Guide to Packing Your Attic Before Moving

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Attics are rarely well-organized places. Well, once they probably were. It was at the time when you moved into your house. In that period people usually decide to turn attics into storage spaces. However, with time, they neglect the orderly arrangement of things. So, when the time comes for packing your attic before moving, you might get surprised. Suddenly, you might realize that it is overcrowded. And full of dust and cobwebs. But, don’t panic. You will still be able to pack everything before the arrival of moving companies Austin. Namely, packing your attic will mostly revolve around decluttering. Checking the forgotten items can even bring a lot of fun. Keep reading to find out how to pack it.

Why Is It Important to Declutter Attics Before Moving?

In some cases, people are using the attic to store out-of-season clothes. If so, they keep them well organized. However, such use of attics is not so often. Generally, attics have a rather different purpose. They are the places where people store “we might need it one day” items. A lot of them are even broken or damaged.  Also, you will find there some old furniture pieces. So, before packing your attic before moving, you should check all those items.

Also, there is a big chance to find family heirlooms like photo albums, or some antiques. You can also find collections of comics, records, or old toys. It is not uncommon to find things in attics that you completely forgot about, and that you don’t need at all. That’s why decluttering is needed before packing.

Vinyl sleeves in open brown case found while packing the attic before moving.
Some items “lost” in your attic can be high-priced, so it is important to declutter while packing your attic before moving

Make Decluttering Your Attic Fun

By decluttering your attic, you will get rid of many unnecessary things. The benefit of this is twofold. First, you will need less packing material.  Namely, you will only pack and move a smaller portion of items. Also, transportation costs will be lower. That is because the moving services Austin Texas offers are calculating the moving charges based on the distance and size of the move.

Decluttering your attic can be a tiring task. Apart from checking boxes, you will need to do a lot of dusting and cleaning. To make a job easier, you may turn it into a game. For example, turn it into a treasure hunt. And, the first one to find something really interesting, gets the award. That way, decluttering will go much faster, and everyone involved will feel more motivated to go through the “attic treasure.”

Packing Your Attic Before Moving

When decluttering, separate the things that you want to keep from those you want to leave behind. 

Things you want to keep

Check this pile well and decide which things you want to move along. Those you will pack and transport along with your other possessions. You will also have to pack the rest of the things you decided to keep. However, you will use the storage solutions Austin to keep them, until you can bring them to your new place.

Photo of person showing old photos.
Checking your attic you might find some forgotten memories.

What should you do with decluttered items?

There are three solutions for these items:

  • sell them and raise some funds for moving budget
  • present or donate them
  • haul them away

Selling surplus items

Many of the attic items will still be in very good condition. So, organizing a garage or a yard sale will bring you brake from daunting packing tasks. And, you will also earn some money, that you can add to your moving budget. However, when selling, make sure you are not giving a highly-priced antique for pennies. In case you suspect that some of your items are antique pieces, consult the experts. In case they are, you can keep them. Or sell them to antique collectors.

Present or donate your surplus items

You might find in your attic some items you forgot about. Maybe some of your friends or coworkers are collecting such items. For example, by presenting them with a long-forgotten badge collection, you will make them very happy. You might also find some furniture pieces still in very good condition. Or some old, but well-preserved clothes and footwear. The humanitarian organizations will not only be happy to take them. They will also organize transport.

Hauling your surplus items away

Some of the attic things you might find broken or damaged. Or even eaten by moths. So, the only solution is to haul them away. You may decide to hire hourly movers Austin. They will help you load your truck and unload it at the landfill. 

Brown wooden armchair next to a window
Some of your attic items could be very high priced.

Christmas decor is one of the things people usually keep in the attic

Many people are keeping their Christmas decor in the attic. So, when packing the attic before moving, you will have to decide what to do with it. Christmas decor is not so cheap, so many people opt to take it along.  However, packing and moving it demands a lot of patience. Also, you must get the appropriate packing materials. As most of the decorations are very fragile, using plastic containers can be the right solution. Of course, durable cardboard boxes, good-quality moving materials, and padding will also do the job.

Additional Notes About Packing the Attic Before Moving

Once you decide which things you want to take a long, among them will, for sure, be the following:

  • some antique pieces
  • sentimental items
  • fragile items

It can easily happen that some antique pieces were not matching in your present home, And, that was the main reason why they ended up in the attic. However, they can be the right thing match for your new place. Nevertheless, to transport them safely, you will have to find good wrapping and packing material. Also, consult with your mover. For some of those items, crating could be necessary. 

Also, packing your sentimental and fragile items, make sure to find proper packing material. It is very important, as only when they are properly packed, they will withstand the transportation to your new place. And, in case they get damaged no insurance will be able to reimburse them. Nothing can compensate for the sentimental value they possess. So, be careful when packing your attic before moving, follow our guide, and you will be ready in no time.

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