How to reduce storage rental expenses

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Renting a storage unit can solve many problems. Firstly, you will get that extra space you always needed for certain items you don’t know where to put. Secondly, your house will be much tidier and easier to clean with less stuff in it. However, renting a storage unit can cost a pretty penny. Movers Austin offer excellent storage solutions even for those on a budget. But, if you are still looking for ways to reduce storage rental expenses, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of things that determine the price of your storage unit, and some ideas on how to cut those costs.

Things to consider if you want to reduce storage rental expenses

When you are looking to cut on your storage costs, there are several factors to keep in mind. The price of the storage rental Austin residents opt for varies. The things that determine the price of a storage unit include:

  • the size of the unit
  • the type of storage unit
  • the type of storage services you’re getting
  • how long you intend to rent the unit
  • where the storage unit is located
coins in a jar are useful when you are trying to reduce storage rental expenses
Check out our tips on how to reduce storage rental expenses.

Storage unit size

Storage units come in different sizes. Naturally, the bigger the unit, the higher the price. So, if you are thinking about renting self-storage it is wise to calculate the size of the unit you will need. There are some excellent online calculators that can help you determine the size of the storage unit that will be right for your needs. However, if you are not sure whether the unit you have your eyes on will fit all your belongings, it is better to choose one size up. The thing is, if you can’t put all your possessions in the unit you rented, you will have to rent another one. This, in turn, will cost you more than if you were to rent one size bigger unit in the first place.

The type of storage unit

In addition to various sizes, there are also several types of storage you can rent. You can choose outdoor, indoor, or climate-controlled storage units, as well as portable storage containers. What you opt for will depend entirely on your specific needs. The perfect storage solution is different for everyone, so take a look at the things you want to store. If you are storing things like bicycles, gardening equipment, or Christmas decorations, you can choose outdoor storage. However, if you are moving with residential movers Austin, chances are you have some items that are prone to damage in extreme weather conditions. In that case, you will be better off with indoor storage. Climate-controlled storage is the safest option, but it’s also the most expensive one. But, if you have valuable artwork or vintage pieces that are family heirlooms, the investment pays itself off.

indoor storage
Climate-controlled storage is the best, but also the most expensive option.

The type of storage services

Apart from different types of storage units, there are also several types of storage services you can get. The most common ones are self-storage and full-service storage. The more affordable option is self-storage, where you pack your things, transport them to the storage facility, and put them in your storage unit. Self-storage is perfect if you are looking to cut storage costs. However, if you don’t have that kind of time, full-service storage is a great option! Sometimes it costs less to pay professionals to do something for you than to take a few days off work to pack by yourself.

With full-service storage, professional packers will come to your home and pack everything you need packed. They will then load the boxes in their truck and take your belongings to a storage unit in their facility. When you want your things back, you simply notify the storage company and their employees will bring them to your home.

Storage facility location is important if you want to reduce storage rental expenses

Another thing that can influence the price of your storage unit is the location. As with most things, the better the location, the more costly it will be. If you absolutely need a storage unit in the city center, be ready to pay good money for it. On the other hand, if your piano movers Austin will take care of packing and transporting your cherished instrument and your other belongings to your unit, you don’t have to choose the priciest option. Storage facilities that are not located on the outskirts of town charge significantly less for their units than the ones downtown. So, if storage location doesn’t play a huge part for you, and you want to reduce the cost, then avoid the facilities downtown.

How long do you intend to rent the storage unit?

The most important aspect of storage pricing is how long you will be renting it for. Accordingly, short term storage Austin residents have at disposal will cost less than long-term storage. If you only need a storage unit for a few weeks, to store your belongings until you move, then short-term storage will be the ideal solution for you. It’s very convenient because you can pack in advance and put your boxes out of the way instead of tripping over them in your home. But, if you are looking to rent a storage unit because you want to de-clutter your home, long-term storage might be a better option.

pink piggy bank
If you need a place to store your belongings until your move, go for short-term storage.

Share your storage unit to reduce storage rental expenses

When you are looking for ways to reduce storage rental expenses, consider sharing your storage unit. Not with anyone, of course. Ask some of your closest friends or family members if they’ve been thinking about renting a storage unit and see if they are willing to share it. That way you will cut your storage rental costs in half, while still reaping all the benefits. To cut your expenses even more try to find free moving boxes instead of buying new ones. Hopefully, you found our tips useful and will apply them to save your hard-earned money when renting a storage unit!

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