How to Prevent Flood Damage in Your Storage Unit

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Most of us think that if we do not live in a place where there are massive rainstorms we cannot get any damage from floods. However, we could not be more wrong. Floods can occur at any time. It could be because of the poor drainage systems, summer storms, snow that is melting, etc. One of those things can make damages that will cost more than $1000 to repair. That is why you should be prepared and make sure that all of your items are safe. Especially when you place them in storage. This guide will teach you how to prevent flood damage in your storage unit. So once you hire Heavenly Moving and Storage, make sure everything is secured and ready to be placed in storage.

What Are the Ways to Prevent Flood Damage in Your Storage Unit?

Most people have this dilemma when they are about to rent storage or they already have one rented. This is maybe the biggest concern for people who keep their belongings there. Some of them are not even aware of the damage the flood can cause to their items. Or some of them do not even know what to do when the flood happens. So if you already have a storage unit or you are about to rent one, pay attention to:

  1. Storing items in plastic bins
  2. Using pallets boards and tarps
  3. Placing shelves for small items
  4. Organizing everything strategically
  5. Covering your items with Nylon
  6. Getting every information you can about flood insurance.
Rain drops
Flood is one of the things that might damage your items in storage

Most of the reliable storage and moving companies will provide you with the necessary details about these things. But if you are still unsure what to do to prevent flood, you can always ask the professional storage rental Austin offering and gather all storage rental Austin offers and gather all pieces of the information you need.

Why is storing in plastic bins important?

For starters, plastic containers and bins will keep your items safe from any water that might be in the storage unit. You can find those bins online and buy them. Or you can ask people with similar experiences to borrow ones. It is always better to use reusable bins and containers. You should be thinking about our planet and make sure you do everything possible to keep it clean. There are even some companies and professionals, like climate controlled storage Austin TX that will give you info on where to get these applications. This may be the best solution for those who need to buy a bin or container.

In these plastic bins, the most important thing to pack is paper, from documents to some bills that you are keeping. Paper is a material that we all know will be damaged in flood. So protecting everything made of it should be your priority.

Use pallet boards to prevent flood damage

This represents the best way to keep your items off the floor. When there is a flood, the first thing that might get damaged is placed on the floor. So removing it and lifting it should be a smart choice. It is also one of the most perfect solutions for small businesses that use self-storage for inventors, some important documents, and office supplies. You can even hire storage pickup and delivery and make sure that after everything is packed, you leave it to the professionals to relocate it. This way you will not have to worry about items getting lost or something happening the during the flood.

Flood in the park
Use the help from the professionals to prevent damage

How can shelves help?

Well, the reason is the same. If you keep the stuff off the floor, you will avoid damaging items in flood. Shelves should be sued for smaller items. This way, you will have more space in storage and you will have more room in plastic bins to pack anything else. Shelves will help you find some smaller items easier. You will not have to go through every box to find a tiny thing you are looking for. Plus, these items will definitely not be damaged by flood.

Strategically organization will help you a lot when you want to prevent flood damage in your storage unit

What does it mean? Well, it is easy. You don’t have to use shelves for small things. You can use them for organizing and placing sentimental items that are expensive or meaningful to you and your family. There will be less chance of getting something damaged during the flood.

Why is covering with nylon an important step?

The water that might come into your storage unit can come from above also. You cannot know if there is a broken piece of the roof or if there is some pipe that leaks. If you wrap everything in nylon, you will be avoiding damages that might happen when the water drops from above. It will take some extra time to uncover everything when you want to get something out of the storage. But knowing your items are safe has no price. Plus it is a great dust cover. You will save your items for both of these things.

Flood insurance is something every reliable company would offer you

If you do not understand this or you have no idea what this insurance covers, you should be able to contact your company. Some companies are not offering coverage for flood damages. However, you might get a discount that will help you pay off the damage that occurred. Before you rent storage, make sure you look at the protection plan. By checking these, you should know whether the storage is worth renting or not. Especially when there is a chance of flood damage.

Rain on damaged roof that can't prevent flood damage in your storage unit
Check if the storage roof leaks to prevent flood damage in your storage unit

Don’t Put Off Taking Steps to Prevent Flood Damage

Flooding is not something you should not worry about. To prevent flood damage in your storage unit you will need to separate some time or explore all of your options. But if you tend to keep your items in storage for a long time, you should not skip any of these steps. This basic prevention will save you from a lot of disappointments of losing some of your most valuable and sentimental items. So, make sure to follow all the steps and take our advice. That way, your items will be safe.

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