Should You Visit Austin in Winter?

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Are you wondering if it is good to visit Austin in winter? Well, that is a time when temperatures in the city are finally falling below 70 degrees. And, most of the tourists do feel more comfortable. However, in case you live in Austin and are used to 90 degrees, you might pull out the warmer clothes, and even use an extra blanket. Well, regardless of getting a bit colder outside, the city will be full of visitors. In case you are one of them, you might find the city very attractive. You might even come up with the idea to move there. If so, contact the movers in TX to assist you, and bring you safely to your new home.

The Best Things to Do When You Visit Austin in Winter

Many events are taking place in Austin during the wintertime. So, it is not easy to decide which of them is best. However, some of the events are more suitable for singles. And some are excellent for young parents. So, we will here compile a list of the most attractive Austin winter happenings. And, it will be then up to your preferences to choose those which are the best for you. One thing is for sure. Austin has something for everyone.

A person climbing an indoor rock while visiting Austin in winter
Some attractions will be suitable for parents and kids.

Crux Climbing Center

Indoor climbing has become very attractive. Both children and adults find it a funny and entertaining sport. So if you visit Austin in winter, you can enjoy this epic rock climbing gym in Austin. In addition, the place is also a cool restaurant. And while you rest from climbing, you can order some food and drinks.

Enjoy the walk around the Lady Bird Lake

Regardless of wintertime, you will find many people walking, jogging, or biking around Lady Bird Lake. This is actually the river-like water reservoir on the Colorado River, just outside Austin. The place is pet-friendly, so you can take your doggy for a walk too. Austin is a generally beautiful place. But it can easily happen that Lady Bird Lake leaves such an impression on you, that you decide to move to Austin. If so, get the local moving companies in Austin TX to assist you.

Try Austin tacos

What could be better than starting a day with hot, tasty tacos? The Austin tacos have great taste. And eating them during the cold winter mornings will warm your body and your heart. After breakfast, you can continue with the sightseeing. And when you get cold or tired, you can stop in one of many of Austin’s cozy coffee shops.

How about kayaking?

Yes, in Austin you can go kayaking all winter long. If you like this sport, you will enjoy going up and down Lady Bird Lake near downtown. And, to rent a kayak, you can visit the Austin Kayak Tours. Besides kayaking and paddle boarding, Austin has rowing clubs as well. Many of those clubs are also offering rowing classes. In case you like Austin, and you are in the rowing business, moving to this beautiful place could be an excellent thing for you. And, instead of losing nerves with moving, let the North Austin movers complete it for you.

A Man Kayaking with His Dog
Kayaking is very popular in Austin, TX.

Get some souvenirs from the local Austin boutique

There are numerous shops in Austin, where you can get various souvenirs. However, the two of them have very unique assortment:

  • Take Hearth
  • Slow North

There used to be more authentic shops in Austin. Unfortunately, they got closed down and changed to bigger national stores. If you want to find more authentic stores, you should visit East Austin. Seeing those shops, you might even decide to move to this area. And to open your shop there. If you make such a decision, seek help from the moving service in Austin.

You can’t visit Austin without trying the famous Texan BBQ

Just thinking of the tasty Texan specialty will warm you up. And, if you want to go for the best, our suggestions are:

  • Try Franklin – located in east Austin
  • Terry Blacks – in south Austin
  • Stiles Switch –  in north Austin

After trying the original dishes in those three places, you will for sure visit them again.

Visiting local breweries is a good idea

Visiting Austin is an excellent opportunity to visit some of its numerous craft breweries. Inside the cozy breweries, you will have the possibility to try a flight of delicious beer and food. Our recommendation is to visit Pinthouse if you want some delicious IPAs. In case you better like light German lagers, then you should visit ABGB. In both breweries, besides beer, you will get the famous bomb pizza. 

People walking on road near trees at daytime
You can go hiking even if you visit Austin in winter

Visit Barton Creek Greenbelt

This is an excellent place for hiking. Hiking in Austin during the wintertime is very popular. In case you decide to go hiking during the summertime, the chances are that the heat will force you to give up soon. And, in case you are hiking fun, you may like to know that this is just one of the trails. Once you get tired of it, you can try the rest of the 15 trails.

Some hikers loved the area and trails so much that they decided to move to Austin. If you are one of them, it will be enough to give a call to movers in South Austin.

Don’t miss the opportunity to swim in Barton Springs

We didn’t forget it is wintertime. But it is the right time to visit the famous hot Barton Springs. This is one of the very popular attractions in Austin. So, go there and take the bath. The lake water is fed by underground springs, and the water temperature is  68-70 degrees. 

Visiting Austin During the Wintertime

We hope that now you know whether to visit Austin in winter. As you can see, Austin TX is an interesting place. It has so much to offer in terms of entertainment. However, the places we have presented in this article are just a fraction of what you can experience visiting Austin, or moving to this interesting Texan city. If you decide to do so, you will discover many more interesting places and events.



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