the market. And it all comes down to your moving budget and how much you want to invest in the safety aspect of this story. So, firstly you must know what the mandatory set of packing supplies is. Carton moving boxes, blister packs, tape, and labels. With the basic set, you can cover both packing for storage and for your relocation. But if you want to minimize the chance of any damages and moving mishaps, consider the following materials as well:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Styrofoam
  • Corner pads
  • Plastic bins
box used to pack your glassware for storage
Use higher-quality packing tape and cardboard boxes to keep your cargo together.

As you see, you can pack your glassware for storage with the basic set and the higher-quality one as well. Or you can make any combination depending on your needs and your budget. And remember, you can order all those supplies online, purchase them at the hardware store, or obtain them through your Westlake moving company Austin. Whatever is more convenient to you.

How many pieces do you possess?

Before you begin packing, you must figure out how many items you possess. More importantly, divide your belongings into two batches. One that will go to your new home and the other for storage. But there should be another pile of items there as well. If you declutter and downsize while inspecting your belongings, you will realize you have a few broken, outdated, and unused items you can get rid of. So, you should start inspecting your home and create an inventory list. Check out all your household items, furniture, and note your glassware and other fragile pieces separately. Then, figure out what you can donate, recycle, or sell online. You can even organize a garage sale and get a pretty penny in the process.

After you assemble your inventory list and your moving checklist, you will keep up with the whole situation much easier. Moreover, your movers will have more info about the complexity of the move right from the start. This will help them immensely when they start assembling your moving plan. And for the other items we mentioned, you can even keep the whole batch if you rent a short term storage Austin and figure out what to do it later. But we strongly advise considering downsizing if possible. If you have fewer pieces to move, you will spend less on packing materials and your relocation will be cheaper in general.

A cardboard box can be the answer to your troubles

Now let’s talk a bit more about all the packing materials you can use and how to use them. As we already stipulated, you will be packing your glassware for storage by using cardboard boxes. You will choose the size of the box depending on the shape and size of the glassware it contains. But this time, you must purchase higher-quality boxes because they are holding extremely fragile content. Yes, they will be stored but you will be moving through your unit and if you kick one of the boxes by mistake you can break your glassware easily. With a sturdier cardboard box, this won’t happen so easily.

Cardboard is a great choice to pack your glassware for storage

Also, inside the box, you should place the bubble wrap we mentioned earlier to make a nice cushiony environment. After you place your items inside, fill the gaps with crumpled paper or more cushion. Finally, close your box, tape it all around to give it more strength to endure the journey. Lastly, add labels so you and everyone who is handling these boxes know about the fragile content inside. And if you do not know how to transport your boxes safely, you can schedule a storage pick up service. A moving team will transport your items right to your storage unit. You won’t have to worry about any damages if you decide on purchasing this one.

You should be packing your glassware for storage safely

Yes, we already explained the packing process already. But we wanted to explain a bit more about labeling in general. You want to pay closer attention when labeling your moving boxes. And this means for all boxes, not only those that will go to your storage. You should find a labeling system that will match each color in your room. Or maybe a number and match it with one on your inventory list. But the most important part is to emphasize the fragile content it carries. Use those huge “FRAGILE” labels, especially for your glassware. And if you label all your boxes in a good way, you’ll have an easier time unpacking and finding your boxes when you need them.

Label on the cardboard box
Label each box adequately for everyone to know they are handling glassware and other fragile objects.

Again, if you do not know how to pack your glass items for storage, you can talk to your movers and check the moving service Austin offers. You will find full packing services there which you can use for this situation. Let your movers pack, move, and unpack if necessary. In your case, let them pack and transport your batch to the storage. It is an affordable and the safest way of doing it. Think about it.

Are you in need of professional assistance?

Final tip of the day. We already mentioned a moving company as one of the key players in this story. Whether you are moving your home or simply moving a few items to the storage unit, you might need a professional hand, knowledge, and the right tools to do it. This is where movers come into play to save the day. Depending on your needs and requirements, you should check what they have in store and use their services wisely. We can recommend Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas moving company as one of the better local choices. Here you will find experience, knowledge, and expertise paired with affordable prices, a unique approach, and amazing moving services. Keep this option open when you begin your search for a reliable moving company.

And now you know how to pack your glassware for storage. It is nothing too hard if you have all the right packing materials with you and a bit of patience. Just remember, if you need professional moving assistance, do not be afraid to seek one. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.

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